The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 199

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 199

Unlike his previous reactions, Sebastian didn’t reject her invitation with displeasure. Instead, he actually gave it some serious thought.

All of a sudden, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Is her biological father really dead?”

Sasha responded, “Huh?”

Sebastian expression darkened. “What do you mean ‘huh’? Even if her father is dead, doesn’t he have any relatives? Are they all dead too?”

Sasha thought to herself, how cruel can he be to curse the Hayes family?

Sasha averted her gaze in her reply.

“No… not really. Her grandpa and aunt are still around.”

“Then why don’t you let them take care of her? Why are you raising that many children alone?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m the one that’s supposed to raise her since I gave birth to her. If I let someone else do it, what if they mistreat her? Can you bear it if they starve her or even worse, abuse her?”

Sasha shot back fiercely at his ridiculous comments, silencing Sebastian.

For some inexplicable reason, when he heard her mention that Vivian would go hungry and might be abused, the sudden image of Vivian’s innocent face flashed across his mind, causing him to feel upset.

That’s true. How can she give away her own children?

Sebastian didn’t say another word for the rest of the journey.

Consequently, Sasha too remained silent. Sometimes, she felt that he was so sharp that he could see through anyone easily. And yet, he could still be ridiculously blind at times.

Isn’t it obvious you’re her dad?

Both of them remained silent until they arrived at Frontier Bay.

“I’ll get down first.” Sasha wanted to alight at once.

“Sasha, listen well. Sabrina is someone that’s extremely vengeful. For the time being, you’d better stay here and not venture anywhere else.”

Suddenly, Sebastian warned her in a tone that she had never heard before.


Sasha was caught by surprise. The moment she turned around, her gaze met with his. She could see the cold yet authoritative glow in his eyes.

“Alright, I… I understand,” she stuttered as she tried to hold back her racing heart.

After all, she was well aware of how ruthless Sabrina’s character and methods were. Therefore, she didn’t doubt his words one bit and was sincere in her reply.

However, just as she spoke, Sebastian sneered, “Make sure you take my words seriously and not have any funny ideas. Or else, with your intellect, you wouldn’t know what hit you when she has you captured.”

At that very moment, Sasha was outraged.

After all, she had survived five years overseas by herself. She didn’t see any reason why she had to suddenly live in utter fear of Sabrina now that she was back.

Sasha retorted angrily, “Based on what you’re saying, how long should I hide from her? My whole life?”

Sebastian raised his eyebrows. “Why not? It will just be like me hiring a nanny for the children. With my wealth, taking care of you for the rest of your life isn’t going to be a problem.”

How dare this assh*le even laugh at the end…

Sasha was outraged.

Bam! After kicking the door open and jumping out of the car, she turned around and pointed at him angrily. “You must be dreaming! Why don’t you be the nanny? Or even better, you should go kill yourself!”

After her tirade, Sasha stormed off.

From afar, he could still hear her cursing non-stop.

Grinning to himself, Sebastian got out of the car and closed the door calmly. After which, he followed her inside.

When the bodyguard at Royal Court One saw Sebastian, he greeted, “Mr. Hayes, welcome back.”


Sebastian nodded slightly in response as he caught a glimpse of Sasha’s silhouette when she was about to enter the villa. In the very next moment, his gaze flashed with an icy coldness.

“Prepare the helicopter and send Sabrina away tonight.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

The bodyguard wasn’t surprised at all.

After all, Sebastian had always behaved that way. Once he had decided upon something, there was no changing his mind regardless of whether it was about going to the Hayes residence or if his wife would even appear.

None of those mattered once Sebastian had his mind made up.

The bodyguard quickly disappeared into the darkness.

That night, despite being protected, Sabrina disappeared from her room. All that was left on the floor was an empty bottle of anesthetic.

When Frederick got wind of it, he quickly rushed to the scene and almost fainted when he arrived.

“Sebastian! You b*stard! That’s your sister for goodness sake.”

Tears filled his eyes as he was powerless against his son’s ruthless methods.

Meanwhile, when the butler, Tim, arrived at the scene and saw the anesthetic, he sighed. “Mr. Hayes, looks like Sebastian really has feelings for Sasha.”

“What did you say?”

Amidst his fury, Frederick raised his head and glared at him.

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