The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 184

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 184

It was a tough day for Luke. At first, he waited a long time for Sasha and had to search high and low for her in the hospital, but in the end, he received that shocking news.

They told him that Sasha had killed a patient during surgery in the morning because she made a mistake. After the patient died a horrific death on the operation table, his family made a scene, and the police had no choice but to bring her to the police station.

Upon hearing that Sasha was taken to the police station, Luke immediately went there.

However, what drove him mad was that the police weren’t willing to release her unless Sebastian turned up.

But no one was able to get a hold of him through the phone for the entire day.

“Mr. Hayes, I was even thinking of going over to Summerbank to find you if you still weren’t reachable. How could Ms. Wand stand being in the police station? After all, she’s a delicate lady, Mr. Hayes…”

Luke was choking back tears while uttering the last sentence.

On the other hand, Sebastian remained silent.

It was something he hadn’t expected at all.

In fact, he had been considering the matter for a very long time the previous night before telling his assistant to inform that woman to proceed with their divorce at the civil affairs office today.

He thought he would be happy when the truth was finally revealed, but he was wrong.

On the contrary, what he felt was the familiar wave of humiliation and hatred that used to overwhelm him when he was younger.

What’s the reason?

Why is it that I’m still unable to escape her after all these years? Does she think that I would forgive her just because she did that?

He was locked up for six years, all because of her. From a high-spirited teenager, he transformed into a madman who everyone feared. If it weren’t for his uncle who came to his rescue, his entire life might have been ruined.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to be happy or moved.

What he felt was only resentment and anger toward her, and those emotions had peaked to a level like never before. In the end, he couldn’t wait to break off his relationship with her.

But now, he suddenly received news that she was in trouble—she had killed someone.

What would happen to her next?

If she were to be convicted in the end, then her entire life would definitely be ruined.

She would never appear in front of him ever again as he wished.

Instantly, his fingers clenched around the phone.

It was supposed to be a good news for him.

However, he didn’t feel a trace of happiness. On the contrary, his mind went blank at the thought of that. Before he even realized it, a sense of panic crept into him.

Luke said, “Mr. Hayes?”

“Tell Keith that I’ll hold him responsible if anything were to happen to that woman while she’s in his custody!”

Having said that, he hung up the phone and headed out.

Upon hearing that, Luke let out a sigh of relief.

Mr. Hayes is coming back. At least he’s not leaving Ms. Wand to fend for herself.

Luke’s moment of relaxation did not last long because as soon as he turned around, he saw the little girl, whom he had neglected for a while, bawling her eyes out.

“Vivi, don’t cry anymore. Look, I’ve already found Uncle Sebastian, and he will come back to save your mommy immediately, alright?”

It turned out that after the incident, Sabrina grabbed the opportunity and told someone to go to the preschool and picked up Matteo and Ian.

However, that cold-blooded woman, who assumed that Vivian wasn’t Sebastian’s child, left her there alone.

If the preschool hadn’t made a call to the company which was picked up by Luke, no one would know how long the little girl would have waited at the preschool.

Luke carried the adorable little girl in his arms. With big eyes and a round little face, she looked very similar to a porcelain doll. How could she not be the President’s daughter?

He grabbed a tissue and wiped away her tears clumsily.

Fortunately, after hearing that her father would finally come and save her mother, Vivian stopped crying. Sniffling, she hugged Luke’s neck and lay on his shoulder.

“What about Matt and Ian?”

“We will wait for Uncle Sebastian to arrive, then he will go and pick them up, alright?

Luke could only comfort her by saying that Sebastian would save the day because he really had no idea how to bring the little girl’s brothers back to her. It was Sabrina who had took them away, so it wouldn’t be easy for him to settle that matter.

After that, Luke carried the little girl to the penthouse suite lounge in hopes of handing her over to Sebastian when he returned.

When Sebastian returned to Avenport from Summerbank, it was already almost midnight.

The entire city was cold and quiet on that winter night, without a soul in sight on the wide streets. As the piercing cold wind blew continuously across the city, the sound of it sent shivers down one’s spine.

Sebastian got out of the car.

He was dressed in a long black trench coat with a thin green shirt underneath. As he stepped toward the entrance, the men in the police station took notice of him.

Sensing his piercing cold aura, everyone in his vicinity could not help but shudder.

“Sir, may I ask who you are?”

“Where is Sasha?”

As Sebastian’s dark eyes scanned the surroundings, he gave off an air of menace.

Sasha? Who in the world is he?

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