The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 229

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 229

Unbeknownst to her, she was currently being projected on the LED screen in the banquet hall. Suddenly, the sound system was abruptly increased in volume, overpowering the noisy chatter in the hall.

“Can you really help him?”

“Of course, as long as you tell me who he is and describe his symptoms to me. You know, schizophrenia caused by genetic mutation is the hardest disease to treat in the world right now, and I’ve put a lot of time and effort in studying it.”

On the screen, the young man who was standing in the garden by the lake spoke in a clear voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, Frederick’s expression changed drastically, and the cup in his hand fell to the table with a clang.

“Mr. Hayes, are you alright?” Xandra cried out and moved to check on him.

However, Frederick shoved her aside and bolted up from his seat, roaring angrily at the screen, “Who’s doing this? Turn it off! Turn it off now!”

He was so furious that the veins on his neck were bulging.

The banquet hall instantly spiraled into mayhem. Everyone looked at a hysterical Frederick with confusion sprawled across their faces, wondering what in the world was happening.

Matilda was as puzzled as everyone else.

Sebastian arrived right then. After alighting the car, he rushed to the banquet hall just in time to see this chaotic scene, and the video displayed on the LED screen.

“His symptoms… His symptoms are terrifying. When they act up, he’ll become very violent, as if he wants to destroy everything. He’ll also create a different personality for himself—a very rare manifestation—and he will use that personality to do whatever he wants, like…”

On the screen, Sasha finally trusted the man and was slowly disclosing the secret she had buried in her heart for over ten years.

As if someone had hit the pause button, the banquet hall abruptly fell into a pin-drop silence. Even the air particles seemed to have frozen in place.

In an instant, all the blood drained from Sebastian’s face. His eyes had gone wide as this scene unexpectedly jogged a memory which was filled with blood and violence.

His expression turned monstrous.

Sasha Wand!

“N-No. That’s not right. I remember now. I’ve never… never told Dr. Kaye about this. W-Who are you exactly?”

Just as the woman on the screen was going to tell the man everything, she stopped suddenly, looking like someone who was jolted awake and trapped in an internal struggle.

She’s refusing to continue speaking and is starting to question who I am?

The man was taken aback, probably stunned that she became clear-headed. Hence, he immediately stepped forward before she could react, making sure to capture her eyes with his own.

“Ms. Wand, perhaps you have too much on your mind and your memory is failing you. You said so yourself that back then, you asked Dr. Kaye about this matter, right?”

“I… I…”

Sasha backed away, feeling a terrifying force worming into mind to dig out the secrets hidden there.


This man is using hypnosis on me!

Being a doctor herself, Sasha realized what was happening. Suddenly, fear was born from what little consciousness she still possessed.

“S-Stay away from me! W-Who are you?”

“Be good now. This isn’t what we’re talking about. Tell me, who is that person? Who?”


Who? Who?

Imprisoned by his gaze, Sasha struggled hard to free herself from his influence. Like a devil whispering into her ear, his voice broke through her defenses and urged her to say the name.

No. I won’t say it!

I won’t, even if it costs me my life!

Sasha bit down hard on her tongue, the sudden sharp pain pulling her back to her senses ever so slightly. “Get away from me! Get away!”

She violently shoved him away and staggered to her feet, wanting to escape from that place even as her head screamed in protest.

When the man saw that she could still resist him, a sneer formed on his lips. In the next second, he caught up and grabbed her arm, dragging her back toward him.

Their eyes met once again.

But this time, he came so close to her that their eyes were mere inches apart.

“Not bad, Sasha. I guess being a doctor makes a difference, huh? But you’re no match for me. I told you I’m a psychologist. No one can fight against my hypnosis.”

Sasha felt her world spin. With the taste of blood in her mouth, her consciousness started to waver again.

It turns out that this is all a conspiracy.

Someone had already planned for my downfall today.

Using every shred of willpower she had, Sasha pulled off the hair accessory pinned to the crown of her head with a shaky hand. “Is… that… so? Then today… let’s see if I win, or you lose!”

With that, she stabbed the sharp accessory into her forehead.

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