The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 241

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 241

Luke sounded like he was about to cry on the phone, and Sebastian’s expression changed when he heard what he said.

Hospital? Something happened at the hospital? Is it Sasha?

Sebastian instantly grabbed the car keys and ran out when her name popped into his head. “What happened?”

“Ms. Wand… Ms. Wand is gone!” Luke’s voice was still shivering. “We’ve looked everywhere in the hospital for her. We’ve even gone through the security footage! We found nothing! It was like she just vanished into thin air!”

Sebastian remained quiet as he hurried down the stairs.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and remembered what Vivian had said about her mommy disappearing.

Why would her mommy suddenly disappear? Bulls***!

“How can a breathing person just disappear like that?” Sebastian roared into the phone, his eyes were getting increasingly terrifying. “Find her! Even if you have to flip the whole city over, I want her found!”

Sebastian was panicking. As someone who always had total control over his emotion, he felt like he was about to go insane at that very moment.

“Wait, Mr. Hayes. Mr. Hayes Sr. came to the hospital,” Luke quickly added.

“What did you just say? My father?”

“Yes! After he left, we found people from the Hayes residence through the security footage. Mr. Hayes, this… What does this imply?

Luke was actually reluctant to ask that last question because once he said it, it would mean that a war between the father and son was inevitable.

The fact was, their relationship was never close, so things were only going downhill further from then on.

However, the importance of a human life vastly outweighed the decline of their relationship.

As expected, Sebastian immediately ended the call. After that, everyone who saw him in the villa would have felt his intense murdering intent as he walked past and disappeared like a whirlwind.

It was very terrifying.

Right then, Matteo came out. “Daddy, where are you going? Did something happen?”

Ian was still hugging Vivian while patting her back. When he heard Matteo ask that question, his emotionless face turned and looked towards them.

“Do you want to know?”

Matteo was hesitant as he did not want to know what went on amongst the adults. He knew it was too complicated for him to comprehend. He only wanted his father and mother to be safe so that they could live happily as a family.

In the end, Matteo just went and sat down with his brother and waited for their mother to come home.

At the Hayes residence.

Before Frederick did what he did, he actually knew that his son would eventually find out.

Nevertheless, he did not expect him to be this fast. Frederick had just caught wind of the situation and sent his men out, and Sebastian’s car was already at his doorsteps.

“Mr. Hayes, what brings your here?”

“Get out of my way!”

Tim heard the commotion and immediately came out, thinking he could hold him down for a bit.

Having said that, the minute Tim got out, Sebastian, who just got out of the car, saw him and his eyes instantly turned red as he stared at him. With a roar, Sebastian kicked Tim onto the ground.

Sebastian had never acknowledged Tim’s position as a butler. He did not like him and cared nothing about him.

With a body covered in murderous intent, Sebastian walked in. All the family members that heard the commotion all came out to see Sebastian marching into the residence early in the morning with a terrifying aura.

As soon as they saw him, they immediate returned to their rooms.

To them, Sebastian was Death Incarnate. He was not someone they could offend, so hiding was the best option.

In the end, Frederick, who was waiting for news in the living room, met up with his son, who was ready to kill at a moment’s notice.

“Where is she?” Sebastian got straight to the point when he saw Frederick.

Seeing that he asked, Frederick’s expression changed as he stood up.

After some quick decisions, he decided to not admit to anything. “Who’re you talking about? Why aren’t you at the company this early in the morning? What did you come here for?”

Sebastian sneered. He thought that his father would be as smart as him since they were related by blood. But now, Frederick was putting on an awful act, jesting like a clown in front of him.

Sebastian grabbed a chair and pulled it over to him before sitting down. At the peak of his rage, he was the calmest.

“If something similar to the doctor were to happen to her and she died. Do you believe me if I tell you I’d go to the police station now and confess that I was a murderer?”

“You… “

Frederick was caught off guard. He never anticipated Sebastian would say something like this as he shot up from his seat in rage.

Is he mad? He is doing all this for a woman like her?

Frederick looked at Sebastian in disbelief. At that very moment, his son felt like a stranger to him.

“Sebastian Hayes, I’m doing you a favor here. The only thing I can do is help you bury that secret forever. Am I wrong for doing that?”

“No, you did nothing wrong.” Sebastian shook his head calmly. “But that doesn’t give us the reason to kill someone.”

“What did you just say?” Frederick was stunned.

Sebastian looked at his father as his bloodshot eyes narrowed and emitted a fiendish shine.

“The reason was simple. If you do this, I’d just think that I was the one who killed everyone around me, and now is the turn of the mother of my children. Tell me, who’s next after you kill her?”

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