The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 203

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 203

“Ms. Wand resents Sebastian a lot for all that he has done to her. Hence, it’s reasonable for her to feel apprehensive when you suggested that she don’t divorce Sebastian. However, I don’t understand why you are doing this all of a sudden? Before this, didn’t you really wish for her to stay?”

The butler brazenly got the burning question off his chest.

Just as he spoke, Frederick, who had reached the car with his walking stick, stopped in his tracks.


Perhaps, she was more suited when she was obedient and could be controlled.

But now, the situation had changed. She was no longer the lady by his side. Instead, she had someone else by hers.

And that person, was someone that he couldn’t control.

The thought that he had a clueless daughter caused Frederick’s expression to darken. With that, he proceeded to leave.

That night, when Sebastian returned home, he could feel that the atmosphere was different.

“You’re back.”

Under the bright lights of the dining room, Sasha was in her apron as she stood beside the table filled with food. Her hair was tied to the back in a ponytail, exposing the flawless complexion of her face. It also accentuated her exquisite features and it was a pretty sight to behold.

Today, he was especially mesmerized by her glistening eyes when she smiled, just like the sparkling waters of a spring in the desert.

“Hmm, where are the children?” he asked.

Realizing he was staring rudely, he averted his gaze and took out his laptop as a distraction.

Sasha came over and pulled out his chair for him. Also, she gave him a hot towel to clean his hands.

Sebastian was curious.

What is she doing?

“They already had dinner. Given how late it is now, they should likely be sleeping,” Sasha replied plainly as she filled Sebastian’s plate.

It was already past nine and indeed late for the children.

Sebastian didn’t say another word as he sat down and prepared to eat.

However, just when he wanted to dig in, he noticed that she didn’t walk away. Instead, she pulled up a chair and sat down. All she did was check her phone and didn’t interrupt him.

That itself was something out of the ordinary.

When he came home previously, she would never be there to serve him. But now that she was accompanying him for dinner, it was enough to arouse his suspicions.

Is there something on her mind?

Sebastian put down his cutlery and looked at her. “Do you have something you want to say?”

“Huh?” Sasha who was just scrolling through social media looked up. “No, you should finish your dinner first. We’ll talk when you’re done.”

As expected, she wouldn’t be doing this unless she has an agenda!

Sebastian didn’t continue with his meal. After drinking from the glass she had served him, he ordered, “Speak!”

Her fingers froze for a moment before she put down her phone and turned her attention toward him.

“It’s nothing in particular… I just want to ask you if you’re free to deal with the matter between us?”

“Which matter?” Sebastian didn’t understand.

“The… divorce. You wanted me to go through it the other day.” Sasha clenched her fist as she finally gathered the courage to say those words.

Silence fell upon the dining room as if everything was frozen in time.

At that moment, it was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Now that I finally brought is up, is he glad?

After all, he is going to marry the love of his life.

Sasha suddenly felt like mocking herself when just two days ago, she wondered why he stopped talking about the divorce.

Now that she thought about it, she figured it was to protect her. If he brought it up and she couldn’t take it, she would leave and end up being captured by Sabrina, which would be a disaster.

From that perspective, she felt grateful to him for tolerating her presence given how much he hated her.

Sasha tightened the grip of her fists.

However, after a brief silence, Sebastian unexpectedly raised his eyebrows and look at her coldly.

“I don’t want a divorce.”

“What?” Sasha widened her eyes. “Don’t want… a divorce?”

Sebastian nodded. “Do you think it’s a good time to get divorced now? Think about the children, they’re just five. Do you want them to continue living in a single-parent family? Or in other words, are you willing to give up custody of Matteo?”

“No! Definitely not!” Sasha protested immediately.

Achieving his objective, Sebastian smirked before picking up his cutlery again. “That’s why my suggestion is that we shouldn’t divorce for the next few years.”

Stunned, Sasha felt as if she had been tossed a bomb.

Wait a minute, what does he mean? Why does he suddenly not want a divorce?

It’s true that taking the children into account, a divorce will be bad for their growth. But, isn’t he going to marry that lady? If we don’t divorce, how is he going to do that?

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