The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 225

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 225

Samantha’s father was chatting happily with Matilda at that moment. When his daughter stormed over to express her displeasure, he was taken aback. “Girlfriend? Mrs. Emmanuel, your youngest son already has a girlfriend?”

In a split second, the atmosphere turned heavy with tension.

Matilda hurriedly denied, “No, no. Please, don’t misunderstand, Mr. Dunn. My youngest son doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then who is she? They’re all saying that she’s his girlfriend!”

Samantha raised her hand to point at Sasha, who was only a short distance away.

Matilda looked at where she was pointing and fell silent.

She was momentarily stunned as she stared at the woman, who managed to make all the other young ladies pale in comparison. However, she failed to recognize that woman as Sasha.

Her skin was fair as snow, and her lips red as blood. Not to mention she had ethereal features that were neither too sharp nor too soft. To sum it up, she was naturally noble and elegant, so much so that Matilda couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Who is she?

Matilda stared blankly at her for quite some time.

In fact, Matilda knew who Sasha was.

Back then, she was rather furious when Sasha married into the Hayes family because she originally planned to introduce her distant niece to Sebastian, but Sasha had foiled her plans.

Hence, Matilda often visited the Hayes to throw insults at Sasha.

The Sasha back then was meek and had a low self-esteem. She was also pregnant at that time. and thus, never had the time to care about her appearance. She looked quite dreadful during that year.

That was why Matilda couldn’t recognize the current Sasha.

“I’m here, Mom.”

When Brandon saw the dazed look on his mother’s face, he cheerfully walked over to greet her.

Matilda finally came back to her senses. Pinning Sasha with a razor-sharp gaze, she snapped at her son, “Who is she? Why did you bring her?”

Words failed Brandon.

Before he could formulate a response, Sasha beat him to it. “Mrs. Emmanuel, I’m Sasha. Don’t you remember me?”

Her voice was soft and had a soothing effect, but it was shockingly hostile as well.


This woman is Sasha Wand?

Matilda instantly flew into a rage. “It’s you! Why are you here? Who allowed you to come?”

She was so angry she forgot about her agreement with Kelly.

Sasha, however, remained calm and composed. Seeing how furious she was, all she did was reply expressionlessly, “Mr. Hayes Sr. invited me. Why? Am I not welcome here, Mrs. Emmanuel?”

Her words created a ripple effect through the crowd, and the entire lobby descended into pandemonium.

“She was invited by Mr. Hayes?”

“My goodness! Who exactly is she? Why did he invite her himself? What kind of status does she hold?”

Everyone was shell-shocked as they gaped at Sasha, unable to believe their ears.

Matilda was no exception.

Frederick invited her?

But then again, Frederick has always adored this little b*tch. The reason she could marry into the family and become Mrs. Hayes was because he insisted on it.

Yes. I shouldn’t be surprised at all that Frederick invited her today.

Matilda suppressed the anger threatening to overwhelm her.

“Mom, don’t be mad.” Brandon drew his words out. “Sasha’s no longer affiliated with the Hayes. She’s my friend now, so I brought her over.”

Matilda kept silent.

“That’s right, Mrs. Emmanuel. I was initially worried that you might be angry and never thought of coming, but since Brandon asked as well, I decided to come. This is your birthday gift. Just take it as an apology for matters of the past.”

Sasha proved to be forbearing. After Brandon spoke on her behalf, she courteously apologized to the older woman and passed the gift in her hand to her.

Matilda said nothing.

When she heard “no longer affiliated with the Hayes”, she finally remembered her conversation with Kelly the other day. Hence, she kept her temper in check for now.

“Alright. If that’s the case, you’re a guest just like everyone else. Entertain your guest well, Brandon.”

“Sure!” Overjoyed, Brandon readily agreed.

Afterward, he led Sasha away from the lobby and went to the hall on the second floor.

As they were making their way upstairs, Sasha felt things were going too smoothly. Recalling the way Matilda had mistreated her in the past, she couldn’t help but say, “Your mother’s temper doesn’t seem as bad before.”

Brandon rubbed the back of his head and asked, “Really? Maybe that’s what aging does to someone.”

The two chatted like this and soon arrived at the beautifully decorated banquet hall.

“Go on in. My uncle and some other relatives are all inside.” Brandon pushed the double doors open.

Sasha stepped into the hall.

Indeed, his relatives were all present. Sasha easily found Frederick, who was sitting inside whilst surrounded by members of the Hayes and the Emmanuel family.

The whole family was here.

Brandon walked in as well, but after taking two steps, he realized that the woman beside him had fallen behind.

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