The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 249

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 249

She didn’t know he would be so harsh on Xandra. Is he out of his mind? This is his beloved woman!

Sasha stood up with difficulty. “What… what have you done? Why did you k-kick her?”

“Are you feeling sorry for her? Hmph! Are you a saint, Sasha? Will you be around after she kills you and Vivian? Can’t you tell right from wrong? Are you really that dumb?” The man started yelling at her.

Consumed with anger, Sebastian blurted whatever came across his mind. How he wished his words could kill her.

He was furious with Sasha for being magnanimous, but he wanted to tear Xandra apart for raising her hand at Vivian.

His words struck Sasha like a bolt of lightning.

She knew she wasn’t a saint, and she really wanted Xandra to pay for what she did to Vivian.

However, to see Sebastian struck the woman with such cruelty was beyond words.

Hearing the commotion, Frederick and the two boys came out to look. Suddenly, the old man’s expression changed drastically.

“Sebastian, what happened? Is this your doing?”

Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

He wanted to say something, but after noticing Sasha’s pale face and her clenched fists, he looked at the two boys standing at the side.

“Ian and Matteo, bring Mommy and Vivi inside first.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The two children were pleased with their father today, so they immediately did as told.

The next moment, Sasha and Vivian were brought into the villa. Still, Vivian turned to look at her father several times.

Matteo asked, “What are you looking at?”

Vivian beamed at him. “Daddy saved me just now! He’s so awesome!”

Matteo’s eyes widened in shock. “Really?”

Vivian smiled brightly and nodded. “Yeah! When that bad woman was choking me, Daddy came and carried me away. So I decided to love Daddy again.”

Ian was speechless.

Did she ever stop loving him?

Everyone left the garden except for the Frederick and Sebastian.

“What are you doing here?”

“Do I need your permission to come?” Frederick grumbled.

The hostility in Sebastian’s eyes showed he wasn’t going to relent.

“You can, but if you’re here to interfere with my life, don’t blame me when I stop letting you see my children. Think carefully.”

“You—” Frederick was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Since he had never beaten his son in an argument before, he took a deep breath and calmed himself. “I came here with the woman you love.”

“The woman I love? You mean Xandra?”

“Who else?” Frederick found his turning point and sounded more confident.

Sebastian had insisted on marrying Xandra back then. However, he sneered derisively, to his father’s surprise.

“She’s unworthy!”

“What did you say? Unworthy?” Frederick looked at him in disbelief. “Why? You let her stay by your side for the past five years and you begged me to approve your marriage. So why is she unworthy now?”

This bastard. He insisted on bringing Xandra back when Sasha was about to give birth.

Actually, I’ve always wanted Sasha to be my daughter-in-law. She was pregnant with my grandchildren and she’s Rufus’ daughter. That made her the perfect addition to the Hayes.

However, Sebastian claimed that he only loves Xandra and he would only marry her. What does he mean she’s unworthy?

“Because I was blind!” Sebastian was suddenly annoyed to admit this embarrassing fact.

Frederick’s eyes widened in shock. Blind? I’ve never heard him admit his own mistakes before. He’s a perfectionist who couldn’t bear criticisms. What happened to him?

“So you mean you won’t marry Xandra anymore?”

“Have I not made myself clear?”

“What about Sasha, then?”

“What about her? I didn’t divorce her anyway!” Sebastian responded angrily.

Then he looked at his watch. When he saw that it was almost time to return to work, he left the old man alone and went inside the villa.

At that moment, Frederick was speechless.

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