The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 248

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 248

“Ms. Wand, don’t take it to heart. Mr. Hayes didn’t know they were coming. Mr. Hayes Sr. said he wanted to have dinner with the kids since it’s Christmas Eve,” explained Wendy when she saw Sasha.

Actually, why would I care? I’m not related to the two of them and I don’t own the place. They can come as they please.

Sasha lowered her gaze nonchalantly. “Don’t worry. Go attend to them; I’ll take care of the kids.”

Having that said, she served the children’s food from the kitchen and went to the garden.

Looks like I’m not needed here. She acted like the lady of the house when she greeted me just now. Does she want me to see them as a loving family?

Sasha sneered quietly.

But when she was feeding the children, she heard someone coming from behind and she turned around to look.

“Sasha, why don’t you eat inside instead? Are you still afraid that Dad would want you to return? Don’t worry; it won’t happen again. He only came here for a meal.”

Xandra? Why isn’t she having her breakfast in the dining room?

Sasha was suddenly agitated.

“How did you know about that? What do you know?”

“I don’t! But when you escaped from the hospital that night, I stayed in your room at Hayes Residence. The following day, someone told Dad you ran away, so he sent others looking for you. What happened? Did you do anything wrong?”

Xandra, you venomous viper!

She obviously knows everything. Yet, at this moment, she still plays the good daughter-in-law in the dining room at the villa.

“You… you’re staying at Hayes Residence?” A pale faced Sasha asked.

“Yeah, don’t you know? Dad has completely accepted me. Didn’t you notice that I’ve been calling him ‘Dad’ now? Besides, we actually came today to bring the boys home because Sebastian will be back every Christmas. As for this place…” Xandra suddenly stopped talking and bent down toward Sasha.

“You can stay here if you like. I’m merely being generous toward you and your daughter.”

Sasha was livid. She dug her fingers deep into her palms and glared at the cruel woman furiously.

So this is the primary purpose of her visit today, huh? Generous? Did she say she’s being generous for letting me and my daughter stay here?

Her fingertips were soon covered in blood.

“Nonsense! My daddy will not spend Christmas with you! He will spend it with Mommy and me. Go away, you bad woman!” Vivian screamed at that critical moment.

The little girl glared furiously at Xandra and waved her chubby arms as if she was ready to chase away the evil woman who was bullying her mother.

Instead of backing off, Xandra choked the little girl. “How dare you talk to me like that, you little bastard? Do you know that I’m already sparing you by letting you stay?”


Suddenly, a slap landed on her face.

As she loosened her grip on the Vivian to cup her swollen cheek, someone took the child away.

“How dare you behave like a shrewd at my place?” Sebastian roared, appearing out of nowhere.

The fury in his eyes resembled a thundering storm, even when he was carrying his daughter in one hand.

And the bloodstains on Sasha’s fingers only made things worse.

“You have more guts than before now, eh, Xandra? How dare you step into my place without my permission and even harm a kid? Am I dead to you?” He glared at her murderously.

Since it was inconvenient to fight with a child in his arm, he lifted his leg and sent her a flying kick instead.

Xandra screamed in horror and hit the ground. She pressed her hand against her chest while recovering from her shock and pain.

This is the man indeed.

Tears streamed down her face as she stared at her beloved man; her heart in pieces.


Why do I love him so much? I have stayed by his side for the past five years. Yet he’s still treating me so ruthlessly. Am I nothing compared to the b*tch who got him into trouble that year?

If not for her, he wouldn’t have to suffer in jail for so many years. What did that woman have to offer?

Sasha was shocked, too. She didn’t expect him to be home so suddenly.

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