The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 177

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 177

Sebastian arrived at the parking lot. He got into the car and took a moment to calm himself before he pulled out his mobile phone.

“Hey, this is Sebastian. Previously, I asked you to do a background check on Sasha Wand. How’s that going?”


Luke, who was jolted awake from his sleep in the middle of the night, answered the call, “Oh, Ms. Wand? Yes, I’ve managed to find some information about her.”

“What have you found?”

“It’s about her expertise in finance, Mr. Hayes. After graduating high school, it wasn’t that she failed the entrance exam, but she gave up the opportunity to study. She received an admission letter from the most famous School of Economics in Moranta! They offered her a place as a school-sponsored student!”

Luke could barely contain his shock as he reported to Sebastian over the phone.

This was mind-blowing indeed. No one would have thought that the daughter of the Wand family, the one who had been mocked by Avenport for an entire year for allegedly being too stupid for school, so much so that she had to marry into the Hayes family through sheer brazenness in order to continue living the lavish life…

…turned out not to be the delinquent they thought she was.

On the contrary, she was actually quite remarkable!

School-sponsored student?

On the other end of the line, Sebastian was overwhelmed by the information he had just received.

“Is there a mistake? How could she be school-sponsored?”

“There’s no mistake, Mr. Hayes. I went to her high school and talked to her class teacher, who told me that herself. Apparently, we couldn’t find her school records anymore because she had completely written them off. Mr. Hayes, if you still find it hard to believe, I can head over to the School of Economics and look for the admission letter they sent to her all those years ago.”

Luke heard only silence on the other end.

There was no sound. At the moment, the man in the car had nothing to say.

Sebastian just sat there, hands on the phone, while his pair of dark, intimidating eyes stared blankly ahead. A whirlpool of emotions had come over him, bringing him down. It was absolutely terrifying.

There was no need to inspect further.

Because she had already proven her financial talents in front of him several times. That was precisely why he instructed Luke to investigate. Also, there was Raymond’s mountain villa case to consider.

Raymond’s family had almost gone bankrupt five years ago. They managed to rise from the ashes after working with that woman. That had been enough evidence for Sebastian to lay his doubts to rest.

Once again, a plethora of emotions welled up within Sebastian!

That wretched woman! Why on earth would she do this? Did she do all that just to marry him? Does she know how great the misfortune she has cast upon the Wand family by destroying her own future? If she had enrolled at the School of Economics back then, with her talents, she could absolutely revive the Wand family. Everything she’s done is preposterous!

Sebastian’s fingers holding onto the steering wheel turned pale. The new knowledge left him totally disoriented. It was all unacceptable to him.

From his perspective, only an idiot would do something like that.

Just like she was as a child!

But, why had he hated her so much over the things she did as a child, yet when he received these new chunks of information, he did not feel the same anymore?

Instead, he felt a gush of irrepressible anxiety.

If he continued to pursue the case, it might actually validate the absurd idea that had flashed across his mind just a while ago in Sasha’s apartment. That, to him, was absolutely unacceptable.

“Mr. Hayes? Are you alright?”

Luke asked cautiously when he had not received any response from Sebastian for quite some time.

Sebastian did not catch on immediately.

For a long time, he remained seated in his car, surrounded by darkness, before he found his voice again. “What else?”

“Nothing much, really. But I managed to find the person who helped her fake her death back then.”

“Who was it?”

“It’s the doctor in charge of her prenatal examination. Name’s Dr. Kaye. It turns out she and Mrs. Wand are close friends. After Ms. Wand’s incident, it was Dr. Kaye who helped arrange for Ms. Wand and her kids to leave the country.”

Luke sent details of Dr. Kaye’s personal information to his boss’ email address as he spoke.

On the other side, Sebastian lowered his phone and clicked on the e-mail.

Indeed, Dr. Kaye was a middle-aged woman, but he did not know her.

Her mother’s close friend? Then, this doctor must know a lot about Sasha, right? Since Sasha had been willing to entrust her life to her.

Sebastian stared at the document for some time. Eventually, he took out the torn page from a notebook he had been carrying and, using his phone, took a photo of that piece of paper before sending it to Luke.

“Take this to Dr. Kaye. Ask her if Sasha’s left anything of the sort at her place. And if she has, bring me everything!”


Luke, who had been interrupted by a phone call from his boss in the middle of the night, was stupefied upon receiving the photo.

What’s this? A page from a notebook? Where did he get this? It looks like annotations from a medical journal. What does he want these for? I thought he wants to know more about Ms. Wand’s financial talents. So why is Mr. Hayes suddenly interested in this?

Luke could not make heads or tails of it all.

But he did not question further. He thought Mr. Hayes wanted to find out about Sasha’s sudden expertise in medicine. After all, the woman had changed so much. She might just be a Jill of all trades.

Luke hung up the phone. He decided he would pay Dr. Kaye a visit first thing in the morning.

Unbeknownst to him, his boss wanted to dig through all the information he could get just to gain further confirmation on one thing!

Sebastian returned home that night.

Then, from his study, he took out a pile of letters that had been sealed off for as long as he could remember, opened the first one, laid it flat on the table, and examined it for the longest time.

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