The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 189

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 189

Sebastian brought her home?

How could that be?

She saw no trace of him anywhere during the incident yesterday.

No. Sebastian had contacted her yesterday, although indirectly. To be more precise, he had made his assistant call her early in the morning, informing her to meet him at the civil affairs office later to sign the divorce papers.

Then why did he end up taking me back here? And took care of me for the entire night, at that?

It all made no sense to her.

“Are you kidding me? Why would he do such a thing?”

Her gaze grew cold, and her once pale, sickly face transformed into a mask of apathy.

Wendy wasn’t sure how to react.

Is she oblivious to everything that had happened? Or perhaps she’s still befuddled from the fever?

Coming to the conclusion it must be the fever speaking, Wendy decided to not push the topic any further, and went downstairs to bring up some food for her.

Half an hour later, Sasha had eaten and regained some of her energy.

When Matteo and Ian, who had been picked up, came upstairs together to check on her, Sasha slowly realized that Wendy might have been speaking the truth.

“Mommy, Daddy didn’t come over yesterday because he was working at someplace really far. After I talked to Uncle Solomon, Daddy arrived, and then he went out to bring you back.”

‘Yup, Daddy didn’t abandon Mommy!”

Vivian held her tongue in hesitation as she watched her twin brothers defend their Daddy’s actions.

She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of hurt. For the whole day yesterday, the young girl was arguably the most pitiful person, second only to her Mommy. No one had paid much attention to her, nor cared about her at all the entire time.

But when she remembered how she woke up this morning on the pink bed at Daddy’s home, she spoke up.

“That’s right, Mommy! Yesterday, Matt and Ian were taken away by that mean Aunt Sabrina, and Vivi was sent here! This has to be Daddy’s doing!” she explained, smiling sweetly.

Sasha stayed silent, not sure how to describe or express the tangled mess of emotions she was feeling.

Glancing down, she noticed the clean, men’s shirt on her, and her ears turned red.

Did he help me change into these clothes?


Why would he do such a thing? Why would he go on such a rushed, long trip to save me and take care of me for the entire night, and do everything else he did?

What is he doing all this for? Didn’t he say he wanted to get a divorce?

Right. Divorce.

Her warm heart suddenly froze over, and her reddened cheeks lost their color again.

Oh, my sweeties.

Of course they don’t know. Your Daddy and Mommy are getting divorced. It just so happened to be right before everything blew up, too.

Suddenly, Sasha found it hard to breathe.

Determined not to show any signs of panic in front of her children, she forced a smile and patted their heads. “I know. Go downstairs to play, I’ll keep everything you all told me in mind.”


The kids were obviously overjoyed with this reply.

So as not to disturb Mommy’s rest any longer, they walked downstairs hand-in-hand to play together.

The moment they left, Sasha sat up and threw off the blanket covering her.

I need to get away from this place.

I’m still involved in a murder case. I can either go to the hospital to investigate and clear my name or get arrested by the police again.

The first option was obviously the better option, given that she could successfully find out the truth.

But if things ended up being the second option, then… It wouldn’t matter much. Her three children had all found their Daddy anyway.

No matter how much Sebastian loathed her, he would never abandon their kids.

Coughing, Sasha crawled out of bed.

After slowly descending to the ground floor with much difficulty, a man dressed in a black suit and dark sunglasses appeared out of nowhere, blocking the main entrance.

“I apologize, Ms. Wand, but Mr. Hayes has given strict orders. You are not allowed to take a single step out of the house.”

“What?” Sasha’s eyes widened in shock as she was still busy catching her breath. “He… He won’t let me leave?”

The bodyguard nodded. “Yes. So please return to your quarters, Ms. Wand.”

Sasha barely had the time to retort when two housemaids approached her, each one reaching for Sasha’s arms and hauling her back up the stairs without another word.

In the blink of an eye, Sasha found herself back on the third floor.

“You… You all…”

“Ms. Wand, it is best for you to relax here and recover. Mr. Hayes has said that he will handle all your problems, and that he will make sure to clear your name and dignity,” said the bodyguard, who had followed the housemaids upstairs as they carried Sasha.

Sasha could only sit dazedly on the sofa, mind whirring as she processed the new information.

Am I dreaming?

She had to be hallucinating. She found no other explanation as to why Sebastian would stand up for her.

He’s standing up for me? He’s trying to help me?

This is absurd!

He had only been cruel to her. She was the woman he hated the most on this earth, and he probably wished that she was still dead.

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