The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 234

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 234

“That memory disorder of hers, will she recover from it?”

“She will. Didn’t you say that while she passed out, her consciousness was in another time period? That tells us that that part of the brain was affected. With some rest, she’ll be back to normal in no time.”

The doctor gave Sebastian some final reassurance.

Truth be told, Sasha’s situation was exactly like what the doctor said. When she woke up the next day, Sebastian noticed that she had remembered everything, including the things that happened before she fainted.

Having said that, Sasha would occasionally be slow to react to things around her.


“Huh?” It took some time before she responded as she sat on the bed. Her tiny face turned, looking at Sebastian with a blank stare.

Seeing that she responded, Sebastian picked up the glass of warm water he poured in advance; and the medicine that was left on the side. “Take your medicine. The water’s going cold.”

She looked tired and took a while to react. “Okay… “

Sasha proceeded to pick up the pills from Sebastian’s hand with her cold fingers and stuffed them in her mouth, swallowing them just like that.

Sebastian did not say anything.

He kept his temper at bay and held up the water, directly to her lips this time.

His action astonished Sasha.

Even though her reaction time was a bit slow, she still remembered the things that happened between them. Especially what happened before she blacked out.

Did this man’s personality change? Why is he treating me like this? Is it because I’m injured?

As a matter of fact, that was certainly not the case. Even if Sasha was injured, she was injured because she did not want to expose his secrets. Sebastian was oblivious as he thought that Sasha only saw him violently snap a dog’s neck when he was five. He did not know that she also saw him do something even more terrifying and violent when he was eleven.

The thought sent shivers down Sasha’s back, and she immediately shut her mouth tight.

Her action caused Sebastian to knit his eyebrows.

What’s this woman doing? The doctor did tell me she’d be a little slow, but there was nothing about her not listening to me. Truth be told, to him, it looked like Sasha was afraid of him.

Sebastian felt uncomfortable with how she swallowed the pills, worried that she might choke herself. So, he raised an eyebrow before squeezing her chin in his hand.

“Open up!”

Sasha stayed quiet as her eyes widened, staring at him.

Is he… Forcing me to drink? What’s he trying to do? Murder?

Her face instantly paled. Looking at him, a layer of moisture formed within her eyes, expressing the fear and shock she was feeling at the moment.

Sebastian was rendered speechless by her reaction.

What’s she crying about? I’m just feeding her some water because she might choke herself! But she’s crying?

Sebastian’s temper was rising as he scolded, “What are you crying for? Do you think I’m going to poison you? Just drink the water, you dumb fool. What’s gotten into your head?”

Sasha was stunned. He just wants me to drink? Nothing else?

She was stumped as she looked at him for quite a while before confirming that the man in front of her had no other intentions. Thus, she lowered her gaze and opened her mouth to take a few sips of water.

To her surprise, it was actually just water, and it made Sasha feel a bit awkward.

“Alright, you get some rest. I’ll be back after work.”

Sebastian, on the other hand, did not notice her unusual behavior. To him, those were all normal because Sasha injured her head.

He picked up his coat and headed towards the door, about to go back to the company.

Sasha remained silent.

However, when Sebastian reached the door, it was like Sasha just heard what he said. So, she immediately stopped him. “You don’t have to come. I can take care of myself.”

“What did you just say?” Sebastian stopped in place. He was most likely still getting used to how slow Sasha was, so he did not hear her properly.

“I don’t think my injury is that serious. I should be discharged soon. Can you send Matteo and Vivian to my apartment? I’ll be back in the afternoon,” she told him.

Does she actually want to leave? More than that, she’s asking me to send her children to her apartment?

Once Sebastian caught on, his expression immediately darkened. “Are you disobeying me again? Maybe I should lock you up.”

“Huh?” Sasha was dumbfounded and her expression bleached.

Lock me up?

Sebastian was quiet as he calmed himself down.

Eventually, he softened his tone, “You’ve not fully recovered yet, so you need to stay here for a few more days. I’ll let you go back once you’re healed. Can you please listen to me?”

The last part of his sentence was spoken very mannerly, as though he was coaxing a child.

That being said, Sasha was still pretty much afraid of what Sebastian said in his previous statement.

Indeed, she had not fully recovered. That was why her reactions were all very slow. And all she could think about now was what Sebastian said prior because of the shock it gave her.

Does he actually want to lock me up? He’s afraid that I would run away. Now that he knows I saw what happened that year, he’s trying to keep me by his side at all times; so I don’t spill his secret.

For Sasha, locking her up seemed to make sense.

What then? Imprison me forever? Or… He might just execute me!

That idea sent chills down her spine. It felt like she got stabbed as a sharp pain came pulsing from her heart, making it hard for her to breathe.

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