The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 252

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 252

Sasha’s expression changed drastically.

“Sasha, what’s wrong? Why do you look so upset?”

She opened her mouth as if she wanted to speak.

In the end, she only suppressed her unease and said, “It’s nothing. So what are your next plans? If she’s unwilling to confess, I don’t think the Emmanuel family’s name will be cleared.”

Brandon quickly nodded. “That’s right. Therefore, I decided to find the evidence of her working together with the psychologist.”

“But how?”

“I checked and found that the Sanders will be holding a wedding tomorrow. I think Kelly will attend since she’s a good friend of Mrs. Sanders’. Then, I’ll find Kelly and steal her phone. The evidence won’t be hard to get,” explained Brandon.

Well, it could be a plan. It’s a high-tech age now, and everyone is using a phone for communication, entertainment, socializing, etc. Besides, even E-commerce is becoming its primary function.

Brandon is right. If he can get the woman’s phone, it won’t be hard to obtain the evidence. There’s still a chance to dig the truth out, no matter how deeply hidden it is.

Sasha agreed with him, and she suddenly came up with an idea. If that’s the case, why don’t I go with him? But I’m not after the evidence, of course. I want to know if she was the woman who revealed the secret to the psychologist. This is the most dangerous thing.

Meanwhile, Sebastian stayed at Reston Hotel owned by Hayes Corporation that afternoon.

Since it was the end of the year, the company had to reward its employees before the break.

“Mr. Hayes, there’s news from Bulgari Garden. Although Kelly was furious about us beating up Xandra and sending her back, she didn’t take further actions yet.”

When Sebastian was sitting in the private room listening to the employees’ boasts, his assistant, Luke, came and whispered to him.

No actions yet?

The man was a little drunk after a few glasses of wine, and he raised his eyebrows after hearing it. “Then keep it up. Don’t just spy on her. Keep tabs on her communication devices, including her IP address. Remember not to overlook any detail!”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes!” Luke broke out in a cold sweat after receiving the orders.

He actually didn’t quite understand why Sebastian had to do that, since they had already found out that Kelly and Matilda were behind the Emmanuel family’s incident. Why doesn’t he just arrest her instead? What is his purpose in spying on her? Is Kelly a bait?

However, the more he thought about it, the more confused he got. He did it for Xandra’s aunt, Kelly. But isn’t Xandra his fiancée? Since when did they have such a bad relationship?

Dismissing his thoughts, Luke immediately did as told.

Meanwhile, at Bulgari Garden.

Kelly and Xandra, who were staying at home, were more perplexed by Sebastian’s actions.

“Is he nuts? How can he beat you up like this? He can’t be this cruel just because you didn’t get his permission to be there! You’re his fiancée, after all!”

Kelly was going crazy at the sight of her bruised and beaten-up niece, who couldn’t even get off the bed by herself.

However, Xandra could only weep in bed, and she was too heartbroken to say anything.

When Kelly saw her weeping, she was enraged again. “Why do you have to go to Royal Court One for no reason? Do you think you have the right to go as you please because you’re in Frederick’s good books?”

“No!” Xandra finally wailed hoarsely. “It’s not because of that. It-It’s because of that b*tch! Sasha finally seduced him! I have to kill her! I have to!”

Kelly scowled. Sasha again?

Kelly could feel her head throbbing when she heard the name. This woman sure is a jinx! Since she came back, her every appearance before the two of us has always been bad news.

Kelly became more irritated. “Kill her? You made so many arrangements last time but still failed, and you want to do it again?”

“Why not? Let me tell you something: I’m killing her and destroying that man this time. I won’t let anyone possess what I can’t have!” Suddenly, Xandra’s twisted expression became hateful and murderous.

Kelly was dumbstruck. “How are you going to defeat him? What are you up to?”

Xandra laughed wickedly. “I’ll spread the secret and ruin his reputation. He’s finished when he lost his foothold in Hayes Corporation!”

Kelly thought it was an absurd plan.

Upon hearing that, her expression changed. Glaring at her niece, who had utterly lost it, she scolded, “Are you nuts? We would lose everything if you ruined him!”

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