The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 224

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 224

How was Xandra so certain?

It was simple, really. Xandra was acquainted with Brandon, and she knew for a fact that among the Hayes, he was the only one who was close to Sasha.

As long as Brandon found himself in a particularly difficult situation, Sasha would definitely come.

“Your intel from before was wrong. Brandon doesn’t like the mayor’s daughter at all. It’s actually Matilda’s wish, and the birthday party today is just a front. It’s in fact a blind date for Brandon and that woman.”


Kelly was surprised.

Xandra nodded and looked at the book in her hand. “Mm, so if Brandon wants to oppose this marriage, he will definitely find someone to act as his shield, and Sasha is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate.”

As expected of someone who had mingled in the upper-class circles for five years, Xandra was well-versed in the workings of upper-class people.

Kelly broke into an approving smile. “Not bad. Since this is the case, our plan can be implemented perfectly today.”

“Mm, all the arrangements are in place. Don’t worry, I’ll let Sebastian see for himself just what kind of person she is and make sure that starting from today, she will never set foot in Frontier Bay again!”

As Xandra held the book in her hand, she stroked the words on the page with her red nails, her mouth arching into an insidious and resentful smile.

Yes. Today, I’ll make sure that b*tch crawls back to her grave!

Coming back from the dead was a mistake, dear Sasha.

Holding their respective birthday gifts, the two women entered the hotel in high spirits.

Brandon and Sasha were held up by the latter’s makeup and hairdo. Hence, they arrived at the hotel an hour later.

This was a five-star hotel under the Hayes Corporation and its lobby could accommodate up to thousands. Upon reaching the hotel lobby, Brandon and Sasha found that most of the guests had already arrived. At that moment, the place was bustling with life as everyone chatted merrily.

It seemed like this was a large-scale birthday party.

Sasha hesitated by the entrance.

“Sasha, maybe you should wear this?”

Sensing her uncertainty, Brandon hesitated for a moment before taking something out.

“Wear what?”

Sasha’s gaze fell on the item in he had magically conjured up. “A mask?”

“Yeah. It’s completely normal for girls to wear masks at parties like this. People used to always do this in the past.” Brandon racked his brains for an explanation, hoping that this woman wouldn’t suspect anything.

However, a smart woman like Sasha immediately understood his meaning when he took out the mask.

Do I really need to lower myself like that?

Even at a place like this, I have to hide my face from him?

Sasha’s lips curled into a bitter smile. “It’s fine. Sebastian’s father invited me here anyway. Let’s go say hi to him now.”

With that, she lifted her dress slightly and walked into the hotel.

Brandon was dumbstruck.

Well, why didn’t she start with that? I wouldn’t have brought this stupid mask for her if I knew. That damned woman. And to think that I was worried she’d feel awkward if we bumped into her ex-husband.

Though slightly indignant, Brandon quickly moved to catch up with her.

Perhaps it was because of Sasha’s eye-catching appearance and the noble aura she was emanating, she turned heads the moment she entered.

“Who is this? She’s so beautiful.”

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s the daughter of some rich family?”

Everyone’s eyes were riveted on her. Because of her unworldly beauty, they instantly surmised that she was an heiress here to attend the party.

There were many socialites present in the lobby and their faces had turned unsightly when they heard the whispers traveling through the crowd. As they stared at Sasha, jealousy, disbelief, and displeasure were sprawled across their faces.

Due to the Hayes family’s influence, everyone who was anyone attended the party.

Most of the women came hoping to get themselves a rich husband, while the men hoped to find themselves a wife with a strong background. Sasha’s arrival was no doubt a tremendous blow to the women.

As for the men, their eyes instantly lit up at the sight of such a stunning beauty.

Before they could make their move, Brandon appeared behind her. Suddenly, shocked gasps filled the lobby.

“Isn’t that the youngest son of the Emmanuel family? Did he come with that girl?”

“Yeah, that’s him. Do you think there’s something going on between them?”

“Could she be… his girlfriend?”

As soon as someone vocalized this possibility, the entire lobby broke into an animated discussion.

Staring at the two of them, everyone displayed shock and disbelief on their faces.

Upon noticing the gossip revolving around them, Brandon thought to hell with it and lengthened his stride to reach Sasha. “Why are you walking so fast, Sasha? Wait up,” he called out in a whiny tone.

Is this guy acting cute with me?

Goosebumps formed all over Sasha’s body just then, and the lobby erupted into a boisterous uproar. Samantha Dunn, who was currently in the center of the lobby, was already alerted to the situation.

Her family held the reins in Avenport, and she was the girl Brandon had mentioned to Sasha.

Brandon has a girlfriend?

Samantha’s pretty face turned purple with rage, especially when she saw Sasha. The latter’s appearance and aura were both superior to hers, which made her even more jealous.

“Dad, what are the Emmanuels trying to do? Brandon already has a girlfriend. Why did they come to us?”

She immediately went to her father and complained.

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