The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 254

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 254

“Uncle Sebastian, you came back!”

“Yes. Merry Christmas! This is for you. Do you like it?”

Sebastian handed over the giant doll to the little girl. He didn’t realize that his tender gaze toward her was the same as how he looked at his sons.

In the meantime, Sasha stood up by the entrance.

When she saw the man entering with the three children, she hesitated but still thanked him.

Sebastian raised his brows. “What for?”

She pointed at the overjoyed, chubby little girl standing beside him. “For her. She’s thrilled that you brought her a gift and even saved her.”

“Oh!” The man sneered disdainfully. “I’m just doing it on behalf of her dead father.”

Sasha was at a loss for words while watching him bring the children inside. Isn’t it a bad omen to curse yourself to die on such a joyous occasion? Or should I tell him that he’s actually the dead father later tonight?

Ten minutes later, the food was served. The kids were waiting obediently at the dinner table after their father had cleaned them up.

“Sweeties, since today is Christmas Eve, let us celebrate our blessings together. Enjoy your dinner!”

“Yes, Mommy!” The kids immediately started feasting on the food.

When Sasha was about to serve her own plate, the mischievous Matteo suddenly gave his father a plate of steak. “Daddy, did you know that Mommy went to the supermarket to pick this out carefully this afternoon? She even cooked it herself for you! Mommy loves Daddy so much.”

“Yeah.” Ian nodded too.

Sasha blushed at once and quickly denied it. “No, I made it for everyone!” Wow, this little brat is driving me crazy! Did he just say I love that man?

She felt that she had to get out of there, especially when Sebastian was looking at her indifferently.

“Matt, hand it over.”

“What?” Sasha looked up abruptly and stared at him with her beady eyes wide open. Did I get it wrong? Does he actually want it?

Sasha looked flabbergasted.

When Matteo compliantly handed over the steak, the man started eating it slowly.

He’s really possessed by someone else.

Wendy, on the other hand, smiled knowingly and passed over his favorite black pepper sauce. It looks like we’ll be having a lady of the house soon.

About an hour later, the kids were stuffed with food and went upstairs to play in the hanging garden.

Sasha also stood up and started cleaning the table.

At that moment, Wendy came over, took away the plates in Sasha’s hands and gave her a box of tea. “Ms. Wand, can you prepare some tea for Mr. Hayes, please? He must be working again since he got back so early.”

Sasha hesitated for a moment, but still took it upstairs. He did return earlier than usual, so I’ll just do it as an act of gratitude.

Sure enough, when she got to the third floor, she saw the warm light coming from the study brightened the villa, adding some coziness to the villa.

Knock! Knock! She knocked at the door with the box in hand.

Sebastian, who was bending down to connect the computer cable in his study, looked up. “What are you doing up here? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Wendy asked me to make you some tea.” Unable to find an excuse, Sasha could only tell the truth while holding the box.

After shooting her a faint look, he tapped on the table to motion her to come in. Then he sat down and got busy again.

Seeing this, Sasha didn’t dare to ask what he was working on and started making tea on the table.

“Oh yeah, I have to go somewhere tomorrow. Aunt Sharon called today, and she wanted me to visit Uncle Jackson since it’s Christmas.” She suddenly remembered this. After seeing the man quietly working at his desk, she hesitated and carefully brought it up since she couldn’t go anywhere without his permission.

Sure enough, the man who was staring at his computer screen scowled.

“Tomorrow? What day is tomorrow?”

“It-It’s Christmas! Isn’t it Christmas Eve today? I wanted to go today, but I promised to spend time with the children.”

Sasha lied to him about wanting to leave today to gain his approval.

His expression turned grimmer than before.

“Running away again?”

“I-I’m not running away! So can I go tomorrow, please?” she pleaded softly once more.

After hearing her voice fell into a whisper, Sebastian’s gaze finally moved away from Luke’s email and coldly swept toward her.

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