The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 217

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 217

“Daddy, are you having a fight with Mommy again? Why is she trying to run away from home?”

Sasha’s eyes widened in disbelief.

What does he mean by I’m trying to run away from home? I’m merely going back home, okay? Can Ian phrase his sentences properly and be mindful of his choice of words?

As soon as the startled Sasha took over the little boy’s smartwatch, she heard Sebastian’s low and hoarse voice. “What do you mean she’s running away from home? Where is she going?”

“I don’t know, Daddy!” Ian replied petulantly.

Sasha wanted to explain she would be making a trip back to her leased apartment instead of running away from home, but seconds after she lost herself in a train of thoughts, she heard the man’s voice from the other end of the conversation again.

Perhaps Sebastian was aware Ian was frustrated. He chuckled and instructed the little boy, “Ian, go tell the bodyguards to keep an eye on your mother, okay? Tell them if they let her get away, I’ll break their legs once I’m home.”

Sasha was completely stunned while her children rushed out of the room after they heard their father’s instructions.

They approached the bodyguards and repeated their father’s instructions to keep their mother grounded against her will.

That scum must have been possessed by an evil spirit, hasn’t he?

Sasha had no choice but to spend another day at the spacious villa with her beloved children.

In the evening, Sebastian finally arrived home.

Sasha, who was cleaning up the living room after playing with her children, was about to sprint up the stairs. Unfortunately, it was too late. He had walked into the foyer with a bunch of files and a laptop.

“Where are you going? Come over and hold this for me.”

“O-Oh… O-Okay…”

Sasha finally brought herself up and dreaded her steps over, holding the bunch of files and the laptop he had with him.

Sebastian had to deal with all sorts of things. Occasionally, he would bring some documents home and carry on with the unfinished work at home.

Oddly, Luke, who would usually tag along with him, was nowhere to be seen.

Holding on to the things he had handed over to her, Sasha stood right where she was rigidly and avoided the man’s gaze at all costs. She couldn’t wait to hand the things back to the man after he changed into a pair of indoor sandals.

She was on the verge of breaking down, but he showed no signs of retrieving his things.

Instead, he looked down upon her and held his chest high while delivering his instructions, muttering in a callous tone, “Bring those upstairs for me.”

“Huh?” Sasha arched her brows in confusion. But the man with a slender pair of legs had long departed after he made himself clear.

She braced herself and brought the documents upstairs as demanded.

As it was the last quarter of the year, Sasha didn’t have a lot of things on her schedule. She spent most of her time trimming the blooming flowers in the garden and decorated the entire villa with pots of exuberant-looking flowers.

She was also the one who had placed two pots of flower with incandescent colors on the stairwell. As they made their way up the dimly illuminated stairs, their long shadows could be seen shading the flowers.

When Sebastian returned to his study, he switched on the light and the heater before removing his jacket.

The woman behind him entered the room and asked, “W-Where should I put this?”

“On the table,” Sebastian replied gently as though he was afraid scaring her.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop the horrified woman from fleeing. After she placed the things on the table, she scurried out of the room again.

When Sasha was merely a step away from the entrance, she heard the man’s callous voice.

“Come over here. I believe it’s time for us to talk about the things that are bothering you.”

“Huh?” Sasha stopped right where she was.

W-What could it possibly be?

The helpless woman stood right where she was and thought she could hear her heart racing ferociously once again.

She knew she was being a coward.

Over the past five years, she held a grudge against him and blamed him for her misery. She shouldn’t have been so flustered just because he showed signs of improvement.

Regardless, she succumbed to the man’s attractiveness over and over again.

She couldn’t help but curse herself for being such a useless woman.

“What happened in the morning? Where were you planning to go?”

“I-I’m not going anywhere… I-I just think it’s about time for me to move back to the leased apartment with Matt and Vivi… You said it wouldn’t be safe for me to stay there since Sabrina was still out there, but since she’s no longer around. I guess it’s time for us…” she stuttered while avoiding the man’s gaze.

Sebastian frowned.

How did she figure out Sabrina is no longer around? Who told her that?

His expression darkened. Within seconds, the temperature of the room fell drastically from the tension.

“Let’s assume Sabrina is no longer around. Why would you want to move back? Have I not made myself clear previously? I don’t want them to grow up in a single-parent household. It’s going to affect their growth!”

“B-But I can’t stay here forever!” she blurted.

Then she returned to her usual timid self and continued, “You’re supposed to move on with your life… Besides, it has been a long time since your fiancée’s last visit. I’m afraid she’s going to be mad if she knows I’m here.”

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