The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 216

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 216

Kelly shot daggers at the old hag. The senile old fool seemed to be unaware of the things that would befall her soon.

She stopped behaving courteously and said sarcastically, “Oh? Isn’t Hayes Corporation going to liquidate their share from Eternal Group soon? I guess there’s nothing much I can do about it since I’m merely an outsider. However, since my niece is going to be Mrs. Hayes soon, I feel obligated to drop by and see if there’s anything I can offer. I guess that won’t be necessary, huh? I guess I’ll excuse myself.”

Kelly got up from the couch and brought her bag along with her in an attempt to leave.

Matilda’s expression changed because she forgot the cunning woman’s niece was Sebastian’s fiancée.

Although her brother, Frederick, was never fond of Xandra’s presence, there wasn’t anything he could do about it since Sebastian insisted on having Xandra as his fiancée.

When finally softened her approach and asked, “How can you be so certain? Sasha has returned, and she’s right in my nephew’s house as we speak.”

“You’re not wrong, but their children are the sole reason she’s given the opportunity to move in. They are the foundation of their relationship.”

Matilda had her doubts. “Are you sure?”

As Matilda indicated her will to carry on with the conversation, Kelly took a seat. “Of course! Xandra will soon be a member of the Hayes! You do remember Mr. Hayes has requested Xandra to make a trip back and attend your birthday party on his behalf, don’t you? Are you not aware of the meaning behind his decision?”

Kelly played the trump card she had been hiding up her sleeves.

Indeed, as Frederick has given his consent, nothing could possibly get in the way of Xandra and Sebastian’s marriage.

On top of that, they have always been a lovely pair in front of others. I guess it’s only a matter of time before Xandra becomes a member of the Hayes.

Matilda finally found Kelly’s words credible. “Great! I’ll be waiting for the day your niece becomes the glorious Mrs. Sebastian Hayes! When the time comes, I hope you won’t forget the Emmanuels!”

“That’s but of course, Matilda! As long as she becomes Mrs. Hayes, I’ll get her to refinance Eternal Group again. However…”

Halfway through her conversation, Kelly paused and arched her brows. Her concerns were written all over her face.

Matilda had always been an impulsive woman. Therefore, she pressed on and asked with an irritated look, “What? Hurry up and tell me what’s bothering you!”

“I’m afraid Sasha is going to get in their way. If only we can stop her from setting foot in Hayes Residence…” Kelly replied with a sheepish grin.

“You want to get rid of her once and for all? Are you sure you’re not asking the impossible? She’s the mother of Sebastian’s children. You can never stop her from seeing her children.”

“Exactly! That’s why we need to get Sebastian to stop her! I believe it can be easily resolved if we’re able to sow discord between them and get Sebastian to chase her out.”

Kelly enunciated her reply with a vicious-looking sneer, like a wicked witch who couldn’t wait to get the better of her prey.

She wants to get Sebastian to chase Sasha away? How is she going to achieve that? Sasha’s the mother of Sebastian’s children. I can’t think of anything that’s going to allow us to stop her from meeting the children… unless she has committed a serious sin!

Peering at Kelly’s pair of gleaming eyes, Matilda felt a chill running down her spine when she thought of the things that would soon befall Sasha.

Meanwhile, Sasha had been staying away from Sebastian for past two days after they kissed.

She would get everything sorted out as soon as possible and returned to her bedroom before his return. Thus, every time Sebastian reached home in the evening, she was nowhere to be seen.

In the morning, he wouldn’t get to see Sasha because she would stay in her room until he left for work.

She behaved as though she was a thief who was up to no good and would sneak her way out of her room after he left.

It had been the same for the past two days.

Their children gathered together and discussed the strange occurrence.

“What’s wrong with Daddy and Mommy? Why is Mommy trying to stay away from Daddy?”

“I think she has done something silly again!” Vivian concluded their mother was the one at fault again.

Meanwhile, Matteo and Ian exchanged glances upon hearing their sister’s words.

If she has done something silly, so be it! Why is she running away from Daddy? Could it be she was embarrassed?

In order to ensure they would get to live a blissful life as a family, the two little boys thought it was necessary to talk about it with their mother.

However, the day they dropped by her room, they noticed she was in the middle of cleaning up her room. She packed her clothes and daily necessities into a compressed suitcase that almost exploded from the sheer amount of things.

“Mommy, what are you doing?” Ian, who had always been a boy of few words, asked anxiously.

“Ian, it had been a long while since we moved here. I believe it’s time for us to return home,” Sasha explained the reason behind the mess in her room.

Huh? They’re leaving?

The sprightly Matteo strode over and queried concernedly, “Mommy, why are we heading back? What’s wrong with staying here? I enjoy staying here with everyone!”

Vivian nodded vigorously. “He’s right, Mommy! I enjoy staying here as well!”

Her children’s reply rendered Sasha speechless. She couldn’t think of the proper way to explain the reason behind their departure. After all, she couldn’t possibly tell them things had spiraled out of her control, and she felt slightly clueless after kissing Sebastian.

Sasha made up her mind to deceive her children. Meanwhile, Ian didn’t want his mother to leave and got in touch with Sebastian to tell him about her plan.

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