The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 179

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 179

Why is she picking me up?

Sasha’s lips were pale when she spoke, “What are you picking me up for?”

Sabrina smiled coldly. “What do you think the reason is? Sasha, even though you were able to fool my father and brush things aside with Sebastian, you’ll never be a part of the Hayes family.”

As Sasha stared at that woman, her mind started to wonder if she really was mentally unstable as words on the street had allegedly claimed.

“I become a part of the Hayes? Ms. Hayes, are you even aware of the situation? Do you know how I came back here in the first place?”

“Of course I do. Sebastian was the one who dragged you back here, right? So what? In the past, you also claimed that you got married into the Hayes family because you loved Sebastian, but in the end, it turned out that you had your own agendas.”

No one had expected that she would bring up the past again.

While Sabrina stared at her with eyes full of hatred, Sasha could not contain her rage anymore.

“What nonsense are you talking about? What agendas can I possibly have?”

“What agendas? Don’t you know it yourself? In order to marry Sebastian, you gave up on your reputation, future, and even the Wand family. So tell me, what is the reason then? Was it really because of love?”

She was vicious like the devil. Every single word that came out of her mouth stung Sasha, and it felt like a knife was piercing into her old wounds.

As Sasha stared at the woman, her eyes became bloodshot.

It was true that she did not do it purely for love. After all, no woman would give up on everything just because she loved a man.

There were so many other important goals in a person’s life, for example, taking care of one’s parents, making one’s family proud, and carrying out one’s responsibilities.

Therefore, she didn’t think that a woman in her right mind would give up on herself for a man.

However, she did it just that in the end. In order to marry him, she sacrificed the future of the entire Wand family, including her own. But now, she couldn’t help asking herself what she did all that for.

“I actually admire you a lot. In order to make it up to my brother, you’ve given up so much. Hence, I never intended to take your life. As long as you leave the children here and let me send you off to a place where no one will ever find you, then you’ll be able to atone for your sins. Don’t you think that’s a great idea?”

With a smug expression, Sabrina glared at the woman like a tiger looking at its prey.

While she spat out those words, she looked at her freshly manicured black fingernails. It was as if she was admiring a fine piece of artwork.

It was as if time had stood still.

The entire consultation room fell into a dead silence after she had uttered those words.

The nurse who was standing between both of them suddenly felt fearful as she noticed that Sasha wasn’t trembling anymore. With that, the room’s atmosphere abruptly became abnormally still.


“You may leave the room now,” Sasha stated composedly.

Upon hearing that, the nurse glanced at the two women apprehensively, then scurried out of the room.


The consultation room’s door locked from the inside.

Sabrina, who was busy admiring her nails, suddenly froze and asked, “What are you doing?”

After brushing a few strands of hair in front of her eyes to the side, Sasha pulled out the chair that she was previously sitting on.

“Do you know how I spent those five years abroad?”

“What do you mean?”

Sabrina finally put down her hand and looked Sasha in the eye. To her surprise, she noticed that the woman was acting rather differently than before.

“The first year I was abroad, I had to work casual jobs while bringing up my children because they were very young. Then one day, the owner of the restaurant I was working at tried to take advantage of me, so I picked up a stack of bowls and smashed them on his head!”

Sasha continued, “In the second year, since my children were a bit older, I entrusted them to my landlady, but she tried to sell them to child traffickers. After I managed to find her, I cut off all the tendons in her arms and legs, causing her irreparable injuries. And in the third year…”

“Enough! What are you trying to say, Sasha?”

Sabrina’s face took on a ghastly expression as she couldn’t bear listening anymore. With an abrupt yell, she interrupted Sasha furiously.

At that moment, she didn’t even notice that she had already taken a few steps back.

You don’t want to hear any more? But I haven’t even finished yet.

Staring at her with bloodshot eyes, Sasha exuded a murderous aura that had not appeared in a long time. At the same time, she dragged the chair and took another step forward.

“What’s wrong? Can’t bear to listen to it anymore? Didn’t you want the children? Listen to what I have to say. If you’re able to walk out of here alive, I’ll give you the children.”

Her lips finally curled up into a smile. That was the first time she smiled so brightly in front of the woman who had tormented her for six whole years.

Traces of fear suddenly appeared in Sabrina’s eyes.

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