The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 188

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 188

“I’m sorry, Mommy was a little under the weather last night, so Daddy had to go take care of her and couldn’t come to see you. Will you forgive Daddy?”

Guilt and regret welled up inside of Sebastian as he stared at Matteo’s completely unamused expression.

Matteo was Sebastian’s son. But last night, when Sasha fell sick, Matteo resorted to approaching another man for help. What did that mean?

It undoubtedly meant that he had failed Matteo as a father, and had failed to give him a sense of security to the point where he didn’t even consider the option of asking Sebastian for help.

And it was clearly all Sebastian’s fault.

Matteo’s cold expression didn’t change.

His usual bright, smiley disposition was nowhere to be found as he glared at Sebastian, letting go of the door handle and going back into the room.

His heart skipping a beat, Sebastian followed his son into the room.

“Matt, Daddy is very sorry. The accident this time is all Daddy’s fault.”

“So? Can you take back the hurt you caused Mommy?” Matteo finally spoke. It was hard to believe the small five-year-old boy sitting on the bed was capable of saying such cold, blunt words.

Sebastian’s face fell.

Matteo was very different from Ian. They were both smart, but under Sebastian’s careful nurturing, Ian had retained more of his childhood innocence.

The little boy in front of him was extremely, if not overly mature for his age.

Was it the result of protecting his Mommy while their small family of three were trying to survive in a foreign country? Did he take up the responsibility of becoming the man of the family?

Sebastian felt as if an icy dagger had stabbed through his heart.

He wanted nothing more than to slap himself across the face right now.

“You’re right. What’s happened has happened, and Mommy has already been hurt. But Daddy wants you to believe me when I say that from today onwards, as long as Daddy is here, no one will be able to hurt any of you,” Sebastian swore to his son, the most solemn he had been in all his life.

If he were being completely honest, he just needed to say those words for himself to hear.

Thankfully, Matteo was finally starting to show some emotion.

He stared at Sebastian apprehensively, recalling every wrong thing his father did.

But seeing how serious Sebastian was, Matteo decided to take a leap of faith and believe him.

“You’re protecting her now, too?” Matteo mumbled, eyes reddening.

“Of course. So, Daddy has a mission for you and your little sister today: stay at home and take care of Mommy. That’s all you have to do. Leave the rest up to Daddy.”

His voice gradually grew firmer as he talked to Matteo, his gaze becoming sharp and haughty as he reverted back to his powerful demeanor.

That’s right.

I’m the king of this whole city. Those people don’t know whose woman they just messed with.

They have no idea what’s coming their way.

After having comforted his son, Sebastian swiftly left Frontier Bay.

Of course, he also instructed the bodyguards that from today onwards, Sasha was not to be let out of the premises without his permission.

It was already past eleven in the morning when Sasha came to.

Her mind was still foggy from the high fever, blinking blearily as she took in her surroundings.

Where is this place? What happened?

Vivian, playing with her Daddy’s chess set nearby, immediately detected Sasha’s movements and dropped everything to run over to the bed.

“Mommy, you’re awake! Thank goodness, you’re finally awake!” she exclaimed, clapping her small hands and clambering onto the bed.

Sasha’s whole mouth tasted bitter and she still felt dizzy, but she instinctively reached out for her daughter. “Careful… Don’t fall.”

“I won’t! Daddy’s sofas are all really big, so I won’t fall.” Vivian was not scared at all as she climbed up, crawling over to cling to her Mommy’s arm.


Sasha mind blanked out.

She couldn’t recall how yesterday had ended. Feeling dazed and slightly delirious was a common aftereffect of having suffered from too much shock or fear, some people even faced temporary memory loss.

Sasha pressed a hand to her hurting head.

At that moment, Wendy had heard the commotion and hurried upstairs, grinning excitedly when she saw that Sasha was awake.

“Ms. Wand, you’re finally awake! How do you feel? Are you hurting anywhere?” Wendy asked, stepping into the room.

Sasha pressed her dry lips together, coughing a little before croaking out, “Is this… Frontier Bay?”

Wendy nodded, smiling. “That’s right. Mr. Hayes carried you home last night. You were in such a bad shape, high fever and vomiting and all. Why, Mr. Hayes looked after you for the entire night.”

Wendy tried to emphasize the very last sentence, but Sasha only became even more confused.

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