The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 246

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 246

“What?” Sasha slowly lifted her head and wondered if she had heard him wrongly.

Sebastian continued to mock her. “I said, what do you think of yourself now that you’ve seen the children? Haven’t you been boasting about you being a good mother? Are you proud of what you did today?”

His words cut like a blade.

Sasha’s face was ghastly white.

She couldn’t answer his question. Indeed, she felt a sense of guilt towards her children. She felt even more sorry to them for the decision she had made.

No! They forced me to do it.

Sasha shut her eyes. For a moment, her skin was deathly pale.

“Do I have a choice? At least I would still have the chance to see them after I run away. But if I were to fall into your hands, I would be as good as dead. I wouldn’t be able to see them if I’m dead, right?”

Her words pierced through Sebastian’s heart like a sharp blade. He had no words as he sat there with a sting in his heart.

So that was why she ran away.

But why wouldn’t she believe me? Does she really think that I’m my father?

The man grew frustrated.

All of a sudden, he recalled he had not done a single good deed for her ever since they got to know each other. As he thought of this, a ball of anger rose up in his heart.

It’s no wonder she did not believe me at all.

He had been horrible to her and had never treated her well. He would do the same if he were to be in her shoes.

Sebastian stopped talking at once.

“What’s the matter? Why did you stop talking? Am I right?”

Sasha’s expression grew colder with his silence.

Sebastian was so frustrated that his veins popped out of his forehead.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and said, “You must be crazy. What do you mean by falling into my hands? You’ve always been in my hands, isn’t that right?”

Sasha was rendered speechless.

Has he lost his mind?

The man seemed to have found a counterattack point. He got up from his seat and faced her.

“I caught you when you were in Clear. Didn’t I let you see the children then? Even my own son, whom I’ve raised for five years, turned against me. What more do you want? Huh?”

Sasha had no idea what he was talking about.

However, she couldn’t deny that it was not the answer she had anticipated from him. And because of that, she breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

“He’s my son too!”

“That’s right, he’s your son. You can see him any time you want and take him wherever you want. But I’ve said this before, I won’t divorce you, Sasha. We can be co-parents and raise the children together. So why are you still having such delusional thoughts? Are you really crazy?”

He really wanted to pry open her head to see what was inside.

How silly can this be?

Sasha was startled.

As though something had struck her on her head, she froze in her seat and stared at the man with wide eyes.

How could I forget?

They were not going to proceed with a divorce, and just like what he had just said, they were going to raise the children together as a wholesome family.

But why would he want to lock me up now?

Am I missing something?

Realization slowly dawned upon Sasha.

Once her head was cleared, she felt a sudden burst of happiness in her heart. All the coldness, sadness, and despair deep within her dissipated.

In just a few seconds, the light in her eyes returned.

Sebastian was silent.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief inwardly after seeing her eyes lit up with renewed hope.

However, he couldn’t be honest with her. Yet.

The truth was that Frederick was bound to be involved again. By then, with her intelligence, she would find out the truth about being married into the Hayes. That would be a bigger blow to her.

Sebastian rubbed his throbbing temples. “Is there anything else you want to say? If there’s nothing else, please go to bed.”

Sasha took one look at the man and finally went to bed obediently.

She is just like a cat. If I treat her kindly and coax her, she is docile.

Sebastian had never noticed this side of her before.

Xandra witnessed how Sasha was being brought home by Sebastian.

At that moment, she was ecstatic because it meant that this woman wouldn’t be going to Moranta ever again. It would also mean that she won’t be able to find out about the psychologist’s puppeteer and the book.

But shortly afterward, her spy at the villa in Frontier Bay reported that there wasn’t much of a stir in Royal Court One after the woman’s return.

Instantly, she became upset again.

That would mean that there was no conflict between those two.

What happened between them? Isn’t Sebastian afraid of Sasha spilling his secret? With Frederick’s involvement, is there really nothing I can do?

She became riled up with jealousy and hatred again.

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