The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 215

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 215

Immediately after Sasha returned to her bedroom, she banged the door shut and locked herself in for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the two little boys in the bathroom on the second floor were still waiting for their mother to deliver their underwears. After a long time, Matteo, who was in the bathtub, blinked his eyes and asked his brother, “Ian, why isn’t Mommy back yet?”

Ian, who was right opposite Matteo in the tub, gave it a thought and said, “Daddy is nowhere to be seen either.”

The boys exchanged a look of disbelief as a mutual thought flashed across their minds.

Their eyes gleamed in excitement; joy was written all over their faces. They wouldn’t mind going on commando if their parents, the adults they were concerned of the most, could spend more time together.

The two boys jumped in exhilaration in the tub.

On the other hand, things were the complete opposite for the Emmanuel family.

Emmanuel Residence was built in Imperial Garden in the east if the city. If Hayes Corporation hadn’t been pulling the strings behind the scenes, Imperial Garden would be just another premium residential area.

However, because of the Hayes, it became an exclusive property because the residents might get the chance to be affiliated with the Hayes if they stayed in the said estate.

Matilda had been acting as the informal leader of the residential area for decades by using her status as one of the Hayes.

Nevertheless, someone seemed to have challenged her authority and picked on her family members.

“Mom, it’s Sasha! If she hadn’t brought her children to the theater, Johnny wouldn’t pick on them! We wouldn’t have offended Sebastian as well! Sasha was the one behind our misfortunes!”

Jasmine started weeping in front of Matilda the moment she reached Emmanuel Residence. She blamed Sasha for their misery, but mentioned nothing about the things her son did.

Her husband played along with her and complained, “I can vouch for her, Matilda! Philips was there as well! He knew Johnny did nothing wrong. Even if Johnny did pick on his sons, Sebastian shouldn’t have liquidated the shares over such a trivial matter!”


Matilda, who was sitting on the couch in the living room, slammed the cup she had in her hand to the ground when she heard of the incident.

“The first thing she does after she makes her way back from hell is to pick on me?”

Philip’s wife, the middle-aged woman who had picked on Sasha in the theater, decided to chime in. “Mom, there’s more! I heard Sabrina was chased out of the Hayes because of Sasha! Up until now, no one knows of her exact whereabouts.”

Matilda’s wrinkled face puckered in irritation, forming a horrendous look.

She couldn’t suppress her frustration. Those around Matilda could feel her murderous intent as she felt a strong urge to devour Sasha and vent her anger.

“Sasha! I’m coming for you! Let’s go! I believe it’s time to pay her a visit!”

She brought herself up from the couch and was about to head over to Hayes Residence to confront Frederick to settle the scores once and for all.

However, when she was about to reach the entrance, a housemaid announced, “Madam, someone who addressed herself as Ms. Green has shown up and requested an audience with you.”

Ms. Green?

Matilda wasn’t in the mood to entertain any guest. “Who is it? I don’t know her! Tell her to come some other day!”


“Mom! Ms. Green? Could it be Sebastian’s fiancée? I think she is a member of the Green family.”

Philip, who had been keeping quiet by the side, reminded his mother.

Green! I think she is Xandra Green!

Matilda asked the housemaid to show the guest the way to the living room and dismissed the rest. Sitting on the couch in an ostentatious manner to assert dominance as the matriarch of the family, she was the only one left in the spacious living room.

When Kelly made her way into the living room and saw Matilda’s intimidating posture, she sneered deep down.

She’s merely living off the Hayes, yet she’s behaving like she’s the one in power! Does she really think can deceive me? If we don’t need this pawn, I won’t bother to waste my time with her!

Deep down, Kelly despised Matilda, but she put on an enthusiastic front and greeted the latter with a bright grin when she entered the living room.

“Aunt Matilda, it has been such a long time! I hope you’re doing great!”

Kelly was a top-notch socialite, capable of buttering up others to do her biddings. However, Matilda showed no signs of carrying on with the conversation at all.

She sat right where she was without bothering to conceal her frustration at the guest’s presence.

“Shall we cut the small talk and talk about the reason you’re here today?”

Kelly felt humiliated because she had gone to great lengths to put on the show.

This old hag…

She took a seat on the couch and smiled as though Matilda’s harsh remark at all did not bother her.

“What else could it be, Aunt Matilda? I’m here for the future of our families! Someone told me about the conflict between Sebastian and your family the moment my flight touched down! I rushed my way here from the airport because I was worried about you!”


Matilda sneered, “What sort of conflict are you talking about? He’s my nephew. Do you really think he will hold a grudge against me? Let’s assume something’s going on between us. Who are you to poke your nose into our business?”

Not seeing the need to be courteous, she blurted out the things she had in her mind.

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