The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 181

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 181

After having dealt with Sabrina in the hospital, Sasha had a pretty pleasant day.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon, and she needed to go and pick up her children.

“Sorry, but I have to leave first. Could you please help me take over this patient for the time being? I’ll see if it’s possible for surgery when I come to work tomorrow.”

Sasha notified the doctor on duty before she left because she had an emphysema patient who needed an operation.

The doctor took the medical record and nodded.

“Alright, Dr. Nancy. However, why would you be in charge of this type of patient? Since you’re in TCM, you won’t be much help if surgery is needed, right?”

“I was told that the patient is allergic to anesthesia, so Mr. Jackson has arranged for me to administer his anesthesia during surgery.”

Sasha explained to the doctor while taking off her white coat.

Cases like that happened quite frequently. Since some people were allergic to anesthesia, the hospital could only come up with a different solution to anesthetize them.

Furthermore, TCM’s acupuncture was undoubtedly the best there is.

Upon leaving the hospital, Sasha got into a cab and went to pick up the children from the preschool.

What am I going to cook tonight?

On the way there, she began brainstorming what to prepare for dinner that night. After all, it wouldn’t only be the three of them having dinner anymore.

However, when she arrived at the preschool and picked up the three little ones, she realized that they looked rather dejected.

“What’s wrong with the three of you? Why do you look so gloomy?” Sasha asked curiously.

While they were finding the right words to say, the quick-witted Matteo spoke up first, “Let’s not get discouraged yet. Daddy only said he didn’t have time. Maybe he’ll be free tonight when he gets off work?”

“That’s true,” Vivian responded in agreement with Matteo.

After hearing that, Ian was in a better mood. Then, the three children followed their mother home happily.

“My darlings, what do you feel like having for dinner?”

“I want to eat fish! Mommy’s delicious and freshly steamed fish!”

“Um… I want to eat ribs, pork ribs. Remember to add more sugar, Mommy.”

The four of them then went to the supermarket. The moment they heard Sasha’s question, they started chattering away happily.

Seeing that, Sasha smiled as she attentively took note of their requests.

However, she noticed that one of the children wasn’t talking much, and it was Ian who was born with a silver spoon.

This little one might not have a clue about all this.

Sasha lowered her head to look at the little guy who was also carrying a small basket. Seeing his siblings rambling on about what they wanted at the vegetable section, Ian became anxious as he did not have the slightest clue about food.

Thinking that it was rather adorable, she asked, “Little Ian, what do you feel like eating? Perhaps I’ll cook clams with vermicelli for you, is that alright?”

Along with the children, she arrived at the seafood section and pointed toward the clams that were actively spitting bubbles.

Ian’s big eyes instantly lit up as he replied, “Alright!”

He nodded his head in approval.

After she had chosen a few fresh clams, she brought them to the weighing counter.

Once they were done with their grocery shopping and were ready to leave, Ian suddenly tugged her arm and asked, “What about Daddy?”

“Huh?” Sasha was stunned.

His daddy?

Her heart jolted for a moment as a hint of uneasiness crept up her face. Frankly, she wasn’t too keen on having that man come to her apartment for meals again.

Wasn’t it awkward enough last night?

However, Ian was gazing at her eagerly, so they went to pick up a piece of premium steak from the meat section eventually.

“Alright, we have bought some for Daddy as well. Let’s go home.”


Ian finally nodded his head cheerfully.

A few hours later, Sasha stared at the plate of steak that had gone cold on the dining table and couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

She had gone through a lot of trouble to fry that piece of steak. But it ended up being a waste of seasoning, cooking oil, and natural gas.

After Sasha had put away the used plates and cutlery, she picked up the steak and dumped it into the trash can without hesitation.

Matteo and Ian were stunned.

Even Vivian, who had always been clingy to her mother, pouted her lips and quietly went to watch cartoons when she felt the latter’s sudden change in mood.

That evening, the atmosphere in the apartment wasn’t as joyful as the previous night.

When it was time to go to bed and the lights were turned off in the nursery, Matteo crawled into Ian’s bed and started complaining, “What’s going on? Why didn’t Daddy come tonight?”

Ian was at a loss for words.

He couldn’t come up with an explanation as well, so he just sulked.

Upon seeing that, Matteo let out a sigh and said, “Forget it. We should come up with another plan. I guess Daddy might really be busy. By the way, I heard people in the preschool talking about a holiday today.”


While chatting in the dark, Ian didn’t seem to understand what his brother meant.

Suddenly, Matteo smiled wryly next to him and uttered, “I know what to do. We can ask the preschool to organize some fun activities and invite all the parents to come. Hehe!”

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