The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 236

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 236

“What did you just say? Sebastian destroyed the Emmanuel family?”

“Didn’t he tell you that? What happened to you was caused by that family. They bribed some reporters and found someone to set you up. Mr. Hayes got infuriated when he found out about this. Not only did he reclaimed all the Emmanuels’ properties, but he also handed in all the evidence he had to the authorities. In the end, the police apprehended the leaders of the family. Even… Even Ms. Matilda was no exception.


The spoon in Sasha’s hand dropped right into the bowl. She was gobsmacked as she looked at the housemaid in disbelief.

It was really the Emmanuels who did that? But why did they do it? What benefits would that get them? I know they have a grudge to settle with me, and it’s serious enough for them to want me dead. But what does this have to do with Sebastian? What would they get if Sebastian goes down?

Truth be told, the Emmanuel family had been supported by the Hayes family from the very beginning. If something were to happen to Sebastian, the giant Hayes Corporation would be in a situation where it would have no suitable candidates to inherit his position. After all, Frederick was getting too old, and the children were still too young. All the shareholders would definitely be vying for that position of power.

What do they get if that happens? Sasha continues her long string of thoughts. Are they trying to dig their own grave?

Sasha was both terrified and enraged at the same time, unable to accept the truth behind Wendy’s word.

“Ms. Wand?”

Sasha was quiet.

She forced herself to stay calm and was finally able to look at the housemaid. “Wendy, can you help me contact Brandon? Ask him to come and see me.”

“Huh? You still want to see him?”

“Why? Is he jailed as well?” Sasha expression finally changed.

Nevertheless, Wendy told her that Brandon did not get caught up in what happened.

“It was Mr. Hayes Sr.’s decision. He was vouching for Mr. Brandon. Besides, he is one of the shareholders of the Hayes Corporation. No matter how chaotic the Emmanuel family is, he would be fine.”

“Alright then, please help me call him. I want to see him.” Sasha let out a sigh of relief and asked Wendy to make the arrangements.

She needed to meet a member of the Emmanuel family to understand what went on. The incident was clearly not that simple. No matter what intentions they may have, the Emmanuels would never have targeted Sebastian like that.

Other than that, she remembered that the psychologist talked about schizophrenia when they met. The illness was something that she did not tell anyone, including Dr. Kaye.

So, how did he know about it? Sasha desperately needed an answer.

Seeing that Sasha was persistent and defended him, Wendy finally promised her that she would ask Brandon to visit her at the hospital.

Thus, Sasha waited in the ward after Wendy left.

However, as Sasha waited into the afternoon, it was Frederick who showed up instead of Brandon.

“Sasha, how are you doing? I heard you woke up, so I came to see you. Is everything okay now?”

Frederick was as polite as ever when he approached Sasha with his cane in hand to inspect her head.

Sasha was quiet.

There was an instance where all her emotions were welling up, and she almost cried right in front of the old man.

All those years, she had always treated him as her own father. She held him near and dear to her heart. Sasha would act tough and show her determination in front of anyone, but Frederick was an exception.

In front of him, she did not have to act.

Sasha’s eyes turned red as she wanted to call out to him.

“Sasha,” Frederick spoke before she could say anything. “I’m so sorry for what happened to you. I didn’t know that people were trying to dig out secrets of the Hayes family from you. Thank goodness you were aware of the situation and prevented a catastrophe. Now, You don’t have to worry anymore. I’ll protect you from now on, so you just stay by my side and don’t go anywhere, okay?”

Frederick stood there and looked at Sasha as he made the important decision.

Sasha was stunned.

Stay by his side from now on? At the Hayes residence? Does that mean… I can only stay by his side for the rest of my life? Just for the family secret? Is he trying to protect me, or is he actually just trying to imprison me?

It dawned on Sasha. Initially, she was slow to react, but at that instance, she could feel goosebumps all over her body from Frederick’s terrifying gaze under the guise of a considerate smile.

Sasha immediately swallowed the words that reached her mouth.

She had never seen this look from Frederick before. Back then, those eyes were always kind, considerate, and affectionate.

However, it felt like he was extremely distant and indifferent at that moment. So much so that it was even enough to make Sasha’s nerves tingle.

“Mr. Hayes, what I did that year was unintentional… “

“I know. If you intended to do it, you wouldn’t have seen it.”

Frederick was surprisingly calm.

With that, Sasha could no longer hold it in, her eyes bloodshot. “If that’s the case, why do you need me to go with you? You know that I’ve been keeping it a secret all these years. I never told anyone about it.”

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