The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 239

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 239

Hearing that, Sasha stopped eating for a brief moment. “Even Vivi? Did she cause any problems?”

“That little girl?” He knitted his brows as he was chowing down the food before him.

Seeing that made Sasha’s heart sank.

“What happened? What did she do? Please don’t be angry at her. She’s been pampered ever since she was still a baby, so please be patient with her. She’s actually a good girl.”

Part of Sasha wanted to tell him that he should treat Vivian well. After all, she was his child too.

With that being said, Sasha kept quiet. Sebastian would definitely be suspicious if she said that at a time like this.

Besides, the possibility of him believing her if she told him Vivian was his daughter was slim. Sebastian would most probably think Sasha was up to something.

It pained her just thinking about it.

Luckily, Sebastian noticed she was flustered. “What are you panicking about? I didn’t even do anything to her. She’s fine, so don’t worry.”

With that, Sasha let out a sigh of relief.

That’s great.

At that moment, she lowered her gaze. She did not know whether she should feel happy or sad.

The kids listening to Sebastian was great news, so Sasha figure she should be glad. She wanted to be happy.

Truth be told, the moment she heard him speak, she could barely even lift the fork she had in her hand. It felt like there was a heavy load on top of it. The sadness she felt made breathing feel like a grind.

“What happened? Why did you stop eating?”

“Huh? Eating… I’m eating.” Sasha snapped out of it and hid her feelings away.

Sebastian watched her for a bit and noticed that something was off. However, he did not put too much thought into it. He figured that it was just the side effect of her injury, like how she sat at the window like an idiot when he came.

Eventually, the two finished their meals after about an hour.

Frankly speaking, Sasha was the one eating everything while Sebastian just sat there.

He was really picky about the food he ate and the environment he dined in. That was the reason why Sasha was so astonished when Sebastian stayed and ate with her.

“Are you going back now?”

“Yes. Wendy can’t handle them all at once. I’ll have to go back early to put them to bed.”

After he cleared the table, Sebastian went on to wash his hands in the bathroom before picking up his coat.

Sasha quietly watched while he was getting ready to leave.

She could see the tiredness in his eyes. It was most likely due to the rush between going back and forth between the company and the hospital that exhausted Sebastian.

Even so, he was certainly a qualified father since he did not even have the time to eat; but, he was still thinking of the children at home at a moment like this.

Sasha felt like she was able to relax with Sebastian on the job.

“Alright, take care then,” she urged softly.

She looked at him affectionately. At that instance, she was trying her best to remember everything about the man in front of her, doing her best to burn it into her mind.

Sebastian stopped as if he felt Sasha’s intense gaze and turned around.

Nevertheless, the moment he turned, Sasha shifted her gaze and pretended to pour some water for herself. She showed nothing peculiar as she was very calm.

On the other side of the room, Sebastian narrowed his gaze, thinking that he might have mistaken what he saw.

Before Sebastian left the hospital, he gave Luke a call and asked him to settle the discharge procedures for Sasha in the morning.

She’s been out of sorts. Maybe she really misses home. If that’s the case, I’ll have to get her home earlier.

Nonetheless, Sebastian did not know that after a few hours, when the hospital became quiet, while the doctors and nurses were resting, someone sneaked into Sasha’s ward.

After that night, Sasha was gone from the hospital.

When the news got to the Hayes residence, Frederick was waiting for Sasha in the living room.

Beside him were a few house deeds as well as some expensive-looking jewelry. The moment he heard Sasha was gone, he shot up from his seat and smashed everything there onto the floor.

“Sasha Wand. I’m extremely disappointed with you!”

His infuriated roar echoed from the living area and resonated within the walls of the manor.

Everyone in the house was horrified of what just happened and no one dared come out to check.

Only the butler, Tim, came in and hurried the messenger away. “What are you people still standing there for? Go search for her. I want to see her here, dead or alive! If you come back without her, you’ll be leaving without your head.”

“Yes, sir!”

After he gave out the order, Tim approached Frederick, whose eyes were bright red, and tried to calm him down.

“Mr. Hayes, please calm down. It has only been one night. I doubt she could go very far. Even if she left Avenport, we only have to investigate the portals that she might have used. Then, we’ll know where she went.”

Frederick did not respond. He was still very much agitated that his chest heaved rapidly before calming down.

However, the killing intent that he emitted did not die even after he calmed down. In fact, it grew even more intense the calmer Frederick became.

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