The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 202

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 202

As for Ian, although he was weaker than Matteo in terms of his physical and character attributes, five years of meticulous education had caused him to surpass his brother in many other aspects.

When Sasha saw how Ian could play the violin gracefully by the lake just like a gentleman, the sympathy she felt for the children slowly dissipated.

After that, she brought an empty plate and joined Vivian’s cooking class.

Luckily, I still have a daughter where I can decide what she learns.

After seeing the light, Sasha slowly settled into her new life. Every day, she would stay by the children’s side and made sure they were well fed.

Somehow, she was also puzzled by what had gone into Sebastian. Recently, his attitude toward her had changed for the better. Although he would still mock her once in a while, he never caused her any real trouble.

What’s going on? Did his character change?

Isn’t he still divorcing me?

Sasha couldn’t fathom what the current situation was. However, since Sebastian never broached the topic, she too kept mum about it. She was worried that the current equilibrium would be broken and the blissful life she was enjoying with the children would end.

Until one day, Frederick came by for a sudden visit.

“My grandchildren! Let me take a look at all of you. You are just like little bunnies, who only know how to stay put and never visit me.”

The moment Frederick arrived and saw the children playing happily in the garden, he couldn’t help but complain.

When Sasha saw him, she quickly poured him a cup of coffee. “I’m sorry, Frederick, they are just too focused on playing. After this, I’ll remind them to visit you more often.”

“Looks like you understand me best.”

Frederick was relieved to hear Sasha’s reply as he received the coffee she offered him. Sitting in the garden and bathing underneath the sunlight, he leisurely took a sip.

As Sasha knew his habits well, she brought him a plate of pine nuts together with his coffee. She even helped him remove the nutshells.

“By the way, I heard you have been living here for some time. How do you find it?”

“It’s a good life. All I do now is raise the children and nothing else.”

Sasha casually replied.

It was truly how she felt recently. She initially thought that it would be a disaster and that she would be arguing with Sebastian all the time. But unexpectedly, life had actually been peaceful.

Frederick heaved a sigh of relief when he read her reply.

“That’s good news. Actually, it’s really tough for the children to be away from their mom. All you need to do is just look at them to know. With their parents by their sides, they would be smiling all day. Sasha, have you actually considered not to proceed with the divorce? And just continue on together?” Suddenly, Frederick asked solemnly while watching the children play happily in the garden.

Sasha who just happened to be refilling his coffee froze.

“Not going through with the divorce? Nono, Frederick, you have misunderstood me. I… I don’t mean that. I’m staying here, because… because Sebastian wants me to avoid Sabrina for the time being. He said that Sabrina is still furious at me…”

Even Sasha didn’t know why she was feeling nervous. All of a sudden, she frantically explained herself, out of fear that Frederick would misunderstand.

However, Frederick was stunned by her response.

“Avoid your sister? She’s no longer here. I have sent her overseas just as I told you. I won’t allow her to come back for the next five years.”


Sasha was shocked again.

Sabrina is no longer here? She didn’t know as no one told her about it.

She felt even more desperate, worried that Frederick would assume she was clinging on and refused to leave. “I… I really don’t know anything about it. In that case, I’ll move out tomorrow.”

“Why do you want to move out? Isn’t everything wonderful now? Sasha, I’m being serious. If you are willing not to proceed with the divorce, I will tell Sebastian about it and get him to cancel his wedding with Xandra…”

“No, I want a divorce. I will divorce him!”

Before Frederick could finish, Sasha jumped up in rage as if someone had stepped on her toe. She vehemently declared that she must get her divorce.

Frederick was stunned.

What’s going on with her? He had wanted her to stay on as his daughter-in-law and was puzzled by such an emotional reaction.

Finally, Frederick didn’t say anything further. After sitting for a while, Tim came over to remind him that they needed to return as it was time for his medication. He then stood up to leave.

“It is entirely up to you whether you want a divorce or not. However, I hope you won’t be a stranger at my end. Your aunt’s sixtieth birthday is coming up, so I hope you can make it,” Frederick remarked as he was about to leave.

When Frederick brought up her aunt, he naturally meant Matilda Hayes.

Already confused, Sasha nodded at Frederick’s invitation without giving it much thought.

After they left, out of sight of Sasha, Tim asked, “Mr. Hayes, is everything ready?”


Within just a few minutes, Frederick’s expression darkened further compared to when he was still inside Royal Court One.

Consequently, Tim heaved a sigh of relief.

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