The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 191

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 191

Sasha picked up her phone to make a call to the hospital.

“Hello? Dr. Jones, this is Nancy. I’d like to ask, has there been a change in my case?”

“Oh, Nancy! Yes, yes, it’s been proven that the whole thing has nothing to do with you. After carrying out an autopsy, the police found out that the patient’s cause of death was poison. So, it wasn’t your fault,” the internal medicine director, overjoyed at receiving Sasha’s call, explained to her excitedly.

Sasha’s hands trembled as she spoke. “A-are you telling the truth?”

“Of course I am! This was all in the official report from the police. Besides, we invited a few TCM consultants to give their opinions on your acupuncture needle placement, and they are of the opinion that you did not make any professional mistake!” stressed Dr. Jones.

No one in the internal medicine department had wanted to believe that Dr. Nancy had slipped up. After all, she was an internationally acclaimed doctor, and everyone had witnessed what she had accomplished and what she was capable of.

They had seen first-hand how she handled all kinds of medical complications, and even proposed solutions to reform several flaws in the hospital’s internal medical system.

How could a good doctor like that made a mistake?

Sasha trembled in agitation. “What is going on? How did someone find out that it wasn’t my mistake?”

“They made the discovery after the President of Hayes Corporation came over yesterday. Nancy, you might not know this, but the largest shareholder of our hospital is actually the Hayes Corporation. The incident blew up and even made international headlines, so Mr. Hayes paid a visit to the hospital first thing in the morning.”

“What happened next?” Sasha croaked after a while, eyes brimming with tears.

“They immediately launched an investigation and held a meeting! The police came over and had someone carry out an autopsy, as well as checked the hospital’s security camera footage.”

Upon hearing his words, Sasha was hit by a pang of emotions and she shuddered.

Suddenly, the dam inside her broke. Every emotion that she’d been trying to suppress came flooding out, overwhelming her as she gripped her phone and sobbed.

Who could blame her? God knows what she had been through for the past twenty-four hours.

Claims of professional malpractice, murder…

Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would get herself into this kind of trouble. She felt as if the whole world came crashing down and was deeply consumed by such despair and fear.

And now, she could barely think straight.

She hadn’t even felt this helpless when she faked her death and escaped with two of her children five years ago.

After all, that had been her own life at stake.

But now, someone else’s blood was on her hands, which came out of the medical practice she prided herself on.

The three children instantly ran over to their crying Mommy and crowded around her. “Mommy, don’t cry, it’s okay…”

Their small hands reached out to her, comforting her in each of their own ways, which only served to make Sasha cry louder.

On the other side of the call, the internal medicine director was also getting choked up. “Everything is alright now, Dr. Nancy, you’re fine now. We’re all waiting for you to come back.”

Sasha took a moment to calm herself down. Surrounded by her kids as she wiped the tears from her face, she asked into the phone, “Did they find out who did it?”

“Yes, it was Dr. Lockhart, the doctor who was working the shift before yours. He had soaked your needles in poison that he’d concocted himself, causing the patient’s blood vessels to coagulate.”

After a long pause, Sasha asked furiously, “Why did he do such a thing? What does he have against me?”

She had started working at the hospital barely a month ago. How could she have offended or insulted this Lockhart guy to the point that he was willing to frame her for murder?

But Dr. Jones didn’t have an answer for her.

The police had yet to announce Dr. Lockhart’s exact motives, leaving the public to speculate whether or not it was because he held a grudge against Sasha.

After all, Sasha was promoted to deputy director of internal medicine very quickly after starting her job at the hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Lockhart had worked there for years but was never promoted.

Sasha hung up the call.


How is that possible? We’re not even on the same level!

But she was in no mood to worry herself about any of that.

She had yet to realize it, but she no longer adamantly rejected the idea of Sebastian standing up for her. After having listened to what Dr. Jones told her, she had complete faith that Sebastian would help her unravel this mystery.

Sasha turned to look at the bright, sunny weather outdoors. With a heavy burden lifted off of her shoulders, her heart felt much lighter.

“Come on, sweeties. Shall we go out to play?”

“Yes, yes! Come on, Mommy, let’s go play!”

“Wait, I’m going upstairs to take a coat for Mommy, or else Mommy might get cold.”

Matteo and Vivian immediately jumped at the proposal, Vivian excitedly tugging on her Mommy’s hand as her brother ran upstairs to find a coat.

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