The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 238

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 238

“Are you done staring at me?”

“Huh? What?” Sasha snapped out of it, her pale face flushed in a matter of seconds before she turned around and hid under the blanket.

That was so embarrassing!

However, the man behind her was snickering. Sebastian grinned after seeing what Sasha was doing. “Since you’re performing exceptionally well, I’ll allow you to get discharged tomorrow.


Sasha was like an excited little girl, instantly turning back towards him.

“Yes.” Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “I’ll come and handle the paperwork tomorrow morning. The day after happens to be Christmas Eve, so you should do some preparations when you get home. I’m too busy to do anything.”

Within a few sentences, Sebastian was able to push all the work onto Sasha.

If it was in the past, Sasha would have been delighted.

They hardly ever got along, so it was out of the question for him to give her any work to do. Back then, even being delegated some house chores would make Sasha feel happy.

Having said that, she just looked at him and sat up.

“I’m hungry.”

“Didn’t you just eat?”

Sebastian raised his head after hearing her and looked at her with his beautiful onyx eyes. He was amazed.

Right then, Sasha shifted her gaze away awkwardly. “What I ate… was lunch.”

Her voice was as soft as a little kitten. She sounded like any patient would, weak and winded.

It made Sebastian’s heartbeat speed up as he seldom saw here in this current state.

Thus, he said nothing more and made a call to order some food.

After half an hour, a deliveryman appeared at the door with two huge boxes of food.

What’s this? I’m the only one eating right? That’s too much!

Sasha looked at the man on the sofa with a puzzled expression. “Why did you order so much food? How do you expect me to finish them?”

“Who told you that you’re the only one eating? I have to eat too, you know,” Sebastian replied while he sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, his fingers gliding across the keyboard on his laptop.

Sasha was instantly taken aback by what he just said.

He hasn’t eaten too? Wait… this isn’t about whether he ate or not. Why is he eating here in the first place? And with me?

With that in mind, her eyes gaped, thinking that she misheard him.

On the other hand, Sebastian went on with his work for quite some time before finally shifting his eyes from the screen to Sasha. “What’s wrong?”

She stayed quiet and took some time before she turned awkwardly to get the food. “It’s fine. You should eat with me. Don’t let it get cold.”

“Okay. Let me get this email done first.”

Sebastian lowered his and returned to his work.

As soon as Sasha saw the food, she gulped and finally accepted the situation that she was in. It was something Sasha would have never thought about.

When Sasha said she was hungry, she was only trying to make Sebastian stay there a bit longer. Never in her wildest dream would she thought that Sebastian would be dining with her.

Sasha proceeded to take out the boxes of food. She realized that Sebastian was really going all out. Only two people were eating, but he ordered a ludicrous amount of food. There were two main courses, two side dishes as well as a whole bunch of other stuff.

What’s this? Sasha looked towards him once again. “I think you ordered too much. We won’t be able to finish it with just the two of us.”

“We can throw it out if we can’t finish it. Why would you think about whether you can finish it when you’re eating? Aren’t you tired of living like this, Sasha Wand?” Sebastian commented in his usual domineering tone.

The only response Sasha could give was a sigh before she sat down.

After a while, Sebastian was finally done with his work. So, he got up from the sofa and sat right across the small table facing Sasha.

“What would you like? The broccoli soup, garlic bread… “

“Those are for you. You’re still recovering, so you need to eat light.” Sebastian told her while picking up some pasta.

Did I hear this right? Sasha instantly froze with the noodle she had hanging from her mouth.

These are all for me? Why? Since when did he become so considerate?

Back then, Sebastian would always ridicule and belittle Sasha, taking shots at her all the time. He had never actually cared about her.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt a lingering fear creeping up on her.

Nevertheless, Sasha was without a doubt happy when she heard what he said.

And so, she quietly confirmed that Sebastian was only eating the rice and nothing else before grabbing the soup that she had been eyeing on.

Sebastian kept quiet. You’re such an idiot!

It took some time for the two of them to get over the awkward atmosphere before finally talking like how they used to.

“How are the kids at home?”

“They’re fine. They listen to me since you’re not there,” he answered as he ate.

Even though they were worried about their mother, the kids were rather obedient the past two days since Sebastian promised them that he would bring Sasha back.

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