The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 197

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 197

Elated, Frederick ordered a check of twenty million to be prepared and handed it personally to Sasha.

“Sasha, no matter what, Sabrina has gone overboard this time. Take this compensation as a token of my apology. After this, I will send her overseas for five years where she will be forbidden to return. What do you think?”


Sasha looked up in shock and couldn’t believe what she heard.

What do I think of it?

What other choice do I have? Based on the law, Sabrina has to go to prison to pay for the life she cost.

But now, he is simply trying to brush it off.

It seems he had already planned this. Getting me to come was just to complete the charade.

Hanging her head, Sasha let out a self-deprecating smile. “It sounds good, I…”

“What do you mean it sounds good? Sasha, do you not have any pride at all? Isn’t your dad his old friend? Brothers-in-arms even? What’s going on now? Are you only worth this much to him?”

Little did she expect Sebastian to speak out all of a sudden after watching silently the whole time.

His words were filled with mockery while his expression was one of disdain. However, what he said enraged Frederick.

“You b*stard! What did you say?”

“Isn’t it obvious what I’m saying? I’m reminding you to live up to your own reputation. When you got me to marry her, didn’t you declare to the whole of Avenport how righteous you were? Now that your daughter pulled such a scheme on her, you’re only paying her twenty million for hush money?” Sebastian brazenly confronted his father.

Deafening silence descended upon the room while Frederick’s eye began to turn white from anger.

“Mr. Hayes Sr.!”


Everyone in the hall rushed up to Frederick including Sabrina who quickly scrambled to her feet.

Sasha was flabbergasted.

When she finally regained her senses, she saw that Sebastian had no intention of backing down, causing her to grow anxious. Right before he said another word, she dashed up to him and quickly covered his mouth with her hands.

“Shut up! Don’t make it worse.”

Caught by surprise, Sebastian froze.

All that was left was his fearsome eyes staring down intently at her hand. She could see his beautiful eyelashes spreading out just like two small fans.

How dare she do this to me?

Sasha hadn’t realized how reckless her actions were as she had focused her attention on what was going on in the hall.

She didn’t expect Sebastian to say something so impudent. That’s his dad he is talking to. Isn’t he worried that Frederick would burst a vessel from anger?

Those that were outside rushed in when they saw the commotion in the hall. Meanwhile, Frederick looked as if he was about to launch an angry tirade, causing Sasha to be filled with anxiety.

“Quick, what are you spacing out there for? Are you trying to start a fight?”

Turning around in frustration, her gaze locked with Sebastian’s, whose eyes had always been mesmerizing.

When he saw the look on her face the moment she realized how ridiculous her action was, his deep eyes were filled with amusement and intrigue, causing Sasha’s heart to skip a beat.

My God!

What have I done!

Realizing what she had done, Sasha retracted her hand at lightning speed and blushed like a tomato.

“I’m sorry, I… I didn’t intend to do that.”

She panicked as she had never been in such close proximity with him before, let alone make such an intimate action.

All she wanted to do now was to disappear in embarrassment.

Sebastian sensed her nervousness without saying a word. Stroking his lips with his slender fingers, he suddenly lifted his gaze.

At the same time, she took a deep breath in anticipation of him scolding or humiliating her. After all, she knew he hated her a lot.

However, what came as a surprise was that he didn’t lose his temper. After staring at her briefly, he got up from his chair.

“Are you sure you want me to leave?”


Sasha looked up at once.

Growing impatient, Sebastian straightened his jacket fuming. As his razor-sharp gaze swept the messy hall, he chided them with a contemptuous warning, “I’m leaving. Now, you can’t do anything to her anymore.”

Sasha was stunned to see that he was pointing at Sabrina.

In response, Sabrina cursed at him so loudly it could be heard from afar, “Sebastian, you assh*le! I curse you to not be able to live to see tomorrow!”

When Sasha heard how venomous Sabrina’s words against her own brother were, she suddenly had an epiphany.

From that moment on, her heart was conflicted.

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