The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 212

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 212

Sebastian’s annoyance caused Philip and his wife to fall to their knees.

“Sebastian! Please give us another chance! We will never repeat such a silly mistake! Don’t worry! I’ll beat that brat up once we’re home! Can you please have mercy on us?”

The duo groveled at his feet as they begged for his forgiveness.

Sebastian paid no heed to them and marched out of the hall with his slender pair of legs. His mind was on Sasha and his children.

He couldn’t be bothered by the Emmanuel family. Over the years, they had been leveraging their relationship with the Hayes and caused him all sorts of trouble, including his Aunt Matilda. Regardless, he had turned a blind eye.

This time, since they had the guts to pick on him, he decided to get rid of them once and for all.

Sebastian showed no mercy and returned to his loved ones right after he walked out of the hall.

In the meantime, Sasha, who was outside of the hall, asked concernedly, “Ian, have we caused your father a lot of trouble?”

“Nope!” Ian replied with a determined look.

“Are you sure? We’re talking about your grandaunt’s family, aren’t we?” Sasha looked torn.

Along with her children, they were sitting on the staircases. She had been asking her son the same thing over and over ever since they made their way out of the hall.

Ian would reassure her each time. He couldn’t help but find his mother a silly woman.

What’s wrong with Mommy? Why would Daddy be concerned when he had never once taken the Emmanuel family seriously? Actually, it’s the exact opposite. They are the ones in huge trouble because they have picked on Daddy!

Staring at his silly mother, Ian heaved a long sigh.

Matteo was equally anxious because he had just reunited as a member of the Hayes. He had yet to sort out the unspoken rules and the relationship of the members of the family.

Shortly, he glimpsed Sebastian walking out of the hall.

“Daddy!” the little boy yelled in excitement, dashing in his father’s direction. He was certain things turned out just fine.

Stunned, Sasha turned around and walked cautiously with the children to meet him.

“Daddy, have you taught the bad guys a lesson on my behalf? Aren’t you afraid of Aunt Matilda?” Meanwhile, after Sebastian cradled Matteo in his arms and the little one wrapped his around his father’s neck, blurting out his concerns.

Sebastian took a peek at the anxious woman who was nearby. He narrowed his eyes and replied with a smirk, “What do you mean, Matt? Do you think I’m a coward?”

“Nope! But, she’s your aunt, isn’t she?”

“So, what if is she’s my aunt? Keep that in mind; I will never allow anyone to bully my children, not even the king of the nation.”

Sebastian finished his sentence with a confident smirk. It sounded like an announcement of his inviolable status.

Sasha’s heart skipped a beat. She was completely charmed by the man’s domineering manner.

The family boarded the black Bentley after they wrapped up their conversation. When they were about to depart, a white Lamborghini suddenly pulled in front of Sebastian’s car.

The curious Sasha couldn’t think of anyone who would have the guts to get in the tyrant’s way.

She leaned out of the window in curiosity.

A young man with blonde hair, who had decked up ostentatiously, alighted from the Lamborghini and walked towards the Bentley.

“Sebastian, are you going to liquidate Hayes Corporation’s shares within the Emmanuel family? Why? What have they done to trigger you again?”


The person who had stopped Sebastian was Brandon Emmanuel, the youngest son of Matilda.

A gloomy expression loomed over Sasha’s face the very moment she wound down the window. She had merely exposed herself for a few seconds, but the man had noticed her presence.

“W-What the heck! It’s Sasha! You’re alive! This is unbelievable!” Brandon’s jaw dropped open.

He ignored Sebastian, sprinted over to Sasha’s side with a look of disbelief, and he stopped her from winding up the window with his keys.

Suddenly, the Bentley was filled with an awkward and tense silence.

Sasha had a bad feeling about it and yelled at Brandon, “What do you want? Move your keys away!”

“I can’t believe you’re alive! Oh, God! Sasha, I had my doubts when others told me you weren’t dead! It turns out they have been telling the truth all this while! Can you lean over and let me pinch your face to verify I’m not dreaming?”

Brandon could barely conceal his excitement. He was in awe because he had the chance to meet the woman with ethereal-looking features again.

Sasha’s lips twitched.

Seriously? Has he lost his mind? How could he bring up such an absurd request? Does he have a death wish and want to be beaten to a pulp by Sebastian?

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