The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 258

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 258

Xandra burst into a laugh. “Sasha Wand. Is this your trump card?”

“Definitely not.”

“What?” Xandra was taken aback, but it was already too late.

The woman in front of her was already closing in on her at a rapid pace.

Before Xandra could react, she felt a sharp pain in her chest and cried out in agony. She looked down and saw a knife stabbed into it.


“I told you. I’m ending you if you misbehave. How is it? How does it feel?”

Sasha let go of her hold on the knife. There was not the slightest change in her expression, even when faced with such a bloody sight. There was even blood splattered on her face from the stab, but she was still smiling.

She’s a devil! She’s crazy!

Xandra was in shock, backing away with her hands pressed on her chest. She was about to scream from the immense pain before Sasha picked the silver needle up from the floor.

“You want to scream? That’s impossible. Have you forgotten who I was? I’m Nancy, the renowned TCM practitioner in Clear. You see, I can make you do anything with this needle here.”

As soon as she finished, she slowly stuck the needle right onto Xandra’s neck.

As soon as that happened, Xandra felt an excruciating pain erupting from her throat. After that, she could no longer make a sound.

She fell to the floor and groaned like a beast.

“Ughh… “

She finally realized how horrifying Sasha was.

Sasha looked like a hell-spawn to her, a demon that crawled up from below. Xandra was nothing close in comparison.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to let you die. As long as you tell me… oh wait, that won’t work. You can only write it out at this point. So, as long as you write it out for me, I’ll let you go. How does that sound?” Sasha was in a good mood.

After that, she got a piece of paper and dropped it in front of Xandra. She then grabbed hold of one of Xandra’s fingers and stuck it into the blood, using it as ink.

Sasha waited for Xandra to write something.

She figured that it would look the most fitting of the situation.

Xandra, on the other hand, was twitching profusely on the floor. She felt like she was being skinned alive. But despite the excruciating pain, Xandra was not actually bleeding out as Sasha made sure to avoid any of her vital arteries when she stabbed her.

Hence, Xandra continued to suffer in the immense pain without blacking out.

“One, two, three… “ Sasha started counting.

“Ughh.” Xandra, who was wriggling on the floor, finally raised her hand covered in blood.

Her finger moved across the piece of paper to the best of her abilities and wrote down one single line of words.

“I don’t know. It was sent to me anonymously.”

“You don’t know? Do you take me for a fool?” Sasha’s gaze sharpened, instilling fear into Xandra’s very bone.

“No, I’m searching too, but she’s gone. I couldn’t find her.” Xandra scribbled down a reply as quickly as possible.

She was finally spilling under the tremendous agony.

With that, Sasha fell into a deep thought.

So, she’s not even the mastermind behind everything. Who could it be, then? Who was the one who exposed the secret? Who was it that knew about the secrets of my book? And who gave it to her?

A sense of urgency crept up on Sasha once again.

It was like everything she did was for naught at that point, and things were once again spiraling out of control. In that brief moment in time, Sasha was at a loss.

And it was within that brief moment, Xandra was able to push through the pain and stood back up.

She immediately dived towards the door and burst through, doing all she could to grab people’s attention as she tried shouting.

“Oh, Lord! What happened? Everyone, look! Why is that woman covered in blood?”

“There’s a knife on her!”


Screams erupted throughout the villa. In an instant, the whole building was in chaos.

Before that, Brandon was actually looking for Sasha.

After they split up, Brandon went to the living room and quickly found out where Kelly was.

However, when he went back for Sasha, she was gone. He searched for her everywhere, right until the sudden appearance of the woman with a knife in her chest, covered in blood.


Brandon’s mind went blank, and he sprinted straight towards the stairs.

Nonetheless, Kelly had already come down. When she saw what happened to her niece, she took no time and shouted, “There’s a murderer! Grab her!”

As soon as she gave out the order, two henchmen that were close by immediately rushed over. And when Sasha came out, one of them kicked her right on the chest.


“Sasha!” Brandon roared as he saw what went on and pried through the crowd, rushing over.

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