The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 192

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 192

Even though Ian did not say anything at all, he was very thoughtful.

He made a dart towards the kitchen to grab something light for his Mommy. Within a while, he reappeared with milk and newly baked pastry by Wendy in his hands.

The three kids really loved their Mommy very much.

Later in the day, they had a lot of fun with their Mommy in the garden…

By the time Sebastian reached home, it was already almost six o’clock in the evening. There was a reflection from the glint of the sunset on the windscreen of his car. The moment he got out of his car, he was mesmerized by the harmonious view in the garden…

Remnant of the rays from the sunset shone upon the garden, shrouded it with a layer of orange veil. Engulfed by the mysterious veil, the kids were chasing one another among the trees like three agile little rabbits. They were giggling at times, forming melodious music in the air.

How about their mommy? Sebastian shifted his gaze away from the kids and caught a glimpse of her.

She was sitting quietly on the long bench; her long silky hair flowed down her back against her cardigan. Under the soft glow of the sunset, her entire body gave off a vibe of demureness and gracefulness.

Still looking slightly pale, she was obviously a bit weak and had yet to regain her energy. Probably that was why she did not join the kids in their games.

Even so, her lips curled into a serene smile as she gazed at them. The gentle glimmers in her smiling eyes reflected her cheerfulness and liveliness.

She is finally alive again?

Sebastian raised his brows as something came into his mind. Instead of heading towards the villa, he strode into the garden.

All this while, Sasha immersed herself in the kids’ jubilant moments in the garden. Out of a sudden, she felt the seat next to her sank. She turned instinctively, and her pretty eyes widened instantaneously!

“You…” Sasha opened her mouth awkwardly.

“Why are you sitting here when you haven’t really recovered yet, and the wind is chilly. You could easily catch a cold. Aren’t you afraid of falling sick again?”

Sebastian placed his car key, phone, and laptop one by one on the marble table in front of them. His low and charismatic voice was as charming as ever.

He did not sleep at all the previous night.

Early this morning, he went to the hospital to resolve the matter. After that, he had to rush to both the company and the police station. It was such a busy day for him till he barely had time to breathe.

Yet this silly woman relaxed and sit here despite the chilly wind? Does she know that I was having a hard time last night and totally did not sleep at all?

Sasha gulped timidly, suddenly intimidated by his presence.

My goodness! He’s back all of a sudden and I’m not prepared to face him yet.

Does it mean that he is actually… concerned about me?

She looked away hastily to conceal her embarrassment. Her heart suddenly started to pound tremendously, and her dainty face was flushed.

“No… it’s not like that. The kids wanted to come down and play so I’m just accompanying them,” she explained incoherently.

This was indeed the first time she appeared to be nervous and helpless in front of him.

Sebastian’s thin lips lifted into a smile.

Glancing at the kids who were now shrieking excitedly while chasing each other, he leaned against the back of the bench comfortably with his slender legs crossed. At that very moment, he looked exceptionally charming, exuding the aura of elegance and dignity of a noble prince.

He was obviously in a good mood.

“Since the winter break is just around the corner, I’ve informed the preschool that they are not attending the class anymore. From now onward, you shall look after them at home.”


Sasha gaped and glared at him, “You want me to just stay at home and look after them? How about my job? I’m still working!”

“You mean working at that lousy hospital? You almost lost your life there. Haven’t you learned your lesson? Are you sure you still want to go back and have your life at risk again?”

Glancing obliquely at her, Sebastian mocked at her with intense sarcasm in his tone.

Upon hearing his mocking words, Sasha’s expression changed.

She almost refuted spontaneously but held herself back at the sight of the weariness in the man’s bloodshot eyes. At the same time, a sense of guilt crept into her heart, knowing that she had caused him great inconvenience the previous night.


She turned and looked at the other side in displeasure, trying hard to hold herself from blurting out any unpleasant words.

Sebastian’s seductive lips curved into a wider smile.

After a few minutes, the three kids’ eyes lit up the moment they saw Sebastian. They dashed toward both Sebastian and Sasha in high spirits.

“Daddy, you’re back!”

Matteo was undoubtedly the first to lunge toward Sebastian and gave him a hug. He was ecstatic as his Daddy kept his promise this round.

Sebastian hugged him tightly and pinched his nose lovingly.

“Yeah, Daddy is already back for a while. Matt, did you carry out the task assigned by Daddy today?”

“Of course! All three of us took good care of Mommy today, and we make sure she’s not wandering around. Daddy, let me tell you something. After Mommy saw the news on how you stood up for her, she cried for a long time!”

“Matteo Hayes! What nonsense are you spouting!”

Sasha never expected that her beloved son would embarrass her in such a way!

There was mischief in Matteo’s smiling eyes. He was smiling like a cunning little fox.

“Mommy, don’t be angry! There’s nothing wrong to let Daddy know about this. He has done so much for you. It’s really unfair for him if you refuse to let him know what’s on your mind!”

“I agree with you!” Ian was also supportive of Matteo.

Sasha almost exploded.

Staring at the man who was smirking, blood rushed to her face in an instant! My goodness, this is too embarrassing!

“You… I don’t feel like talking to all of you anymore…”

She stood up and ran off without hesitation.

I have never experienced such an embarrassing moment before!

Matteo, you really have a big mouth!

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