The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 180

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 180

She had never seen Sasha smiling in front of her.

The moment she saw the latter’s menacing smile, the hair on her neck stood up, and her entire body was covered in goosebumps. Sabrina had always looked down on Sasha, but right then, she was terrified like never before as Sasha started approaching her.

“What did you say? Say that once more!”

“I said, over my dead body!”

Upon saying that, Sasha flung the chair toward her. Smash! The chair immediately broke into pieces the moment it landed on the defenseless woman.


“Don’t shout. It sounds horrible! You’re the precious daughter of the Hayes family. It wouldn’t be good if word got out that you were beaten up by your ex-sister-in-law here.” The moment Sabrina started screaming, Sasha hurried over and covered her mouth.

Immediately after, she took a needle out of her pocket and swiftly stabbed it into her nape.

“Dr. Nancy? Are you alright?”

Just as she lay the woman down on the ground, the nurse had already brought some people along with her. Unable to detect any movements in the room, she anxiously yelled from the outside.

When Sasha heard that, she did not panic in the slightest.

She proceeded to remove the needle first, then dragged the woman and lay her on the bed. After she kicked the broken pieces of the chair under the bed, she walked over and opened the door.

“Dr. Nancy? You…”

“Everything’s fine. She’s a former patient of mine who has some mental problems, and I’ve just calmed her down. Why don’t you contact the psychiatric department and see if there’s a room?” Sasha uttered flatly.

Immediately after hearing that, the doctors, who had been called over to help out, gawked at her in amazement.

“My God, Dr. Nancy, that’s incredible. You’re even able to handle a psychiatric patient.”

“I told you so. When I saw her earlier, I knew that the woman didn’t seem normal. She even wanted to assault Dr. Nancy.” The nurse joined in the discussion.

Soon after, they went to inform the psychiatric department. Moments later, Sabrina was carried out of Sasha’s consultation room, and peace was restored once again.

In fact, Sabrina was considered lucky this time around.

Back in the days when Sasha was in Clear, anyone who bullied her and her children would face a tragic outcome.

That was why there was a famous saying, “Never threaten a mother with her child.”

With that, Sasha resumed her work in the hospital and didn’t mention Sabrina at all for the rest of the day.

At Hayes Corporation.

That afternoon, Sebastian received Dr. Kaye’s notebooks from Luke.

“Mr. Hayes, everything is here. Dr. Kaye even said that it was all her idea to fake Ms. Wand’s death back then. She wishes that you won’t make things difficult for her. You can go directly to her if you’re dissatisfied.”

As Luke brought over the notebooks, he even relayed the doctor’s words to him.

The fact that the doctor owned up to that matter proved that his suspicions were right. There was definitely something fishy between that woman and the doctor.

Sebastian picked up the notebooks and began to read them one by one.

They were all medical study notes, and there was a total of seven or eight books. However, the contents were all messily scribbled, which differed from her neat and tidy finance notes.

It seemed that she had a tough time learning all this knowledge.

“Oh, by the way, that doctor even said that Ms. Wand wasn’t really good at this. Back then, when she was pestering the doctor to teach her, there were many things she wasn’t able to understand, especially psychology.”


Sitting at his desk while flipping through the notebooks, Sebastian suddenly lifted his head.

Luke nodded. “Yes, psychology. She said that Ms. Wand was hellbent on learning this. However, she wasn’t fit for this field as she couldn’t master it no matter how much the doctor taught her.”

Luke pointed at the bottom half of the stack of notebooks.

Sebastian was speechless.

Suddenly, he didn’t feel like going through those notebooks because he noticed that the one in his hand was from her high school days, and the handwriting in it was very similar to the ones he had laid out on the table last night.

Those were ten years of letters.

From the six years he had been locked up at home to the time he went abroad, he would send anonymous letters to his uncle every month, which meant he had been sending them since he was in primary school.

Hence, he sat there motionlessly, lost in his thoughts. So it seems that my speculation was right.

I have never truly escaped her!

Even though it was all grey outside on that winter morning, the penthouse suite was well lit up. However, as he sat there with the lights flickering in his eyes, he exuded a frightening aura, as if a storm was brewing in him.

The atmosphere in the entire office was suffocating. His gaze was fixated on a spot while he experienced a mixture of emotions, despair, anger, hatred, and murderous intent!

What is happening to him?

Why has he suddenly become so scary?

Luke was terrified, and he didn’t dare to make a sound. All he could do was stand there and stare at Sebastian.

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