The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 182

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 182

The little one grinned smugly in the dark.

It was true that in order for his father and mother to reconcile, there was no better way than getting them to spend some time together.

Satisfied with his solution, he fell into a slumber.

However, little did they know that their plans could not catch up with unforeseeable events as something happened to their father and mother the very next day.

“Ms. Wand, are you at work?”

Luke had called Sasha while she was on the way to the hospital.

Upon hearing that, she nodded and replied, “I’m just about to arrive at the hospital. Is something wrong?”

“Well, yes. It’s…”

Luke suddenly stammered, “It’s just that the President told me to inform you to go to the civil affairs office.”

“What did you just say?”

Sasha, who had just arrived at the hospital’s entrance, closed the car door swiftly while thinking that something was wrong with her hearing.

Civil affairs office? What is he saying?

Sasha was stunned as it all happened too abruptly. What did he mean?

The moment she entered the hospital, Luke uttered over the phone, “Didn’t you ask for a divorce? Mr. Hayes said that he could take some time off work today…”

Sasha finally understood.

She immediately stopped in her tracks with her cell phone in her hand. With a buzz in her head, her mind blanked out as she froze on the spot.


So he had asked his assistant to call me early in the morning for a divorce.

That’s right. Didn’t I want to divorce him too?

She had agreed to it herself that day at the Hayes residence, and the Hayes family’s household register was still in her bag.

At that thought, Sasha finally calmed down.

It was as if her body was only left with numbness after experiencing a devastating trauma. Her face was cold and expressionless while she stared ahead blankly. Then she forced a smile and said, “Alright, but I have to perform an operation first. I’ll go over after I’m done.”


Luke didn’t dare to continue the conversation. As soon as he heard that she had agreed, he immediately let out a long sigh and hung up the phone.

Sasha wasn’t the only one who got a shock. In fact, he was also taken aback the moment he received that instruction in the morning.

He didn’t understand how things ended up like this for both of them. When he accompanied his boss to look for Sasha in Erihal previously, wasn’t he still very much in love with her?

He remembered that night when she came out running and collapsed on the road, his boss went after her and carried her in his arms. Although the man was in a panic, his expression was filled with joy and relief. He was certain of that.

Furthermore, he had been treating her well all this time.

From the moment she was brought back, there were many times when he was exceptionally tolerant with her, even more than his own fiancée, Xandra.

Why did that suddenly change?

Luke found it difficult to comprehend.

He entered the office while holding his cell phone. When he saw that nobody was in the office, he could only send another message: Mr. Hayes, I’ve already told her, and she agreed to it. She will go over after she’s done with work.

Right after that, he put down the cell phone.

By the time Sasha arrived in the consultation room, she had regained her composure. After changing her clothes, she walked toward her table and picked up the medical record book that was placed on it.

“Dr. Nancy, you’re here. The emphysema patient is ready for surgery, and Dr. Jones says that we can wheel him into the operating theater at half-past eight.”

Once the internal medicine nurse saw Sasha, she hurried over to inform her that the surgical team was waiting for her.

Sasha nodded slightly and took out the medical kit from her desk.

Since she started working at the hospital, she had kept her medical kit there instead of carrying it around because she frequently used it.

“Oh, by the way, Dr. Nancy, the woman we sent to the psychiatric department yesterday ran away. She told the medical staff there that she was the eldest daughter of the Hayes family and created a ruckus too.”

On the way out, that nurse suddenly mentioned the matter to Sasha.

Sabrina ran away? That’s good then. She would be thrilled after finding out that I have divorced her brother and stop showing up in front of me.

The corners of Sasha’s lips curled into a smirk as she made her way to the internal medicine surgeon with her medical kit.

Ten minutes later in the operating theater.

It wasn’t Sasha’s first time performing surgery. Her acupuncture technique was impressive, and even those people in Clear had witnessed her miraculous work before. So, whenever anesthesia wasn’t an option, she would be asked to replace the anesthesiologist instead.

Therefore, Sasha was calm as usual during the surgery.

However, when she took out a fine needle and poked it into the acupoint of the patient, she felt that something was amiss as the patient twitched a little.

“Dr. Nancy?”

“Don’t worry. The patient might have swelled up too much, and as a result of that, the acupuncture points have shifted. Let me try again.”

Hearing the doctors next to her raise their concerns, she composed herself and quickly explained to them. After that, she pulled out the needle immediately.

But when she held the needle the second time, she started getting anxious.

She thought that it might be due to her lack of focus.

In fact, even though she tried her best to maintain her composure after the phone call earlier, her mind was already in turmoil.

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