The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 219

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 219

“Sasha! Look! Check out the things I have brought you!”

The androgynous-looking man put on a fashionable denim set of outfits. He had dyed his hair ash brown and seemed to be relatively ordinary as compared to the sparkling blonde the other day.

The moment Brandon saw Sasha’s ethereal-looking face, he was in love with her again.


Sasha shivered and took a few steps back to put some distance between them.

“Stop right where you are, Brandon!”

He came to an abrupt halt.

The representative from the Emannuel family with the invitation card was none other than Brandon.

He was also Matilda’s youngest son. However, due to his gorgeous-looking face, he ventured into showbiz and became one of the most influential celebrities in the industry.

Frederick had given Hayes Corporation’s shares to Brandon due to his look.

He was the one and only outsider who possessed shares of Hayes Corporation.

Brandon’s bright grin disappeared the moment Sasha asked him to stay away from her. He arched his brows and pouted like a toddler.

“Sasha, how dare you yell at me? Don’t you know why I’m here today? Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for Sebastian to leave just to see you? You’re supposed to be considerate towards me!”

Sasha stared at him, open-mouthed.

She knew nothing good had ever come from the shameless man, but she couldn’t believe he had the audacity to deliver such barefaced statements.

If you know he doesn’t want you anywhere near me, please stay away!

Sasha kept her distance as though a jinx were right in front of her. “As you can see, I’m perfectly fine! Now if you’ll excuse me! If there’s nothing else, why don’t you return to wherever you’re from?”

“Sasha, how can you be so cruel? Did you forget the one who had been keeping you company back then? Have you forgotten I was the only one who would buy you your favorite meal? Are you going to sever ties with me after you made a trip back from hell?”

Holding on to the bouquet he brought along with him, Brandon got infuriated for real. The gorgeous scene of blooming flowers in the garden seemed exceptionally irritating.

Sasha went dead silent for a few seconds. Eventually, she stared at the upset man’s departing figure as he made his way into the majestic villa.

One might wonder about Sasha and Brandon’s relationship. It turned out they were the exact kind of relationship one ought to deem them to be.

Back in the day, Sasha had no choice but to marry since her family had gone bankrupt. Unfortunately, she ended up being ridiculed by others. She was depressed because people started calling her gold-digger and thought she had become a household member of the Hayes because of their wealth.

No one enjoyed her presence and boycotted her for all sorts of reasons. She was merely a nineteen-year-old girl, yet she had to endure humiliations an adult couldn’t possibly pull through.

Brandon showed up when she needed someone the most.

As Frederick’s nephew, he had always been an obedient boy; he was one of Frederick’s favorite since he was young and was a frequent visitor at Hayes Residence.

During one of his many visits, he encountered Sasha, the daughter-in-law of the family, who was abandoned on her wedding night.

Brandon could vividly recall his first encounter with Sasha back then because he was utterly baffled by her.

Although he knew about the marriage, he had no idea his cousin’s legal spouse was such a young woman, who was a year younger than him.

As Sasha was pregnant back then, Brandon wouldn’t stop picking on her. He brought up all sorts of absurd suggestions in front of her.

“Sasha, your husband isn’t going to come back! Why don’t you follow me and start a new life elsewhere? I’ll find you a new husband!”

On another occasion, he said, “Tsk, tsk! You’re not even twenty years old! Have you lost your mind? If you give birth to his children, no one will get into a relationship with you anymore!”

He once brought up a ridiculous suggestion, and asked, “Sasha, do you need someone to keep you entertain? Do you want me to introduce a man to you? He’ll keep what happens between both of you!”

In short, Brandon was merely a douchebag back in the day.

However, he changed after he experienced a traumatizing experience. He heard that his cousin brought another woman home while Sasha, who had been neglected throughout her pregnancy, passed on with two of her children during labor.

Ever since the particular incident, he stopped dropping by Hayes Residence.

Sasha, who was trimming the flowers in the garden, neglected the ostentatiously dressed man after he made his way into the living room. She turned around and tended to the flowers once more.

However, Brandon showed up after a short while. “Sasha, I have bought you your favorite Mille Crêpes from Lady M! It’s fresh out of the oven! Why don’t you join me and have some?”

She continued trimming the withered branches and had her eyes glued to the profusion of exotic flowers in the garden.

When she was about to trim the next withered branch, she paused.

My favorite Mille Crêpes from Lady M? I guess he’s the only one who remembers those are my favorites.

She snapped out of the sentimental moments and continued trimming the branches.

Brandon stomped his way over to express his frustration. “Sasha, why are you ignoring me? Are you upset? What’s wrong with you? You used to be such a timid girl back in the day, but you’re a tough nut to crack now!”

She raised her head and confronted, “What do you want? Can you tell me the reason you’re here today? If there’s nothing else, why don’t you leave me alone?”

Brandon chuckled and returned to his usual playful self.

“I’m here for you! Do you miss me, Sasha?”

“On the count of one, two, three—”

“Fine! I’ll tell you! My mother is setting me up for a blind date with another woman during her birthday party. Can you do me a favor and pretend you’re my girlfriend?”

Brandon finally surrendered and told her the reason he had dropped by the villa.

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