The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 243

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 243

At that point in time, the Bentley was on the road at top speed, swaying from side to side, scaring away all the cars that saw him.

What’s this driver doing?

Is the guy drunk?

Some of the people even wanted to call the police.

Luckily, a phone call came in on the Bentley.

“Mr. Hayes, good news.” It was Luke. “The hospital just called and told me that the nurse was able to record what happened on her phone. Ms. Wand left the hospital with someone else. It wasn’t Mr. Hayes Sr.’s men.”

He was eager to relay the news to Sebastian.

On the car, the man with red eyes slowly got up as he calmed down.

“Who was it?”

“Umm… It’s blurry, so we can’t make out who it was, but I got some men working on it. It won’t be long before we find out.”

“Alright. I’m heading over,” Sebastian said as he put the pedal to the metal and headed straight toward

Sasha really did leave with someone.

That someone was none other than the man she asked Wendy to look for, Brandon Emmanuel.

“Do you really want to head over to the psychologist’s country? Isn’t that a bit too far? Things are happening over here. Why are we going over there?”

Brandon sat on the sofa. They were at a filming set not far away from the center of Avenport. He looked at the woman who was not far away, having her way with a map.

That woman, was Sasha.

She secretly contacted Brandon the day before after Frederick’s visit and asked him to sneak her out. So, he brought her to the set.

It was a safe haven at the moment.

With the Emmanuel family in complete chaos, no one would think that Sasha would be at the set with Brandon.

Sasha planned out all the places that she needed to go before looking at Brandon. “Of course! Since you said your brother never gave him any money, we should start from the source of that money then.”

“But you don’t have to go overseas to trace the money, right? It was transferred out of my brother’s domestic account.”

“Who knows? There are so many mule accounts out there. You won’t even be able to detect what they do behind the scenes. The names are definitely just facades.”

Sasha was very experienced in this, most likely because she and Raymond worked together on several financial investments back then.

With that, Brandon finally kept quiet.

However, he was still curios about why Sasha trusted him.

Not only did he beg his uncle, Brandon even went to see Sebastian personally to tell him that the Emmanuel family was not the culprit. Unfortunately, no one believed what he said, and in the end, the Emmanuel family was in shambles.

Why does she believe that our family had nothing to do with what happened?

Brandon quietly looked at Sasha for quite some time before asking, “Sasha, why do you trust me? I don’t think my family has ever treated you well.”

Sasha, who at the moment was drawing on the map, fluttered her eyelashes and looked toward Brandon, who looked like an injured dog, waiting for Sasha to comfort him.

“Because I don’t think your family is that stupid.”

“What?” Brandon was surprised. “Stupid?”

“Yes.” Sasha nodded. “It’s my life we’re talking about here. You wouldn’t need to go through such an elaborate ruse at the banquet. You guys would probable get rid of me quietly.”

Brandon was speechless.

He stared at woman in front of him, not knowing how to respond.

She’s changed. She’s talking about life and death here. How can she just joke about it!

In the end, Brandon decided to no prob any further. He followed Sasha’s instructions and made arrangements for a helicopter to come that night before he left to film his scenes.

As soon as he left, the smile on Sasha’s face immediately turned cold. She sat in front of the table and tightened her grip on the map, squeezing it as the murderous intent sipped out of her eyes.

Truth be told, she had other reasons to believe that the Emmanuel family was not the culprit. It was because of the psychologist.

No one knew as she never mentioned the schizophrenia to anyone except in the book she wrote back then.

In that book, she created a male lead character who was perfect in every way, and his only flaw was that he had an illness.

The illness he had, was schizophrenia.

Her book was very popular when it was first released because of the setting. However, she was overwhelmed by the Wand family’s bankruptcy and her marriage into the Hayes family, so she never bothered with it ever since.

Having said that, when she came back, she found out that the book had been published.

She was stupefied.

On top of that, the publishing company was located in Moranto, where the psychologist was from. That was too much of a coincidence.

Sasha walked to the window with a glass of water in hand as she looked towards the setting sun. Her gaze was sharp while all that was left on her expression; was the intent to kill.

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