The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 209

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 209

Sasha didn’t dare answer their criticisms.

Smiling awkwardly, she hurried to her children’s side.

“Matteo, Ian, what are you doing? Why are you not letting him go?”


At the sight of Sasha, Matteo reluctantly lifted his leg from the back of the boy in white.

Meanwhile, Ian threw the wooden stick he was holding away.

Sasha frowned.

It wouldn’t have been a surprise if she only found Matteo fighting.

But the sight of Ian joining in outraged her.

Ian had always been a well-mannered boy. Having been raised by Sebastian, he would never get into a fight and always behaved in a chivalrous manner.

But now, his suit was unkempt while his face was all dirtied, making him look no different from a street thug.

Sasha felt like going crazy.

“Ian, tell me, why are you fighting together with Matteo? You have never got into a fight before, so why did you join your brother?”

Tightening his fists, Ian didn’t dare face Sasha.

“No, it’s not like…”


“Mommy, it’s not like that. Ian didn’t start the fight. The others were very bad and wanted to plant a sound card in Ian’s violin. However, Matt caught them doing it and beat them up instead.”

At the crucial moment, it was Vivian who still had her wits with her. Waving her arms angrily, she explained the situation to Sasha.

Just as the spoke, everyone in the hall were shocked.

So that’s what happened.

Stunned, the crowd looked on in disbelief while Sasha too heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as she expected, her children wouldn’t have gotten into a fight for no good reason.

“Sound card? What’s a sound card?”

“It’s a device that can improve the sound of the instrument. Mommy, that person has bad intentions. When he saw how well Ian played the violin, he was jealous and tried to use the sound card to set Ian up. Look!”

When Matteo saw that Sasha’s anger had receded, he opened his hands and showed the evidence.

At that moment, the everyone in concert hall was shaken.

Sound card?

Did that little kid actually try to frame someone with a sound card?

Shocked, the crowd gaped at the boy in white in disbelief. Just a moment ago, they were still sympathizing with him.

“What has happened to the children nowadays? They could even stoop so low as to using such unscrupulous methods?”

“More importantly, he accused the twins of being guilty when he himself is the culprit.”

“In that case, he should count himself lucky to have only been beaten up. It’s a shame for him to be so vicious at such a young age.”

Within a few seconds, the public opinion in the concert hall swayed in the twins’ favor.

When they saw that the boy in white’s face was already black and blue, as if he had been slapped, they felt that he deserved it.

“Enough, it’s already over. Pack up now. We’re heading home.”

Given the situation, Sasha didn’t want to press the matter any further. Instead, she chose to keep the peace and prepared to take the children home.

Despite choosing not to pursue the matter, Sasha heard a loud voice barking from the crowd, “How dare you leave after beating up my nephew? Don’t think this is going to go your way.”

The crowd was stirred at that moment.

As they made way, a sturdy-looking middle-aged woman stormed forward and helped the boy in white to his feet.

When the boy saw her, he bawled immediately, “Aunt, they beat me up and falsely accused me. I didn’t take the sound card at all, Aunt…”

A second later, the boy denied everything he did.

Sasha was stunned.

“Little boy, everyone saw what happened just now. How can you act this way? You can’t start twisting the facts just because your family is here.”

“What do you mean twisting the facts. Over here, whatever my nephew says goes.”

Sasha didn’t expect the middle-aged woman to be so unreasonable. When she heard Sasha reprimand her nephew for twisting the truth, she brazenly declared that whatever her nephew said was right.

Sasha sneered, “Is that so? May I know who your nephew is for him to be this powerful?”

The middle-aged woman shot a glare at Sasha. “Have you heard of the Emmanuels? We are the ones who own the famous Eternal Group chain of department stores. He is one of their grandchildren.”

“Wow!” The crowd gasped in shock.

Everyone knew of the Emmanuels as their department stores blanketed the entire city. There was even one Eternal Group department store right opposite the grand theater itself.

No one dared to utter another word.

Despite being cognizant that the lady was being rude, they chose to remain silent instead.

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