The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 205

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 205

Sasha slept very well that night.

Even when she didn’t want to admit that despite having a big fight with Sebastian, she managed to sleep especially soundly.

Is it because I don’t want a divorce too?

No, that can’t be. I must be feeling this way because of the children. By not going through with the divorce, I don’t have to be separated from them, and we can all continue living together happily.

She convinced herself that that was the case and consequently calmed down.

In the morning, Sebastian had left for work early while Sasha routinely washed up and prepared the kids for breakfast and class.

However, when the teacher arrived, she told Sasha that she wanted Ian who had been learning violin for some time to participate in a performance. So that he could learn to be bolder.

Thinking that it was a wonderful idea, Sasha readily agreed. Just when she wanted to accompany Ian there, Matteo and Vivian insisted on coming along.

“I want to go and watch Ian perform too!”

“That’s right, Mommy. On such an important occasion, Ian definitely needs us there to support him. With Vivi and I going, we will be able to help him garner a lot of support. Don’t you think so, Ian?”

Matteo was the savvy one as he tried to use Ian as an excuse.

Without any hesitation, Ian nodded. “Mmm-hmm!”

He had wanted them to come along anyway.

Left without a choice, Sasha brought all three of them along.

Luckily, the teacher had no objections either.

With the four of them in the car, Matteo and Vivian chatted excitedly in anticipation of Ian’s performance.

As for Ian, he was feeling a little anxious.

Noticing his reaction, Sasha hugged and reassured him, “Little Ian, what’s wrong? Are you feeling nervous? Don’t worry, all of us will be by your side. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain some exposure. It doesn’t matter even if you lose.”

Meanwhile, the teacher wondered if he should tell Mr. Hayes about it first. In case something went wrong, he would end up being blamed for it.

Having heard Sasha’s words of encouragement, Ian began to feel more relaxed and began playing with his siblings.

After about forty minutes, they arrived at the city’s grand theater.

“Alright, we’re here. Ms. Wand, I’ll go get the entrance passes while you stay here and look after the children.”

“No problem, please go ahead.”

After giving the teacher her reassurances and watching him leave, she and the children began to look around.

Inside the grand theater, Sasha wasn’t aware that not any ordinary performance can be held there. As it was a government-owned facility, only events of a certain stature were allowed.

As for the teacher, he had fought for this opportunity for Ian just because he was Sebastian’s son.

“Ah! Mommy, Mommy, come and take a look at this poster. The TSQ symphony orchestra. Ian is going to participate in this.”

Suddenly, Vivian’s squeaky voice rang out through the spacious lobby.

A symphony orchestra?

When Matteo heard about it, he rushed to Vivian’s side, “Let me see, let me see! It really is a symphony orchestra. Ian, it seems your opportunity for practice is a really formal one.”

Although Matteo had no idea about the classical music industry, he could feel from the words “symphony orchestra” that this performance wasn’t just any ordinary opportunity.”

However, before Ian could reply, a group of children holding musical instruments exclaimed, “Practice? Did he actually call this performance a practice?”

“That’s right. From which hole did he crawl out from to dare treat a performance by the TSQ symphony orchestra as practice?”

“Is he from some prominent family?”

The ripple had slowly turned into a wave. One by one, the other participants in the hall, turned their attention toward Matteo and his group.

At that moment, Sasha wasn’t there as she had gone to look for the teacher.

Just a moment ago, the teacher had sent her a message saying that he needed Ian’s ID to obtain the entrance pass. Hence, she went over to look for him.

As Matteo didn’t expect his words to stir up such a big commotion, he subconsciously hid behind Ian’s back.

“Ian, did I say something wrong?”

Ian didn’t reply.

As someone who had played the violin for a long time, Ian naturally knew the TSQ symphony orchestra. It wasn’t just one of the top orchestras in the nation. In fact, it was even famous on the international stage. For anyone that played musical instruments, performing with them was considered a great honor. Hence, everyone would try their best to fight for an opportunity to do so.

Therefore, when Matteo talked as if Ian’s performance with them was just practice, it was no wonder he infuriated everyone there.

Dressed in a suit and looking like a prince, Ian glared coldly at everyone else. Immediately, he stepped forward to keep his brother safe behind him.

“No, their role is to help with my practice.”

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