The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 228

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 228

“Mm, the party isn’t going to be over anytime soon. If you wanna wait until after Mr. Hayes leaves, I’m afraid there’s still a long time to go, so you might as well go upstairs to rest.”

Knowing that Sasha’s pride wouldn’t allow her to run away like a coward, Brandon was considerate enough to make this offer.

In the end, she agreed. “Okay.”

Two minutes later, both of them left the banquet hall together.

Brandon was initially going to check into a room upstairs for Sasha to rest, but when they passed by the hotel’s garden, she suddenly paused in her stride.

With a pallid complexion, she pointed at a bench near the lake, motioning that she wanted to sit there.

“It’s really windy outside. Wait here while I get you a coat.”


Sasha nodded compliantly and allowed Brandon to guide her to the bench.

It really was windy.

However, she could hardly feel anything, let alone the wintry blasts on her skin. Only fatigue and emptiness were left, making her feel as though all someone had sucked the strength out of her and her soul had left her body.

Mom, why is life so tiring?

Sasha gazed up at the sky just as someone spotted her and called out, “Sasha Wand? Are you Sasha Wand?”


Hearing someone call her name, Sasha subconsciously straightened and looked toward the source of the voice.

A young man in a black suit had come to the garden at some point. He walked over upon catching sight of Sasha, looking pleasantly surprised.

“Yes, I’m Sasha Wand. And you are?”

“Oh wow, Ms. Wand! Don’t you remember me? I’m Dr. Kaye’s student, and that makes you my senior.” The man quickly took out a work ID and handed it to Sasha.

Dr. Kaye’s student?

Sasha pondered for a moment as she tried to recall anything about this man.

But because her time with Dr. Kaye wasn’t that long, she had no recollection of this self-proclaimed junior of hers. However, since he mentioned Dr. Kaye, she still offered him a polite nod.

“It’s nice to meet you. Is there something you need?”

“Well, not exactly. Dr. Kaye passed this psychology book to me before she left. She said that I had to find you and give it to you no matter what.”

The young man took out a book just then.

Sasha was taken aback.

“Before she left?” Her mind zoomed in on these three particular words and surprise was written on her face. “Dr. Kaye left? Where did she go?”

Sasha was quite emotionally attached to this doctor. First, she was her mother’s good friend.

Second, she had helped Sasha a great deal previously, saving her and the triplets as well as arranging for her to flee abroad with two of her children while keeping it a secret.

Dr. Kaye was someone she would be forever indebted to.

Hence, the man’s words brought a pang to her heart.

“Yes, she was transferred to another province, but she said that if you miss her, you can call or visit her any time.”


“Of course. You’ve always been Dr. Kaye’s beloved student. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked me to give you this book. I’ve been looking everywhere for you, you know? Luckily, I attended this birthday party with my family today and chanced upon you.”

The man had been strangely enthusiastic the moment he appeared. When he spoke about chancing upon Sasha, he became even more animated, revealing a row of white teeth as he grinned.

Seeing this, Sasha could only gratefully accept the book from his hand.

“Thank you. I really appreciate it.”

“It’s no problem at all. Dr. Kaye said that this book is very important. It contains the treatment for hereditary schizophrenia which you’ve been searching for. You read more about it in there.”

Silence ensued.

For a good few seconds, Sasha searched her mind, trying to remember whether she had told Dr. Kaye about this before.

Did I really ask her about the treatment for schizophrenia?

“Ms. Wand, may I ask? Who’s the patient with this disease?”


“I mean, the patient with hereditary schizophrenia. Dr. Kaye said that it’s someone very important to you and that you’ve been searching for a cure all these years. Can you tell me who it is? I majored in psychology and even studied abroad before. This is a rare disease. Perhaps I may be of help to you.”

The man stated his question clearly this time and seemed to be genuinely concerned.

Sasha’s heart missed a beat.

He majored in psychology? And even studied abroad?

For some inexplicable reason, as she looked into the man’s eyes, the encouragement and concern swirling in them seemed to call to her like a siren’s song. All of sudden, she was hit with a strong impulse to reveal the secret she was burdened with for such a long time.

Perhaps it’s really time I shared this secret with someone; this secret that has haunted me for so many years.

I dedicated the first half of my life in pursue of an answer, but I always hit a dead end. I really need someone to help me now.

Someone who’s well-versed in this specific area. Yes, I need it.

Sasha parted her lips to speak.

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