The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 198

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 198

“Have I not thought of exacting revenge on her? She’s your sister for goodness sake. What can I do? Should I really send her to prison? If I did, how am I going to explain to your dad or even face him?”

Hanging her head, she suppressed the bitterness that was welling up inside her heart.

In truth, she was already feeling much better.

She couldn’t deny that she was secretly delighted to see Sebastian stand up for her in the end. More so than if Frederick was the one who backed her up.

She was just that gullible.

Despite his repeated attempts at hurting her and pushing her into the abyss, all the defenses she put up against him would waver the moment he showed her some concern.

Luckily, after she said her piece, Sebastian didn’t argue any further. Giving her a look of disappointment, he snapped, “I have not seen such a silly woman before!”

With that, he turned and left.

After being stumped for a moment, she followed him out.

Aren’t I silly?

After letting the matter slide, Sasha was sure that Sabrina would attempt to harm her again. After all, she was extremely ruthless and narrow-minded, to the extent she couldn’t tolerate having anyone that she couldn’t control by her side.

Sasha was worried that Sabrina would stir up trouble again very soon.

After she came out of the house, she assumed that she would be leaving with Luke. But for some reason, there was no sign of him anywhere. All she saw was the Bentley with its taillights blinking.

Should I go over? Or shouldn’t I?

Sasha hesitated as she wasn’t sure if it was waiting for her. Furthermore, from past experience, there was no way he would wait for her. After all, they were no longer connected in any way.

Sasha then decided to head home by herself.

However, just when she took a step, the car honked. Turning to look, she saw the driver’s window half-open. “What are you doing?”

Sasha froze briefly before heading towards the car with her head lowered.

A few minutes later, after Sasha got in and they were on their way, Sebastian questioned with an angry tone, “Sasha, what were you doing just now?”


Sitting awkwardly in the back seat, she racked her brains in response. “I was… wasn’t doing anything. I just wanted to take a cab home.”

“Are you blind?”


Sasha was now utterly bewildered.

She wondered why he was suddenly so agitated as she had no idea what she did to offend him.

Unknown to her, Sebastian’s attitude towards her had undergone a hundred and eighty-degree change. Now, her attempts at avoiding him made him feel disconcerted instead.

What has gotten into him?

In the end, Sebastian sulked in silence as he drove.

Since he didn’t say a word, Sasha didn’t dare break the silence too. Sitting at the back seat, she sneaked a glance at him.

When she didn’t get a response, she turned her attention outside the window.

By then, darkness had blanketed the sky. During a winter night, it was rare for the moon or the stars to show themselves. Hence, all she could see were rows of street lamps that she was passing by one by one. The dim yellow light they were emitting made one feel lonely and desolate.

It felt like it was almost the holiday season.

And that was what flashed through Sasha’s mind.

Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, while Sasha was looking out the window deep in thought, her phone rang, and she answered immediately.


“Mommy, it’s Vivi. Where are you? The king crab we have prepared is ready. When are you coming over to eat it?”

When she heard the squeaky voice over the phone, all Sasha’s troubles seemed to melt away.

“Oh Vivi, it’s you. I’m already on the way home. Why don’t all of you go ahead?”

“No, we want to wait for you. By the way, is Daddy coming back too?” Vivian suddenly asked in anticipation.

Sasha turned her attention to the front. Underneath the dim light inside the car, she could make out the broad shoulders of his back facing her. However, she couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face.

Nevertheless, they were both on the way home, causing a sense of sudden warmth to envelop her.

“Mmm-hmm. He will be arriving with me in a while.”

“Wow! That’s awesome. I’m going to tell my brothers. In that case, Mommy, I’ll see you later,” Vivi exclaimed happily.

Sasha ended the call with equal delight.

Meanwhile, having listened in on their conversation, Sebastian looked in the rearview mirror and asked, “Was little girl on the line just now?”

Sasha nodded, “Yes.”

She paused a moment when she thought about his relationship with Vivian. As she wanted both of them to bond further, she added, “She even asked about you. She wanted to know if you will be joining us for dinner?”

Given how smart Sebastian was, he had already guessed the contents of their conversation.

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