The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 250

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 250

Sasha had been waiting idly in the bedroom upstairs.

She stared blankly at her bloody palms for a long time while she tried to make out what had happened earlier.

She definitely did not see it coming.

He actually hit that woman for me…

Sasha was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Finally, she went to the bathroom to clean her wounds.

“Daddy, here you are! Mommy’s hands are injured. Can you help her with this first aid kit?”

“She didn’t bring it?”

Sasha was shocked by the man’s voice outside. She immediately rinsed her hands and headed out.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing.”

She stood at the entrance with her head bowed and her fists nervously tightened.

Am I kidding myself? I won’t give him the satisfaction of mocking me for injuring myself just because that woman irritated me.

Therefore, Sasha decided to ask the man to leave.

However, after hearing his son’s words, Sebastian frowned. “Go with your brother and bring me the first aid kit”

“Alrighty, Daddy!” Matteo was delighted with this task. After agreeing cheerily, he went upstairs to the study with Ian as instructed.

Sasha felt defeated. She wanted him to go, but he kept coming closer.

“Why are you still standing here? Are you going in or not?”

She relented and went into the room.

The bright morning sun shone through the window and filled it with warmth and coziness.

Nevertheless, Sasha felt tense. Why did he come up and even made his son get the medicine? Is he really going to treat my wounds?

She suddenly had an idea. I’ll just tell him no!

Unfortunately, the boys handed the kit obediently to their father, and he entered the room.

“Stretch out your hand,” ordered Sebastian frostily. The man was in a bad mood, indeed.

Wasn’t she mighty when she fought against me? Why did she back down when it was someone else? If I didn’t come back in time, I’m afraid those two women would fight to the death.

Sebastian was still furious. When he saw Sasha staring at him blankly, his veins bulged up and he grabbed her hand.

“Ouch!” Sasha finally reacted and moaned in pain.

“Oh? So you do feel the pain,” the cold, handsome man jeered. “I thought your nerves are defective.”

She glared at him. How rude.

Despite his sarcasm, Sasha quickly realized it was just a facade. When Sebastian grabbed her hands and saw the damage, his eyes narrowed with concern. He treated her wounds with a gentleness that was foreign to her.

It startled Sasha.

Her heart fluttered; it felt like a dream.

She had never enjoyed any of his special treatments or imagined him being gentle to her.

Is this my imagination?

She was in a daze.

“Still in shock?” He jeered.

After treating her wounds, Sebastian lowered his gaze at the woman and saw her gaping at him like a fool.

However, it was merely disdain. There were no more signs of hatred and impatience in him. Not even anger.

He only peered at her dismissively, but that didn’t hide his tender gaze.

Sasha finally came back to her senses and retracted her hands as if she was shocked by electricity. “N-Nothing. By the way, why did you come back so suddenly? Don’t you have a lot of work today?” She intentionally changed the topic.

“Are you stupid? I came back just to save your butt. Sasha, aren’t you usually strong-willed and always fighting against me? So why did you back down just now?”

She was dumbstruck.

She was not usually a coward, but his words were too terrifying.

Who am I to have him save me?

She gulped timidly and finally spoke after a long time. “Wh-What are you talking about? I wanted to fight back, but you came back at that time.”

“Yeah, right.” Sebastian didn’t believe her nonsense.

Seeing that she was fine now, he was ready to leave.

“Since it’s Christmas Eve, make us something special tonight. I’m coming back to have dinner with the kids.”

“A-Alright,” replied Sasha carefully.

Finally, Sebastian left under her watchful eyes.

This is too mortifying! Is he okay? He looks like a different person! Is he possessed by someone else?

The next moment, she fell into bed while trying to calm her restless heart.

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