The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 235

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 235

But why? If I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have put my life on the line at yesterday’s banquet.

Sasha was still sitting on the bed. The colors on her eyes faded like a blossom that suddenly lost all its life force as she idled there. For an extended period of time, she did not move a single inch.

She stayed like that until noon when she heard cheery footsteps scampering outside.

“Mommy! We’re here to see you, Mommy! Do you miss us?” A child’s voice echoed through the hallway.

Hearing that, Sasha looked towards the door. Soon after, a little girl appeared in a pink dress, dashing towards her as soon as she got there.

It was Vivian.

Seeing her finally put a smile on Sasha’s face, and she immediately pulled off the blanket and got out of bed. “Vivi, come give me a hug! I missed you guys so much!”

The cute little kid happily ran towards her mother and hugged her with a smile on her face.

Ian and Matteo came in shortly after. One of them carried a fruit basket, and the other had a thermos as they came in with Wendy.

“Mommy, are you getting better? You were still asleep when we came here yesterday.” Matteo was concerned about his mother’s health.

He approached Sasha as soon as he saw that she was finally awake and checked on the bandage on her head.

Sasha felt extremely touched, so she lowered her head and positioned it in front of the child. “Touch it. See if I’m fine now.”

Matteo and Ian went quiet.

However, Vivian raised her chubby hand and placed it on top of the bandage on Sasha’s head.

“You dumb boys, if Mommy let us touch her head, it has to mean that she’s all better now. She’s a doctor, remember? Would she not understand her own situation? Right, Mommy?”

“That’s right. Vivi’s the smartest after all,” Sasha said as she gave Vivian a peck on the cheek.

After hearing that from their mother, Ian and Matteo were able to relax. Both of them opened up their arms and proceeded to dive into Sasha’s embrace.

Wendy, who was on the side, placed the things that they brought on the table with a smile on her face as she watched them. When she was done, she approached the family that was still reluctant to let go of each other.

“Alright now, you kids. Let your mommy have some food first, okay?”

“Okay,” the triplets spoke as one.

After that, Sasha went to eat at a small table while the three children were very thoughtful. They just played on the sofa on their own, not wanting to disturb their mother’s meal.

“How are you, Ms. Wand?” Wendy poured some water for Sasha. “Is everything okay?”

“… Yes, thank you, Wendy.” Sasha nodded and started drinking the soup.

Seeing Sasha like this, Wendy was finally able to lift the weight on her chest. At that moment, she sat down beside her.

“That’s wonderful. Ms. Wand, you really are too kind for your own good. If you listened to your kids and didn’t go out, this wouldn’t have happened. Look at what happened to you.” Wendy was genuinely concerned about Sasha.

Wendy had looked after Sebastian for many years and watched him become who he was every step of the way. Naturally, she would want his spouse to treat him faithfully.

To her, Sasha was the best candidate as she treated Sebastian better than anyone else.

However, when Wendy finished her sentence, it felt as though Sasha was ignoring her, drinking the soup. She showed no reactions whatsoever.

Maybe she’s just hungry.

Wendy did not give it too much thought and got up to do some chores.

After about two minutes, Sasha finally responded with a spoon in her hand as she looked towards Wendy. “It’s okay. It was just an accident. I didn’t know something like that could happen when I got out that day.”

“Huh?” Wendy was caught off guard. “What accident? You mean the incident at the Emmanuels?”

“Yea.” Sasha nodded.

Wendy immediately got riled up. “Bull*hit! How can you call that an accident? They were clearly waiting for you to step into their trap! You don’t know this, but the Emmanuels made an elaborate scheme just to set you up. Even Brandon Emmanuel personally came to the house to look for you.”

The housemaid even followed that with a few more curses.

Sasha was stumped by her comment.

What does she mean? What elaborate scheme? They were waiting for me? And what has Brandon got to do with any of this?

Sasha could quickly comprehend what Wendy said this time and flooded her mind with thoughts regarding that.

“What’s actually going on here? Why is Brandon involved in this?”

“Why are you still mentioning him?”

“But, I went to help him that day because his family had arranged for an engagement he did not like. What happened to me is totally unrelated,” Sasha explained to the housemaid as she tried her best to defend Brandon.

She actually did not believe that Brandon was involved in what happened as she understood what kind of person Brandon was.

Back in the day, even though he always visited the Hayes family to make fun of her, Brandon had never done anything harmful to her.

However, Wendy was not buying it and got even angrier. “How can you confirm that this had nothing to do with him? Now that Mr. Hayes destroyed that entire family, do you still think Brandon wasn’t involved?

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