The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 245

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 245

Just then, a tall young man with a woman thrown over his shoulder walked out of the set.

“Sebastian! Let go of me! Put me down, you scumbag!”

She was struggling to free herself from his hold. She pounded her hands on his back and kicked her legs wildly in her attempt to get rid of him.

However, her efforts were futile; he was simply too strong.

Ignoring her angry cries, he carried her out with a stony look on his face. In an effortless move, he shoved her into the black Bentley.

Everyone was stunned.

Who is this woman?

They had seen her accompany the hottest actor, Brandon Emmanuel in the morning, and by evening she was in the arms of a badass man.

This man, from his grandiose convoy to his handsome face, was obviously no ordinary man. And he was no less than Brandon Emmanuel.

Who in the world is this woman?

Who is she to make these two men go crazy over her?

But she was not much of a looker.

The actresses on the set were losing their minds with jealousy.

Now that Sebastian had shoved her into the car, still furious, he glared at her fiercely.

“Listen to me carefully, Sasha. If you still don’t tell me the truth, then I promise you won’t see the children ever again.”

And he closed the door with a loud slam.

As expected, Sasha stayed inside and sat still.

She glared at him with reddened eyes, and tears of anger welled in her eyes. But at that moment, she sat there obediently and remained motionless.

Finally, the large convoy left the set.

An hour later, at Frontier Bay.

When Sasha got out of the car, she was greeted by the sight of the dimly lit Royal Court One. There were only a few street lamps lighting the path in the huge garden.

She took a step forward and was about to go in by herself.

Right then, a large hand grabbed her back collar and pulled her back.

“What are you doing? Let go of me. I’m not going to run.”


He responded to her with a sneering laugh.

Just like that, she was brought home by this scum like a pet that had gotten lost.

“Mommy! Mommy is back!”

Who would have thought that the children, who should have been asleep, had stayed up and were waiting for them to return?

When the light came on with a click on the switch, Sasha stood at the entrance and discovered her three children sitting quietly on the sofa.

Oh my God!

In that instant, she heard a childlike whimper, “Mommy, you’re finally back.”

The cry belonged to Vivian. She let out a loud sob and ran to her mother with her short and chubby legs.

Sasha’s heart ached at the sight of her.

My precious daughter.

Sasha knelt down and hugged her little darling daughter. “Yes, I’m back. Did Vivi behave today?”

“I was a bad girl, Mommy. I wasn’t a good girl at all today. Mommy, please don’t leave Vivi. From now on, I will be a good girl, okay?”

The little girl cried and claimed that she had misbehaved.

In her mother’s embrace, hot tears raced down her cheeks. She clung on tightly to Sasha with her small arms, as though she was afraid her mother would disappear again.

Sasha’s eyes reddened, and she became even more upset.

She hugged the child so tightly to her chest. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to slap herself across the face.

What have I done?

Matteo and Ian approached her, too.

After seeing their mother holding their sister tightly in her arms, both boys had tears in their eyes as they cried out pitifully to her, “Mommy…”

Sasha felt even more awful.

What else could she say?

The only thing she could do now was to hold her three children tightly in her arms.

After about ten minutes, when mother and children had finally calmed down, Sebastian called for Wendy to bring the children to bed.

“Go on, sweeties. Wendy will tuck you in.”

“What about you? Will you come up too?” Vivian still wouldn’t let go of her.

Holding back her tears, Sasha caressed her daughter’s head tenderly.

“I will come up soon.”


The little girl finally agreed. When she went upstairs with Wendy, she kept turning around to look at Sasha.

After the three children were taken to bed, Sasha and Sebastian were left alone in the spacious living room.

Is it time to say it now?

He has finally captured her and brought her back to see the children. Now would be the time to hear my sentence.

Sasha’s heart was so cold, and she had a smile that was not quite there.

“You’ve seen the children yourself. Are you happy to see them so miserable?”

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