The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 200

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 200

That night, Sasha didn’t sleep in the study on the third floor. Instead, she returned to her bedroom on the second floor.

Hence, the second floor was particularly lively that night.

“Mommy, are you sleeping with me tonight? My bed is especially comfy!”

“Of course not. Mommy, don’t listen to Vivi. She just wants to sleep with you. You should come to my room instead.”

When Matteo saw that his sister wanted to cling to Sasha, he stormed over and foiled her plan cruelly. Instead, he invited Sasha to his room.

It was normal for a five-year-old to want to sleep with his mom. Any other kid would pine for their parents the same way at that age. Nevertheless, Matteo was already more mature than his peers.

When Sasha heard his rare request, she hugged him and agreed.

“No, come over to my room!”

At that moment, Ian approached them.

When he saw Sasha agreeing to Matteo’s request, he too squeezed into her embrace with a reluctant expression.

Sasha was at a loss.

What am I going to do with them?

Left without a choice, she allowed all three to join her in her room.

“Why don’t I tell you a story. After that, all of you sweeties will have to go back to your respective rooms to sleep, alright?”


At that moment, the kids eagerly agreed.

Hence, Sasha took out a book from Ian’s room and sat by the bed. She allowed them to snuggle up to her as she began to read the story to them.

“Today, when I arrived at school, Mr. Holt asked me, ‘Ally, are you going to write it or not?’ His tone was extremely sharp…”

What is this book?

After reading further, Sasha felt something was wrong. She stopped immediately and looked at the cover.

When Ian saw it, he clenched his little hands which a moment ago was used as a snack box by Vivian.

“The Flying Fish? Little Ian, did Daddy buy this for you?”

“Mmm-hmm…” Ian replied as his gaze darkened.

The next moment, he hung his head and didn’t have the courage to look at the three of them.

Daddy told me that these books were suited for me. Now that Mommy and Matt have seen them, will they think less of me? And wonder why am I reading books like this? Perhaps, they might think that I’m not a normal child?

Ian was exceptionally upset.

“It’s a good book, Little Ian. Daddy really loves you. I have wanted to buy this book for Matt and Vivi but could never find it.”


Ian lifted his head in disbelief. Suddenly, his eyes were filled with delight.

Given how savvy Matteo was, he immediately recognized Sasha’s intention.

Hence, he acted in concert with Sasha. “That’s right. We didn’t manage to buy it. Ian, if Mommy doesn’t finish it tonight, can I borrow it from you?”

“Me too! Me too! I want to borrow it too!”

Vivian blindly joined in as she just didn’t want to miss out on whatever her brother wanted.

Consequently, Ian was cheered up by their response and nodded vehemently, agreeing to their request.

After that, Sasha continued with the story. This time the children huddled tightly by her side, listening to her gentle voice describing the events in the book.

It was a beautiful scene. Unknown to them, Sebastian was watching and it warmed his heart in the middle of a blisteringly cold winter.

The next morning, Sebastian left early.

However, before he did, he reminded the bodyguards at the villa to strictly not allow Sasha to leave.

Hence, after Sasha woke up with the children and came downstairs, she prepared to head to the hospital to check in on the others.

Suddenly, a bodyguard stood in front of her and stopped her.

“Ms. Wand, I’m sorry. Mr. Hayes has instructed that you’re not allowed to leave here for the time being.”

“I know. I just want to check in at the hospital as I still have some unfinished business there,” Sasha casually replied before trying to move ahead.

She had not taken Sebastian’s words from last night seriously and didn’t think he would actually do it.

After all, they were no longer related and there was no reason for him to protect her to that extent. She felt she was not deserving off that honor.

Furthermore, there was no way that she could keep staying at the villa as she still had a lot of work to do at the hospital. Although she had cleared her name, she still needed to drop by to check.

What if I lose my job?

But, the moment she took a step, the bodyguard blocked her way again.

“Ms. Wand, please cooperate with us.”

Damn it!

Sasha widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief. Left without a choice, she went back into the house feeling upset.

Something must have gotten into him to actually try and restrict my movements.

As Sasha headed back into the villa gloomily, Wendy happened to walk out. When she saw Sasha, she waved at her. “Ms. Wand, come over quickly. I have something for you.”

“What is it?”

Sasha approached her.

Finally, the maid took out a checklist and counted the items on it. She then realized that there were more than thirty items in total.

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