The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 242

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 242

All of a sudden, he raised his head, exposing the killing intent from his eyes. It was so intense that it made people shudder.

Frederick was shocked and took a few steps back.

For the longest of time, he could feel the chills in his bone, rendering him speechless.

“You… You’ve actually gone mad!”

“Yes, I’ve gone mad. If you kill her, I really can’t guarantee what I’d do.” Sebastian gritted his teeth as he forced those words out of his mouth.

That was exactly why he was there.

Either Frederick handed the woman over to him, or Sebastian might go on another rampage.

Eventually, Frederick’s face turned pale.

He had expected it to be hard to explain once Sebastian found out about his plan, but he did not expect that Sebastian would be so adamant to the point where he was even threatening his own father.

When did he start caring so much for this woman? He was ever bothered about what happened to her back in the day.

Frederick stared at his son, both frightened and angered at the same time. It was the first time he realized his son was a total stranger. He was unable to read what was on his mind.

“I did not kill her. I didn’t even touch her! So you stop losing your stupid act at once!” Finally, it was like Frederick had lost the war and was surrendering himself over.

Sebastian immediately narrowed his eyes.

“You didn’t?”

“Yes, I’ve never thought about killing her. I just wanted her to stay by my side and not go out anymore. But that woman of yours ran away last night. I’m looking for here too.”

When the old man finished, he got angry once again.

Frederick did not want to go that far. He even thought about compensating her, so he prepared deeds as well as expensive jewelry, thinking to gift them to Sasha once she arrived.

He never actually thought that she would run away.

After a while, Sebastian understood the situation. As he breathed a sigh of relief, he stared at his father, with hints of mockery in his eyes.

“You think she would just stay put and let you imprison her forever?”

“You… “

Frederick was rendered speechless once again.

Luckily, Sebastian had calmed down as he stood up and straightened his shirt. “I’ll find her myself, but I hope something like this never happens again. You know what kind of person she is better than I do, don’t you?”

“What did you just say?”

“I said, didn’t you already know what kind of person she was when you proposed the engagement back then?” He turned around to look at Frederick, his gaze more terrifying than the first.

While Sebastian watched Frederick, he showed no signs of anger, but his dark eyes were still able to pierce the old man’s soul and digging out all his deepest and darkest secrets.

When did he found out about this?

Frederick turned pale.

At that moment, he no longer had any confidence to continue arguing with Sebastian. It felt as if his disguise had been ripped away, and he was back to being just an old man again, his face was filled with mixed emotions. He looked pathetic.

Looking at him, Sebastian sneered before turning around and left.

He was absolutely right about the marriage. Everyone thought that the Hayes family was very righteous as they reached out to a lonely girl whose family was in shambles.

No one knew that Frederick had ulterior motives, that the girl was the target in the first place. All because she accidentally stumbled into Sebastian’s secrets.

Frederick could not stop worrying that one day, she would spill the secret and ruin Sebastian’s life. That was why he proposed a marriage to her when she was at her lowest.

On the other hand, the girl felt so much guilt towards Sebastian because of that incident, but she still liked him.

She gave up her chance to study in a university, gave up on the chance for her family to rise, and took a gamble by marrying into his family.

Ultimately, she ended up in the current predicament.

When Sebastian left with his car, he was shivering.

He actually did not know about it. It dawned on him during the conversation with Frederick. The way he disregarded her life like that said it all.

It took a huge toll on Sebastian.

He never knew that his father was actually a very cruel character. Frederick even fooled him with his impeccable acting skills.

All of a sudden, he blasted the car horn. His emotion had reached its peak as he smashed his fist into the steering wheel.

He felt pained.

Sebastian never knew that one day, his heart would ache for that woman.

It felt like he was stabbed in the heart. He did not want to admit it, but the pain he felt was too realistic. It was enough to make Sebastian fall flat on the steering, unable to sit straight.

Why is she so stupid? Is it worth it just for me?

Back then, when he found out that she was the person who left him those letters, he had no reactions. When he found out that she kept his secret, he felt indifferent.

However, at that moment, Sebastian’s heart was in pain, like it was pricked and cut by needles and knives, causing him so much pain that he could not even hold the steering wheel.

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