The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 204

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 204

Sasha stared at him in shock as she was unable to digest the sudden change in the situation.

“What are you staring at me for? Do you still want a divorce? Did you fall for another man and desperately want to get married? Sasha, don’t forget that you have jinxed two husbands already.”

Sebastian suddenly made the harsh comments while eating leisurely.

Having heard him, Sasha’s earlier confusion cleared itself up as rage engulfed her.

“What did you say? Who jinxed two husbands?”

“Am I wrong? I was cursed by you to not have a good night’s sleep for the past five years. While you caused Vivian’s dad to die. So, can you stop bringing misfortune to other men?”


Sasha slammed the table forcefully as she jumped to her feet in rage. “I hope you choke to death tonight. And both my husbands will then be dead!”

With that, she shook her fist at him and stormed upstairs.

How dare that idiot accuses me of being a jinx to my husband. I sure hope he dies tonight so that I can live up to my “name”.

Sasha returned to her room, fuming.

Unknown to her, Sebastian smiled smugly the moment she left.

As the dining room returned to normality, he could still hear the sound of angry flip-flops. He then continued eating with a smug smile on his face.

What a fool.

After dinner, Sebastian went up to the third floor.

Just when he took off his jacket, the phone on his table rang. It was his personal line that he hardly checked. He answered, “Hello?”

“Sebastian, it’s Xandra. Today… did you see the messages I have sent you earlier? My book is about to be published, and I will return in the next two days. Can you come to pick me up from the airport?”

It was Xandra on the line.

While putting her question across carefully, she made sure her voice was gentle and submissive so as to please Sebastian.

Unfortunately, it backfired when his expression darkened instead.

Without even saying a word, he ended the call.

At that moment, Xandra who was still overseas smashed her phone onto the ground.


Why is he treating me this way? Even if I had lied to him, I was still the one who wrote the letters over the last four years. Do the letters not have any meaning when compared to those from six years ago? Isn’t it the thought that counts?

She was being driven hysterical.

When Kelly heard the commotion, she walked over. “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you not to call him?”

Xandra was so emotional that she grimaced in rage. “Why can’t I call him? I didn’t do anything wrong, and I did write him the letters. Why does he only recognize the six years’ worth of letters from her and not mine?” Xandra cried out in agony.

Unknown to her, Sebastian didn’t recognize the six years’ worth of letters that Sasha wrote too.

When he first knew about it, he was equally outraged and couldn’t accept it. It simply intensified his hatred toward her. Or else, he wouldn’t have wanted a divorce right away.

However, Sasha’s major incident occurred after that.

He assumed he had hated her. But that night, when he heard about it and rushed over, he saw her corpse-like figure in the interrogation room.

At that very moment, he panicked.

It never crossed his mind that he would ever be frightened.

He couldn’t wait for her to disappear. But yet, when that image flashed before his eyes, he felt as if she was a bubble in the air, which could disappear anytime from a momentary lapse of concentration.

He realized that it didn’t bring him any joy.

All he felt was a growing sense of horror and panic. It was as if his heart was being torn from him. The thought that she would no longer be around caused his limbs to freeze and his soul to be lost.

Therefore, he was caught off guard by the fact that she had started to take root in his heart.

And all that had nothing to do with the letters.

Even if it did, it was what was behind the letters. Bit by bit, just like poison, the feelings permeated his bones.

It was something Xandra didn’t have.

Finally, Kelly had no choice but to give Frederick a call. Unexpectedly, his attitude toward her had changed.

“Since we’re going to have the wedding soon, why don’t we make it on his aunt’s birthday. Bring your niece and we will consider them as having met each other’s parents. Furthermore, I will not have any objections,” Frederick asserted over the phone despite sounding reluctant.

However, Frederick’s tone was the last thing Kelly was concerned about as she was already jumping with joy. “Alright, alright. Thank you, Mr. Hayes!”


Isn’t that Matilda?

Compared to the two men of the Hayes family, she is a lot easier to manipulate. All I need to do is to send her some expensive presents. Furthermore, I heard that her son is pursuing the mayor’s daughter. As long as I pull some strings, everything will be sorted out.

Kelly’s eyes finally lit up.

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