The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 178

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 178

Sasha was not aware that her careless mistake that night had put her at risk of exposure.

That night, she and the children had a ball during the time spent together.

The next day.

She had to go to work, so she woke the kids up early in the morning and sent them to preschool.

“Mommy, are you picking us up later in the afternoon?”

“Of course.”

At the preschool entrance, Sasha gently squatted down in front of her children. She straightened out their clothes and caps to prevent them from catching a cold.

The three children were delighted to hear that their mommy would be picking them up after school.

Ian asked, “Is Daddy coming?”

The question stunned Sasha. “What?”

Why does he mention Daddy all of a sudden? Does he want Daddy to fetch them?

Sasha looked at her eldest son quizzically.

Just then, Matteo interrupted. “Oh! Mommy, what Ian means is, can Daddy come to our house for dinner? We’re not in Frontier Bay anymore. He’ll be so lonely at home. He might even lose his appetite.”

Sasha tried to process what she had just heard.

For a while, she said nothing as she turned to look at Matteo. His palm-sized face was flushed red all the way from the base of his ears.

These two scoundrels…

In the end, she agreed. She promised her children that if their father came, she would not drive him away.

The kids strolled happily into the preschool after hearing that. Once inside, they discussed among themselves. Later in the afternoon, when school was out, Ian would call Daddy first. He would make up an excuse to get him to fetch them from preschool.

They were so smart!

Half an hour later, at the hospital.

“Dr. Nancy, you’re here. You weren’t on duty yesterday. There are several special cases waiting for you.”

“Alright, I’m coming.”

As Sasha went into her consultation room to change into her uniform, she let the nurse who followed her inside place the medical records on the table.

Due to her good reputation, the hospital has made great efforts to promote her services to the public ever since her arrival. After joining the team, she had treated quite a number of patients too. So, gradually, many more of them had specifically requested to see her.

Sasha put on her white coat and, after washing her hands, sat down at her desk.

“Wait a minute, who are you? You need an appointment to see Dr. Nancy. You can’t simply barge in here!”

She picked up the first medical record and was about to read it when, suddenly, she heard a quarrel coming from outside.

What’s happening?

She whipped her head around to see what was going on.

Right at that moment, the door to the consultation room swung open from the outside with a loud, violent kick. Bang!


“Sasha! You think you’re a big shot around here, huh? It’s so difficult just to get a chance to see you!”

A mean and fierce-looking woman with neatly combed hair charged into the room. Even her makeup looked aggressive. When the woman spotted Sasha, she stared daggers at the doctor with an air of dismissive arrogance, arms folded over her chest.

Sabrina! Why’s she here?

The color drained from Sasha’s face as she began to panic.

She could not help it. This woman was a major source of her trauma. She was like the devil in human form. Back then, while Sasha was still living with the Hayes, if it had not been for Frederick, she would have been tortured to death by Sabrina a long time ago.

“Ho, you’re not afraid of me now, I see. Not too shabby. It’s been five years, hasn’t it? Looks like you’ve learned a thing or two.”

Sabrina glanced at Sasha condescendingly and realized that the woman was not hiding from her anymore. Those eyes even had the gall to look her in the face now. Sabrina let out a melodramatic cackle.

Sabrina reached a hand out in an attempt to pat Sasha on the head, the way she would commend a dog that had learned a new trick.

Sasha’s expression grew dark instantly!

It was like returning to those nightmarish days. Her body began to tremble as the images of her past abuse flashed across her mind one after another.

Sasha just sat there. She did not give Sabrina consent to touch her. But her breath hitched, her arms shivered in fright, and her whole person seemed to have lost consciousness. She could not move at all. She could only look despairingly at the revolting arm approaching the top of her head.

This was how a person would react after having experienced extreme trauma.

She was already convulsing. Immersed in great pain, she could not respond to anything.

Luckily, there was a nurse present. Sensing something amiss, the nurse rushed into the room. “What do you think you’re doing? Dr. Nancy’s working right now. If you cause any trouble, I’m calling the police!”

The nurse stepped in between the two, blocking Sasha, before shoving the vengeful woman aside.

Sasha went numb.

For one fleeting moment, she collapsed as though she had been drained of energy. The pen she had been holding fell onto the table with a thud.

Sabrina gained great satisfaction from the scene she had witnessed.

“That’s more like it. I didn’t think you would have changed much. That’s all you can manage, isn’t it? Whatever. Since you’re so well-behaved, I won’t argue with you for now. I’ll get someone to pick you up at midnight.”

After expressing her satisfaction, the woman actually told Sasha that she would get someone to pick her up later that night.

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