The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 223

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 223

After both of them set off, Brandon, who had been waiting for a long time, started complaining.

“Seriously? It’s my mom’s birthday. Why can you only leave after that ex-husband of yours leaves? Don’t tell me you’re inferior to him just because you’re a nanny?”

Sasha stayed silent.

Of course, the reason she came out so late was because she didn’t want Sebastian to find out that she would be attending the party as well.

However, this pretty boy managed to hit a nerve in her.


Sasha’s mouth tightened at the corners and she refused to speak.

Her silence made Brandon realize that he had said something wrong again. Hence, he quickly changed the subject. “Alright, alright. Let’s not talk about this anymore. I’ll take you to do your makeup and get dressed.”

“Makeup?” This drew Sasha’s attention. “Why do I have to wear makeup? Is it really necessary?”

“Of course. You must know, that mayor’s daughter my mom introduced to me isn’t just a run-of-a-mill woman. If you don’t outshine her, I don’t think I’ll be able to escape my mom’s plans.”

As Brandon drove, he stated his reasons for doing so with a disgruntled look on his face.

However, it only served to make Sasha even more speechless.

Is there something wrong with this guy’s brain? Does he actually think I’d be able to outshine the mayor’s daughter by just putting on some makeup? Is he blind?

“Brandon, if that’s the case, I suggest you pick a new candidate to be your fake girlfriend.”


“Because there’s obviously something wrong with your eyes. How can I compete with a socialite? I’m already old and dull. I’m a mother of three, for God’s sake! Meanwhile, she’s in the prime of her youth. So tell me, just how do you think I can outshine her?”

Sasha looked at him as if he should be put in a mental home.

Brandon froze under her gaze.

His eyes were fixated on the rearview mirror, and his mouth was slightly agape. For a long time, no words came.

Is there a misunderstanding between this woman and her own face?

Has she never looked into the mirror?

Thereafter, Brandon was adamant to make her realize what a beauty she was.

He floored the accelerator and the Lamborghini sped along the road. It didn’t take long before the two of them arrived in the city center and meet up with Brandon’s personal makeup artist.

“Prep her.”

“Will do, Mr. Emmanuel!”

The makeup artist’s eyes instantly lit up upon seeing Sasha’s face.

A woman’s beauty and elegance was subjective. However, makeup artists had the most say in this aspect because they relied on this to make a living.

Half an hour later, Sasha emerged and shocked everyone with her stunning beauty.

“Good heavens! Who is this? She’s too gorgeous to be true!”

“Yeah. She’s even more beautiful compared to the number one beauty in the entertainment industry! Where did she come from? Is she a newcomer in the showbiz?”

“I think so. Brandon Emmanuel brought her here.”

When someone among the crowd mentioned Brandon’s name, everyone was instantly filled with jealousy and admiration.

Meanwhile, Brandon had unwittingly fallen into a trance as he stared at her, his jaw going slack.

Sasha was indeed beautiful.

But her beauty wasn’t the kind that gave an overly strong impact at first glance. It was more like a finely crafted piece of rare jewelry. She exuded an inherent elegance and nobility. Her delicate features may look ordinary without makeup, but now everything was enhanced to perfection, mesmerizing anyone and everyone who laid eyes on her.

By just standing there, she managed to steal everyone’s breath away.

Sebastian must be blind. How could he fail to notice such a rare gem when it’s right before his eyes? Instead, he picked up a piece of shit?

Spellbound, Brandon’s treacherous heart thumped violently against his chest.



Brandon finally snapped out of his daze and awkwardly recomposed himself.

Sasha did not seem to notice the effect she had on everyone around her. On the contrary, she felt very uncomfortable in the white tube maxi dress. It was too grand and exposing, nothing like the clothes she was used to wearing.

“Can I not wear this, Brandon?”

“Why not? It looks great on you. Trust me, for my plan to pull through, this is exactly how you should be dressed. Sasha, the fate on the next half of my life rests on your shoulders. After we succeed, I’ll give you another million. How about that?”

Brandon quickly dissuaded her from changing her dress, even going so far as to increase the price.

Sasha furrowed her brows in response.

It wasn’t the increase in compensation that swayed her. The hatred and disgust on his face when he talked about the mayor’s daughter reminded her of herself back then.

Yeah. Who’d want to marry someone he or she doesn’t like?

In the end, Sasha agreed to wear this dress and attend the party with Brandon.

Meanwhile, Xandra had returned from abroad and just arrived at the hotel with her aunt, Kelly, after dolling herself up.

“Aunt Kelly, do you know if Sebastian’s coming?”

“It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that his father invited you. As long as you show up, everyone will know that you’re the daughter-in-law whom the Hayes acknowledges. Understand?” Kelly replied.

A smile appeared on her heavily made-up face as she glanced at the birthday gift that was worth millions.

“Though, I wonder if Sasha will be attending today.”

Upon hearing her aunt’s question, Xandra’s red-painted lips curved into an evil smile and she said with certainty, “Oh, she will.”

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