The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 194

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 194

Once Sasha answered the phone, she was greeted by a woman’s languorous voice. There was profound arrogance and disdain in her tone. Sabrina?

Sasha’s expression changed. She stood up at once and moved toward the window.

“Sabrina, what do you mean by choosing righteousness over family? You’d better explain it clearly!”

“You still don’t get what I mean? It means I’m behind the whole thing! You dummy!”

Sabrina scoffed at her and made a confession arrogantly over the phone.

Sasha was overwhelmed; her eyes squinted dangerously!

So she is the culprit?

But why?

Why did she do that? Did I happen to provoke and irritate her recently? How dare she do this to me! She could be charged with first-degree murder! How preposterous!

“Why did you do that? Are you blaming me for sending you to the psychiatric department?”

“Not solely because of that. Like I told you before, if you leave this place and never appear again, I shall let you off. However, you never listen and even let my brother stand up for you. Sasha Wand, you’re really a woman of greed!”

Sabrina hissed out the words in a cold and vicious manner, like a poisonous snake slithering out of the dark, sending chills down Sasha’s spine!


Oh right, when I married Sebastian years ago, this woman had warned me about that numerous times.

She felt that I had married into the Hayes through unscrupulous methods and warned me not to scheme against the Hayes. Apart from that, she even jeered at me to return to the Wands after we have earned enough monetary gains.

So, does she mean that now, too?

She thought that I’m back to be the spouse of the young heir again?

This is absurd!

Sasha finally got what she meant. In a twinkling of an eye, her anger rose to the peak. She rolled her eyes and rebuked, “Sabrina, are you out of your mind? I’m greedy? Do you think the whole world is gawking at the Hayes?”

“Others might not, but you Sasha Wand is surely targeting the Hayes. You forgot how you were trying to be a part of the Hayes at that time by all means?”


Sasha was astounded.

Initially she had a lot of rebuttals to retaliate the woman’s words, but once the woman pointed out the fact, Sasha was lost for words and could not protest at all.

That was her greatest weakness!

“You’re lost for words? Where’s your eloquence and confidence?” Sabrina laughed at Sasha disdainfully.

Sasha’s face fell.

Nevertheless, there was not even a word that she could grit out of her mouth in objection.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing! I just want to tell you that Sebastian was already in the know about me being the culprit. I’m just curious if he would sell me out for you. If so, Sasha Wand, then I must congratulate you for being able to make him eat out the palms of your hands!”

Sabrina was just like a devil who spouted bullets.

Sasha was bewildered!

Sebastian…had actually knew about the truth?

Why did he remain silent just now and didn’t mention it to me at all? We were both seated on the same bench in the garden for at least twenty minutes!

Yet he did not bring this up at all!

Sasha’s entire body stiffened…

She did not dare to have any wishful thinking. However, she still could not help feeling disappointed. The great disappointment was so suffocating that it caused her heart to throb.

“Speaking of the devil, my brother has just arrived.”

Sabrina followed up by sending her a picture within seconds.

Sasha was dumbfounded again for a few seconds before she clicked and checked the picture sent by her. It was obviously taken from a corner of the Hayes Residence.

She was very familiar with the black Bentley in the picture as it belonged to Sebastian.

There was nothing more Sasha could say.

She hung up the phone and tossed it into the drawer.

“Mommy, who called you just now? Is it the bad guy?”

Vivian sensed that there was something amiss with her Mommy and immediately climbed down from the bed to give her a comforting hug.

Sasha had no idea how she should explain to her.

Looking at the little girl who had a look of concern on her face, she finally recollected herself and forced a smile.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. What did you say just now? Something about having big crabs for dinner tonight?”

“Yeah, Daddy promised us!”

The little girl nodded innocently and emphasized that her Daddy had promised them.

Sasha stroked her head gently and smiled again. “Alright, let’s go down to give Ms. Dolivo a hand. She must be busy with the preparation for tonight’s big dinner.”

Vivian answered eagerly, “Yeah, let’s go and help her now.”

After that, both of them made their way toward the kitchen.

As expected, everyone in the villa was busy making preparation for dinner. Wendy was occupied in the kitchen and was surprised to see Sasha.

When Sasha volunteered to assist her in the kitchen, she turned her down nicely.

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