The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 220

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 220

Despite being yelled at, Brandon was delighted when Sasha finally talked to him.

“What did you say?” Sasha thought she was hearing things. “Me? Your girlfriend? Is something wrong with you?”

Brandon craned over and asked seriously, “I think I’m perfectly fine, but just to be sure, why don’t you check on me?”

Sasha gritted his teeth and scoffed. “I think something’s definitely wrong with your brain! Have you forgotten who I am?”

“You’re Sebastian’s ex-spouse, aren’t you? It’s fine! I don’t really care! After all, few of us are aware of your identity!”

Brandon continued righteously, “Only close family friends and relatives were present back when both of you were married. Literally, no outsider knows of your identity. Otherwise, why would others consider Xandra to be Mrs. Hayes, the spouse of Hayes Corporation’s president?”

Crouching in front of the flowers, colors drained from Sasha’s face because Brandon’s unintentional remark had provoked her.

He’s right; who else is aware of my relationship with Sebastian? I have gotten married to him without anyone’s knowledge back then!

Although he has no intention to file for divorce with me, no one can possibly figure out I’m his legal spouse.

As Sasha gave Brandon’s word a thought, a dull expression could be seen on her face.

Suddenly, Brandon broke the silence, interrupting her train of thought.

“In short, it won’t be much of a trouble for you to do me the favor! Moreover, they will be there as well! Don’t you want to know what they are up to during the party?”

Sasha lifted her head and looked at Brandon. “Who are you talking about?”

“Who else could it be? Your ex-spouse and his fiancée! Wait! Are you saying you’re not aware of this?”

The seemingly unintentional question startled Sasha. She didn’t expect Sebastian would attend the birthday party with Xandra.

Wendy told me he had no interest in the party!

Why made him change his mind to go with Xandra? Wait! Xandra is abroad, isn’t she? Since when has she made her way back?

Sasha refused to believe Brandon’s words. “Are you sure you’re not mistaken? Sebastian has never mentioned anything about the party at all. Besides, Xandra isn’t around. Who told you about this?”

“Duh? Who else could it be? My mother!”

Brandon was equally surprised and had his fair shares of doubts. He couldn’t figure out the reason Sasha was kept in the dark when she lived under the same roof with Sebastian.

Although the Emmanuel family was quite a distance away, they had gotten their hands on the information ever since a few days ago.

Oh my God! Please tell me she’s not being deceived by the scum again! When will this foolish woman learn her lesson? Does she want to take a trip to hell again?

Brandon was heartbroken, but before he could grasp the situation, wrath took his rationality over.

“Sasha, I want you to tell me the reason he’s keeping you here! Why have you returned to him after giving your best to leave him five years ago? How are you related to him now?”

He leaned over and glared at Sasha.

She was flabbergasted.

Why is Brandon angry? How are we related? How else are we supposed to be related? He’s my husband, and I’m his wife!

Sasha wanted to tell him the answer she had in mind, but when she was about to tell him the truth, she noticed his wrathful and scornful look.

Suddenly, she linked the missing pieces of puzzles together and figured out the affection he had for her. She opened her mouth, yet she couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence. It felt as though something was stuck in her throat, rendering her incapable of speech.

“Tell me!”

“W-We’re not really related to one another… I-I’m merely staying here to take care of the children…” she lied.

Feeling as though she had been drained of her energy, she dropped the pruning shears after she answered him.

Brandon heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the answer he had been anticipating. He didn’t notice what was wrong with Sasha at all.

“Goodness gracious! I’m glad you have finally learned your lesson. If you’re merely here as a nanny, it makes sense you’re not aware of the ongoing things in the house.”


“Is there anything wrong? You’re here to take care of his children on his behalf, aren’t you a nanny? Let’s forget about it! Since he has no intention to share his agenda with you, you can always tag along with me! What do you think? Why don’t you join me, Sasha?”

The heartless man beamed.

Sasha felt as though her heart had been ripped out of her chest, being exposed in front of others in the chilling courtyard.

She was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of emotions and recalled she was nothing more than a nanny for Sebastian.

Their children were the sole reason he chose not to file for divorce with her.

He said they would remain engaged to one another. But he never said he wouldn’t get into a relationship with another woman.

Xandra has been by his side for the past five years.

She sat in the bushes of flowers for a long time.

If Wendy hadn’t reached out to her, Sasha might not be aware someone else was there. “Ms. Wand, Mr. Emmanuel has left. He wanted me to tell you he would get the evening gown and accessories to go along with the dress ready. He’ll ask someone to bring them over on the day of the party. Does that mean you have agreed to go with him?”

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