The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 183

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 183

Sasha, get a grip of yourself!

He’s just a man. It’s no big deal! Even without divorcing, were you able to win his heart all these years?

She scolded herself silently. Then with a deep breath, she forced herself to focus once more. When she bent down this time, her hand wasn’t shaking anymore.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly on her second attempt, and the patient fell into a deep sleep after she had administered the needles.

Upon seeing that, the main surgeon gave her a thumbs-up as an acknowledgment, and everyone proceeded with the surgery.

With that, Sasha stepped aside and was getting ready to head out.

Beep. Beep.

The patient’s heart monitor suddenly went off.

Sasha turned around immediately and saw the doctors getting anxious. “What’s going on?”

“Dr. Jones, the patient’s blood pressure suddenly dropped drastically.”

“Did we injure the patient somewhere? Quickly check it out!” the main surgeon instantly exclaimed, and they examined the patient’s abdominal cavity immediately.

However, the bizarre thing was that there wasn’t any sign of bleeding in the abdomen.

Since that is the case, why has the patient’s blood pressure decreased rapidly?

There was only one remaining possibility.

Everyone shifted their gaze to the left side of the patient’s chest and stared in disbelief as they noticed that the exposed heart that was beating lively a moment ago had now slowed down.

Why is this happening?

The main surgeon immediately stopped the surgery and ordered someone to pass him a cardiac stimulant.

Right at that moment, the patient started having convulsions, shocking everyone present.

It was as if a cooking pot was overturned. With the patient’s abdominal cavity opened up, his exposed organs started to move and shift as his entire body shook due to the convulsions, and the gory scene was utterly disturbing.

In the end, a loud bang filled the entire theater as the operating table collapsed when it could no longer withstand the pressure exerted by the patient anymore. As the patient fell to the ground, his organs spilled out and scattered all over the floor.

It was a truly horrifying scene.

Sasha was completely dumbfounded while she stood in one corner. Meanwhile, the few frightened nurses, who screamed upon seeing such a bloody scene, dropped whatever was in their hands and dashed out of the operating theater.

“Someone come quickly! Help!”

In just a few minutes, the entire internal medicine department was in chaos.

Sasha was completely dumbfounded and panic-stricken, especially after she saw some unknown organ splattered next to her foot.

Her head buzzed as her mind went completely blank.

This is too horrifying! What’s happening?

Sasha’s thoughts were muddled until she heard someone calling her name. After she came to her senses and looked up, she realized it was someone from the hospital’s investigation department.

“Dr. Nancy. Regarding this accident, we found out that you were the one who was administering that patient’s anesthesia.”

“No. It wasn’t me…”

Sasha was still in shock, so she immediately denied it.

However, the head of the investigation department quickly produced evidence to prove that she was the one responsible for the patient’s tragic death. It turned out that Sasha’s needle had caused the blood vessels in his heart to harden.

Therefore, the patient’s death was caused by Sasha indeed. Upon hearing that, she fainted and fell to the ground.

It was almost ten o’clock at night when Sebastian received the news.

That day, instead of going to the civil affairs office himself, he told Luke to go with his identification card and marriage certificate. After that, he left for Avenport to attend a trade summit.

After all, his divorce was insignificant compared to his business.

However, he did not receive any news from Luke that day. Instead, Ian gave him a call when it was almost ten o’clock at night.



“Why did you ask Aunt Sabrina to bring us back to the Hayes residence?” Ian asked angrily.

Sebastian was stunned for a moment.

Back to the Hayes residence? Sabrina?

He did not understand what his son was saying. “I did not ask Aunt Sabrina to bring you back there. What’s the problem? Aren’t you with Mommy?”

“No, we are at the Hayes residence!” Ian grunted. He was evidently very upset.

However, he wasn’t able to express his feelings well as he was usually taciturn, which made his speech development significantly below the norm of the other children.

Sebastian furrowed his brows.

As he put away the documents in his hand, he decided to make a phone call to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.

The moment Luke picked up the call, he immediately burst into tears. “Mr. Hayes, you finally called. Did you know that something serious has happened?”


Sebastian took a glance at his phone and realized that it was set to Do Not Disturb mode without his knowledge.

“What happened?”

“Ms. Wand… Ms. Wand is in deep trouble. The patient who underwent the operation died. And now, all the hospital’s evidence points to her, saying that she killed that patient. She is now being detained at the police station!”

Luke explained as he sobbed.

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