The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 208

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 208


Ian smiled bashfully in response.

Nevertheless, his face was still all red. It was obvious he was delighted by his performance too.

The teacher then approached them with some good news. “Ms. Wand, the organizers just told me that after the performance has ended, prizes will be given out.”


Ian was delighted to hear it.

Therefore, Sasha and the teacher went to check with the organizers about the prize while the three children waited for them inside the concert hall.

“You two, put this into that pipsqueak’s violin.”

Just when the three siblings were reveling in excitement, the boy in a white suit menacingly ordered two of his lackeys to steal Ian’s violin.

Ian’s performance was considered perfect.

And for the day’s performance, no one knew that there was only one place available which Ian had successfully snagged. Therefore, the children that came after him no longer stood a chance.

Therefore, the earlier group was jealous and hated Ian for it.

When the two boys heard the instructions, they took the sound card which the boy in white gave and discreetly stood near Ian’s violin.

The sound card was a device that could assist the musical instrument. If the device was found in Ian’s violin, his result just now would definitely be voided.

Furthermore, he would be ridiculed by everyone present.

With sinister smiles, both of them crept up to Ian’s violin.

However, just when they were about to plant the device, Matteo turned around and saw them snooping around.

“What are you doing? Why are you touching my brother’s violin?”

Matteo jumped to his feet and yelled at the both of them.

As the two were still children and were up to no good, they snatched Ian’s violin and fled in panic.

Before Ian could say a word, a small figure lunged out like a hunting leopard.

In a blink of an eye, before anyone could see what happened, Matteo had darted ahead. He grabbed onto Ian’s violin while launching a whirlwind kick. The two boys who stole the violin were sent flying backward.

His move was beautifully executed.

When Vivian and Ian saw it, they quickly rushed over.

However, something dropped out of the violin unexpectedly when Ian picked it back up from Matteo’s hands.

Being a student of music, Ian could recognize it instantly. It is a sound card!

“Sound card? What does it do?”

“It helps improve the tone.”

Ian’s expression turned green with anger while his face became icy cold.

Realizing what was going on, Matteo rolled up his sleeves without a word and charged fiercely at the earlier group.

How dare they try and sabotage us?

They really do have a death wish.

Matteo prepared to beat the daylights out of those scums.

Meanwhile, Sasha was in the organizer’s office when she heard about the fight.

She was stunned by the news. “Fight? Why are they fighting?”

The security guard replied, “I don’t know. I just saw a bunch of kids brawling. In the end, your sons were the strongest and had beaten everyone else down until they cried for their parents.”

Sasha was speechless.


She stormed out of the office and headed to the concert hall.

As expected, the concert hall was in a mess. The performance on stage had stopped while the audience crowded around the rest area.

“My God! Why are they fighting? This is a disgrace!”

“That’s right. We were just praising the boy for being a musical genius. But now, look at what he has become?”

“I can’t believe it. Did their parents even educate them?”

Hearing the comments, Sasha began to grow anxious and desperately pushed her way in.

Just as she thought, she saw the two scoundrels being surrounded by the crowd.

At their feet, there were a group of boys crying out in agony with bruises all over their faces. Furthermore, her son had his foot on top of the boy in the white suit.

“Do you admit it? Hmm?”

“Admit what? Help me… help me…”

The boy who was being stepped on wailed in anguish again. It was a pitiful sight indeed.

This is outrageous!

Sasha’s expression darkened.

“Mommy! Mommy is here!” Coincidentally, Vivian, who was the only one who stayed above the fray, saw Sasha and called out to her, waving frantically.

Just as she yelled, everyone in the concert hall turned their attention to Sasha, causing her to hold her breath in embarrassment.

“Ex-excuse me…”

“So you’re the mother of the twins. My God. What did you teach your sons? They almost killed the other children.”

“Yea! They’re just kids and are already beating others up. Moreover, they are doing so without any restraint. Are you planning to send them to prison when they grow up?”

When the crowd saw Sasha, they began to point and criticize her angrily.

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